Best Abandoned Cart apps for Shopify (free and paid)

The (best) abandoned cart apps for Shopify are crucial for your store. A wooping 75% of your potential customers are prone to leaving products unchecked out, in your cart, missing out huge opportunities. There are PLENTY of different apps in the Shopify store that tackle the abandoned cart problems - some are more complex, some focuse on only one or two features but do them the best.

Having several or at least one Best Abandoned Cart App(s) for Shopify in your store is a must, as you need to try and prevent as much as possible the dreaded cart abandonment.

So what are your options? What do these hand picked best abandoned cart apps we've chosen from you practically do for your awesome business? Here is a quick breakdown, followed by our hand picked best abandoned cart apps for Shopify:

  • Several of these apps help you capture more leads/potential clients and prevent cart abandonment by displaying smart, automatic and exit-intent customisable pop-ups;
  • Some of the best abandoned cart apps for Shopify create a smooth(er) checkout for your clients by hiding the dynamic checkout buttons (like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay) from your cart and product pages;
  • Another way to reduce cart abandonment for your Shopify stores is to make sure your store's browser tab really stands out by displaying the number of items in cart on the favicon;
  • The hand picked Shopify Apps also reduce cart abandonment by dynamically modifying the browser tab's title when the visitor navigates away from your store;
  • Another very popular way to reduce cart abandonment in your Shopify Store is creating urgency. You can do this by letting your visitors know that the products in the cart are reserved (at the best price) only for a limited time.

Without further ado, here is a hand picked list on the Best Abandoned Cart Apps for Shopify.

Table of Contents

  1. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  2. PushOwl Web Push Notification
  3. Whatsapp Chat + Messenger Chat by
  4. Consistent Cart ‑ Abandon Cart by CartKit
  5. Recart FB Messenger Marketing
  6. Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools
  7. Messenger Chat+ Abandoned Cart by BiteSpeed
  8. SMS Marketing + Cart Recovery by Shipway
  9. Free Abandoned Cart Recovery by Pushflew
  10. Kit Karts by ShopPad Inc.
  11. Recapture Abandoned Carts
  12. Cozy Recover Sales By Tab by Cozy eCommerce Addons
  13. Referrals & Abandoned Cart by Retainful
  14. Abandoned Cart Email Recovery by

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you over 40 great applications that offers your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. 

One of the greatest things about VITALS Shopify app is that all the apps under its umbrella work great together and never slow down your site. Au contraire, VITALS speeds up your Shopify Store, while offering a seamless integration on all the apps. 

Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face.

Included in VITALS there are apps that boost revenue (Volume Discounts, Product Bundles, Pre-orders), helps you convert more from your Shopify Store (Sticky Add to Cart, Countdown Timer, Facebook Pixels, Stock Scarcity etc.), Build Trust in your shop (Recent sales notifications, Trust seals and Badges, Logos or Product Reviews etc.) and also plenty of apps that Reduce Cart Abandonment, Fine Tune your store or Improves the overall experience of your awesome clients.  

With 30 free days of trial and 40+ apps for the price of one, one of the best written codes in Shopify, 1,000+ stellar reviews and an excellent support team you just can't go wrong with VITALS. So what are you waiting for? Give these guys a try! 

PushOwl Web Push Notification

  5.0 (1375 reviews)

PushOwl Web Push Notifications application for Shopify helps eCommerce entrepreneurs reducing cart abandonment rate through well timed push notifications. The app offers several great features.

PushOwl reminds customers they abandoned their cart with a sequence of three automated push notifications, thus helping in recovering those valuable abandoned carts and preventing losses in the future.

Furthermore, PushOwl for Shopify let you send timely push notifications to activate those inactive users, without having to spend much on reengaging and retargeting Facebook Ads. Product images are also included in the notifications, a visual reminder boosting the checkout rates.

Another notable feature of PushOwl Web Push Notifications is that it allows you to use Google Analytics to track activities that customers perform on your store and track conversions for your push notifications, which helps measure the effectiveness of your push campaigns without any additional setup.

Whatsapp Chat + Messenger Chat by

  4.7 (2517 reviews)

WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart app for Shopify sends AUTOMATED & Manual abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation, order tracking, delivery updates and other WhatsApp notifications to your (soon to be) clients.

Message templates are pre-approved by WhatsApp and available in 11 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Indonesian Bahasa, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Dutch.

The app lets you create your own message templates using variables and you can send messages manually in one click from your WhatsApp account.

As some other WhatsApp apps for Shopify, one big plus is that you can continue chating with your clients even after they left the store. Very easy to set up.

Consistent Cart ‑ Abandon Cart by CartKit

  4.8 (3434 reviews)

Consistent Cart ‑ Abandon Cart Shopify app helps you save time with baked-in marketing automation and a handy abandoned cart recovery at scale. Consistent Cart's cool crafted cart recovery emails, new account creation emails and engaging happy birthday emails take less than a few minutes to set up. They run automatically in the background and bring in more sales, in theory and if you've set them up properly in your Shopify Store.

This Shopify App also lets you send SMS notitifications - Unlike other channels, SMS doesn't require an internet connection, so you can reach customers wherever they are.

Push Notifications can also be used and can get significantly higher open rates than emails. Consistent Cart currently has 3 built-in abandon cart push notification campaigns with more on the way.

Recart FB Messenger Marketing

  4.8 (5473 reviews)

Recart FB Messenger Marketing is a Shopify Application which allows the stores to get their message in front of the customers with Recart Messenger Marketing. Grow your Messenger list with Recart, Wheelio and Optimonk. Spark conversations with your loyal customers and build long-term relationships. It allows you to generate more sales with Recart Messenger Campaigns. Recover abandoned carts, send receipts, or ask for reviews with Loox Photo Review app.

