Best Product Bundles (Shopify Apps to increase Sales) (free and paid)

Besides cross-selling and upselling, making product bundles is one of the best way to sell more in your Shopify Store - and it also rhymes! By making product bundles, you will be able to increase the revenue of your business and also average order value by cross-selling and allowing your visitors to purchase product bundles.

You will be able to take products that give you little or no profit margins and link them with more profitable ones, creating a satisfying bundle for your happy clients. You're also able to set up BOGO (buy one, get one) upsell offers right on the product page. Customers can purchase a full price item and receive another item at a discount.

With these in mind, what are the most common benefits of the best product bundles for your Shopify store? What are some features of these Shopify Apps that can increase sales?

  • With these great (some free) Shopify apps you will be able to manually or automatically bundle a few products or an entire collection so that your customers can mix and match items to get a juicy discount. You can boost your returns this way and make clients happier;
  • Several of these best Shopify Apps help you create a bundle with a single product and with its all separate variants in order to enhance a singular product;
  • These Shopify Apps allow you to increase sales by also displaying multiple bundles anywhere in your store, by just adding single div into a particular page template;
  • You're "The Bundle Master", you choose which goes with what - be it by brand, by usability or type of item, you can play around with these Best Shopify Bundle apps as you want, and thus increase sales with these apps.

So, if you want (and of course you do) Shopify Apps to increase sales, give these best bundle apps a try. They're hand picked and ready to go! Good luck!

Table of Contents

  1. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom
  2. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  3. Infinite Options by ShopPad Inc.
  4. Frequently Bought Together by Code Black Belt
  5. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy Apps
  6. Bundler ‑ Product Bundles by Goldendev | Nice
  7. SALES ROCKET ‑ ALL IN 1 APP by Codeinero
  8. Volume & Tiered Discounts by
  9. Discount Box + Wholesale by Thimatic
  10. Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union
  11. Bundable ‑ Customizable Kits by Sovi Apps
  12. Collection Sort by pluginappstore
  13. Bundles by Gazebo
  14. Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell by Skup
  15. CARTROIDS ‑ 3 IN 1 UPSELL APP by Era Of Ecom
  16. Advanced Bundle Products by Mageworx
  17. Bold Bundles ‑ Product Bundles

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

  4.9 (9898 reviews)

Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify is one of the higher rated application on the market. With unlimited Free Shipping Bar, including Announcement Bar, Hello Bar and Promotion Bar, this application could help you increase your sales and revenue.

To be more specific, Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify will allow you to change the bonuses based on the total cart value of customers. This feature encourages customers to keep adding to the cart in order to earn different benefits as free shipping for example. This thing can increase your sales.

Free Shipping Bar offer a number of pre-made and ready to use templates for your convenience. The Free Shipping Bar app comes with a large variety of colors in the templates, background images and you can apply these to customizable campaigns, holidays or Black Friday campaigns. Noticeably, all the elements of templates are customizable, which means that you can freely change the templates as you wish

Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify can be beneficial in order to increase the performance of your store promotion bar.

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

VITALS - Product Bundles is yet another great Shopify app, selected by us from the 40+ other apps VITALS has to offer to those awesome store owners. The main purpose of this app is YOUR main purpose - increase sales and the conversion rates, through an easy and tested method.

By displaying Product Bundles in your store, you are highlighting popular product sets to your visitors and soon to be clients, and you're allowing them to quickly purchase them together, as well as exposing them to more products, that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This leads to an increase in your average order size and value.

What's even better is that the discounts are generated automatically and you can VERY easy create unlimited product bundles in your Shopify store.

Main Features

  • Increase Conversions and decrease the cart abandonment;
  • Discounts are Generated Automatically in your Shopify Store;
  • 1-click Bundle Add-to-Cart equals much faster checkout;
  • Cart Up-sell Suggestions that really help;
  • Unlimited Product Bundles. Experiment!
  • Fully Customizable as most of the 40+ VITALS apps.

Infinite Options by ShopPad Inc.