Basically, instead of sending your emails to Promotion folder, get better results by automating chat conversations with your customers on Facebook Messenger. Customers' Messenger inboxes don't get flooded by hundreds of promos every day and your messages don't get lost in spam or promotions folder.

Building a Messenger marketing list, you'll usually see 85%+ open rates and 30%+ click rates on your marketing campaigns. As you implement Recart subscription tools, your Messenger list will shortly become your most valuable list ever. The subscription is easy as your customers opt-in with one single click.

Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools

  4.8 (86 reviews)

Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools is a cute monkey/Shopify app that automatically sends web push notifications to your subscribers that did not finalise a purchase and this might increase your bottom line. Whenever your customer abandons a cart, they will receive a message with a reminder after a certain time period, helping you close the sale. This time period after which the reminder is sent can be customized, as well as the message and, on Google Chrome, you can even attach an image to it.

You can keep track of the growth of your subscriber's network, the efficiency of notifications, open rates and the geographical location of your customers.

Messenger Chat+ Abandoned Cart by BiteSpeed

  5.0 (158 reviews)

Messenger Chat+ Abandoned Cart Shopify application helps you recover abandoned carts; Abandoned checkout, abandoned cart & shipping notification messages on FB Messenger with open rates 10x more than email to boost sales. Auto campaigns generate automatic revenue both from abandoned visitors and buyers. You can retarget window shoppers who browsed a product but didn’t add it to cart. Send customers shipping updates with delivery time to track order with an order tracker link in FB Messenger.

With the spin the wheel popup, achieve highest opt-in rates without worrying about integrations with other apps.

SMS Marketing + Cart Recovery by Shipway

  4.7 (262 reviews)

SMS Notification Abandon Cart Shopify app allows the stores to send instant SMS notifications for order status update to their customers for account creation, Order creation, fulfilled, paid, canceled orders and more. Recover your abandoned carts with automated Abandoned cart recovery notifications with upto 3 followup SMS at different intervals. You can also send custom SMS to thank customers for purchases, and promote new products and discounts.

You can use this application to send SMS notifications to more than 220 countries world wide. Notify your customers about Account creation, Order creation, Order fulfilled, In-Transit, Out of delivery, Order cancelled, Order refund, abandoned checkouts and many more.

Free Abandoned Cart Recovery by Pushflew

  4.3 (15 reviews)

Free Abandoned Cart Recovery is a nice small Shopify app that lets you get started in minutes and leveraging Pre-defined Email & Push templates that have been optimized for abandoned cart recovery. You can try and boost traffic and sales by sending web push notification campaigns and bring back your store visitors, at a fraction of the Facebook or Instagram ad cost. Re-capture website visitors on both mobile and desktop without needing their emails.

This Shopify app allows you to engage, retarget and convert those users who have ever added a product to cart on your Shopify website.

Kit Karts by ShopPad Inc.

  4.3 (443 reviews)

Kit Karts is a Shopify app that automatically aggregates all abandoned carts from the previous day and notifies you through SMS with Kit. Simply respond ‘Yes' to have an email generated and start recovering abandoned shopping carts.

You can give abandoned carts a little nudge and turn them into paying customers to improve the conversion rate. Kit Karts Shopify app seamlessly integrates with your store using the Kit virtual marketing assistant.

Recapture Abandoned Carts

  5.0 (44 reviews)

Recapture Abandoned Carts is a Shopify app that does exactly what it's supposed to - helps you convert those abandoned carts and increases your revenue. All emails come pre-configured, with best practices baked in. Editing content is so easy, your computer-phobic aunt could do it. And uncle.

Recapture app installs a small JavaScript snippet on your store and uses this to look for emails entered by your shoppers. Once we find one, we save it and when the shopper adds items to the cart, we track that event and with their email, send them the configured reminders you setup.

Cozy Recover Sales By Tab by Cozy eCommerce Addons

  4.9 (22 reviews)

Cozy Recover Sales By Tab is a nifty Shopify app that reminds the customer that tab is open and if he has added anything in the cart, these sales are recovered easily. Cozy Recover Sales by Tab Shopify app brings back customers by tactfully changing the title of the bar with a predefined message as well as an icon.

In the world of distraction, it is easy for your potential customer to get distracted and brows on a different store or a social media site. Cozy Recover Sales by Tab will try to bring back these customers by gaining their attention and hence increasing the conversion. Most of the time customers add stuff to the cart but then forgets the tab and this app will attempt to recover sales from such customers.

Referrals & Abandoned Cart by Retainful

  5.0 (2 reviews)

Abandoned Cart Recovery (includes a free version) Shopify app is yet another marketing channel you can easily add to your Shopify Store. Browser Notifications seamlessly integrate right into your store and brings customers back to their abandoned carts. No email, or phone number needed! One click installation. There is no coding skills required to install and activate the Abandoned Cart Recovery app. Takes less than 2 minutes to get set up.

Increase the chances of conversion by sending customers browser notifications to encourage them to complete checkout.

Abandoned Cart Email Recovery by

  4.1 (37 reviews)

Abandoned Cart Email Recovery is yet another Shopify app that offers an effortless, robust and consistent Abandoned Cart Recovery system that captures visitor’s activities and smartly tracks lost revenue on your stores. Once a customer abandons a cart on checkout, this application will send a series of personalised e-mails and web push notifications to reach back to the customers.

Using SaleSpark’s highly customizable email templates, you can boost your store’s revenue and profit by following up with a customer. You will not only recover abandoned carts through email campaigns but it will also work towards lowering your cart abandonment rate.