  4.9 (3172 reviews)

The Shopify App Infinite Options allows you to create an unlimited amount of custom product options and include text, numbers, calendars, swatches, checkboxes and also dropdown menus.

It lets shoppers personalize the products for engraving, monograming, custom printing and more. Another application for Infinite Options is that you can increase the value of the order and the size of the orders by using the product bundle feature. If you want, for example, to charge $4.99 for a giftwrap, you can easily add this option in your store.

You can add an unlimited number of product options to your items so you're not restricted by Shopify's limit of 3 options and 100 variants. Use product bundling functionality to add additional charges for services or add-ons offered with your products.

Frequently Bought Together by Code Black Belt

  4.9 (1621 reviews)

Frequently Bought Together app for Shopify allows you to increase the conversion rate of your store. As smart recommendations are displayed as product bundles on your product page, customers are likely to buy more items, thus boosting revenue in your pocket. Frequently Bought Together's AI has been trained with 1+ billion orders and 80+ million products to produce the best product recommendations

The Frequently Bought Together app brings this smart upsell feature into Shopify in a convenient way: you can have it ready in your store within seconds and with zero configuration.

Frequently Bought Together Shopify App analyses the previous purchases in your store database through data mining algorithms and then produces a memory graph with the recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart. So, in order for the application to work, you need to have had several orders already in your store.

If your store is just starting and you have no sales, you can bundle the products together manually.

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy Apps

  4.8 (1004 reviews)

Shopify Unlimited Bundles and Discounts App lets the store owners to bundle products together with discounts to boost the sales. Product Bundles motivate the Shopify customers to buy more products for an automatic discount. You can pack products together and apply discounts for all of them.

The main benefits are that it increases the average shopping cart value and also the conversion rates, by using discounts. The Unlimited Bundles and Discounts app improves the sales by incentivizing customers to purchase right away and not postopne the shopping basket. You can also create holiday promotions with a big discount, in order to increase sales.

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles by Goldendev | Nice

  4.8 (205 reviews)

SALES ROCKET ‑ ALL IN 1 APP by Codeinero

  4.9 (412 reviews)

Wheel of Fortune (Spin To Win) with sticky Discount Bar Sales Rocket Shopify App is one of the many applications included in Sales Rocket. The app copies VITALS, offering more apps for one price. Wheel of Fortune is an easy to install and to use app that retains customers, offers them incentives and bonuses, in order to enhance sales.

As most of the other "Spin the Wheel" apps, the Sales Rocket one is customisable and you can give the clients the chance to win discounts or even free items, in exchange of their eMail.

Volume & Tiered Discounts by

  4.4 (752 reviews)

Volume & Tiered Discounts Shopify app makes customers buy faster with the help of some urgency messages. The Shopify App promises to boost your sales significantly and automatically by incentivizing visitors to add more items to their cart. Start making more money right away with quantity breaks & volume discount offers based on how many products a customer buys on your store.

The app is used to create bulk pricing, quantity breaks, product discount or tiered pricing sale. With Discounted Pricing, you can allow customers to buy in bulk and be incentivized to add more items to their cart.

Discount Box + Wholesale by Thimatic

  4.7 (234 reviews)

Discount Box Shopify App creates flexible offers by reducing amount in percentages or in dollars. Also, offer surprises to valuable customers by gifting products absolutely FREE. Discount boxes will give you access to thousands of offers. Offers are applicable to product quantity-price also on the entire Shopify shopping cart.

Give a discount as a fixed price/percentage when customers buy many products together. Upselling & Cross-selling will encourage customers to buy more product. It will enhance customer profits as well as the Shopping experience. Give direct discount right on the selected products. Put any product or collection on sale with a fixed $ off or with % off.

Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union

  4.2 (426 reviews)

Ultimate Special Offers is a Shopify App that allows you, as a store owner, to create upsells, cross-sells and special offers based on volume, quantity, “Buy X Get Y”, bundles, store credit, free gift—and more.

With Ultimate Special Offers Shopify application you can reward your customers with enticing promotions, such as receiving a gift with purchase (aka: BOGO) which embodies the tried and true method of “buy x, get y”. Ultimate Special Offers also allows you to run multiple discounts in your store, including volume discounts on bulk sales for customers looking to make larger purchases. Don't worry about manually adjusting prices in your Shopify admin. Simply create an offer in your Ultimate Special Offers dashboard—we'll take care of the rest.

Bundable ‑ Customizable Kits by Sovi Apps

  5.0 (92 reviews)

Bundable ‑ Customizable Kits is a Shopify app that lets your customers build their own bundles/kits with your products, exactly how they'd like them. As you create new bundles, the application can generate a page for your online store automatically. Simply add the page to your navigation, and let your customers do the talking afterwards.

Take your average order value to the next level by allowing customers to build their own kits. There is no coding required for this app, as usual, so it's one click and you're good to go.

Collection Sort by pluginappstore

  4.8 (48 reviews)

Collection Sort Shopify app offers several features for your store. Support check multiple products while moving, clicking the top and bottom button, moving to designated locations. You can also enter Multi-product IDs, separated by commas, to help you quickly locate selected products.

The main function of the app is to help you quickly and efficiently manage the product ordering under the Collection, help you quickly find potential products, give it more display opportunities, and more importantly, it can help you increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store. Accessing the same Collections at different time periods will reveal different products, giving shoppers a fresh sense, rather than a constant sense of boredom.

Bundles by Gazebo

  4.8 (86 reviews)

Bundles app for Shopify helps you keep your inventory up to date when selling product bundles, kits or sets. When you're selling combinations of multiple products you can link them to the separate products or variants. Selling single trousers and also a multipack of the same product? Create a bundle with Bundles and keep your inventory up to date. And when part of the bundle is sold out this little cute Shopify app will make sure the bundle shows as sold out as well.

Bundles is also the go to app when you're selling products made of different components. With Bundles you can track the inventory for the components easily.

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell by Skup

  4.8 (508 reviews)

SMART Bundle Upsell is a Shopify app that tracks every single item your user has in cart and which device they're shopping on to create one of the most user-friendly and targeted upsell possible. By providing smart upsells that adapt to your users shopping experience, you'll be able to instantly boost your average order value, is the promise of the team behind this Shopify upsell app.

You can have your first upsell setup and running in 30 seconds


  4.9 (40 reviews)

CARTROIDS ‑ 3 IN 1 UPSELL APP offers a pleiad of functionalities like Upsell Offers, Cross-sell Offers, Bundle Offers, Smart Placements, Automatic Discounts, Cartroids Analytics, Premade Offer Templates. Cartroids Engine makes it easy for you to get the customers tu buy again by allowing you to create highly targeted upsells, cross-sells and bundle offers that you know will work.

Simply pick the placement product where you want the offer to show, offer products that you want to use as upsell, cross-sell, or bundle, tweak your offer to match your brand and that’s it.

Advanced Bundle Products by Mageworx

  4.6 (60 reviews)

Advanced Bundle Products is a nice Shopify app that lets you encourage the shoppers to spend more with just one order — sell multiple products grouped together in one place. The bundle / grouped products are made up of simple standalone products presented to the shopper as a group. You are able to display/add to cart/track bundled product items as individual products, which won't affect your inventory tracking and shipping schemas.

Bundle products of this type work great for increasing your store's revenue, as they allow you to reap more profit from an order from your already happy clients. This product type makes the purchasing process easier, more convenient and informative, which results in higher customer satisfaction.

Bold Bundles ‑ Product Bundles

  3.8 (609 reviews)

Bold Bundles ‑ Product Bundles is a nice Shopify app that allows you to bundle a few products or an entire collection so that your customers can mix and match items to get a discount. Boost AOV with bundled offers. Bold Bundles automatically promotes your bundle offers on the storefront, and lets customers know how much they'll save by buying the set.

You can also Set up BOGO upsell offers right on the product page and customers can purchase a full price item and receive another item at a discount. Buy One Get One Any % bundles are displayed on the product page. You determine how many products a customer needs to buy and which product(s) they get at a discount.