Best Recent Sales Notifications apps for Shopify (free and paid)

"You bought from them? Cool, it means they're to be trusted! At least I'm not the only one...". You've thought at least several times on these lines when you were pondering whether to buy from a place, or not. If you see several people get out of the store with smiles on their faces, you feel much more compelled to enter yourself and, why not, buy if you find something you want. The same thing goes for eCommerce, Shopify Stores.

These Best Recent Sales Notifications help you create social proof by showing notifications regarding your recent orders and products being added to cart. Pop-ups if you want, telling your visitors that someone from New York bought from you, and the time she/he did so. These Shopify pop-ups or Recent Sales Notification apps are easily customisable so that they fit your store theme, you can set the time/intervals they appear and also what kind of information they transmit to your clients.

  • Boost those conversions by building trust. Display live notifications on what the clients are buying and where are they from. This is a GREAT way to increase sales in your Shopify store;
  • Highly customisable - set the duration of the pop-ups, the information, fonts and also the content of these top Recent Sales Notifications Shopify apps;
  • Increase the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) of your Shopify Store. When you see people buy like crazy one item, the soon to be clients will feel more compelled to do so out of fear of missing out on that great deal in your store;
  • Unlimited pop-ups with all these great best Recent Sales Notifications apps for Shopify.

It's easy to setup, easy to implement, easy to start selling like crazy! So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick on the BEST hand picked Recent Sales Notification Shopify Apps!

Table of Contents

  1. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  2. Email Marketing + Sales Pop Up by AfterShip \u0026 Automizely
  3. Sales Pop up ‑ Conversion Pro by Care Cart
  4. Sales Notification | Sales Pop by MakeProSimp
  5. Sales Pop ‑ Social Proof Popup by CartKit
  6. Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown by Autoketing
  7. ONE+ Sales Pop Ups, SMS, Wheel by Proof Factor One
  9. ProveSource Social Proof
  10. Also Bought • Cross Sell by Code Black Belt
  11. Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 by SpurIT
  12. Popify ‑ Social Sales Pop ups by importify
  13. Nudgify Social Proof & FOMO by Convertize
  14. Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer by NexusMedia OÜ
  15. Fomo Social Proof
  16. Upsell Popup ‑ Sales Pop up by SpurIT

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

Recent Sales Notifications is yet another great Shopify feature from VITALS. This particular app is another great way to increase customer's trust in your Shopify store, by displaying notifications regarding the most recent sales that took place in your VIBRANT Shopify Store.

Social proof for Shopify businesses is and will be one of the most important aspects, if you wish to increase sales for your Website. You can easily increase it by displaying the REAL notifications of REAL customers who have already bought products from you - and they are so content and happy with the experience you're providing them.

VITALS lets you use plenty of Social Proof & Trust apps, all for one price and with 30 days of free testing.

Main Features

  • Display Real Orders from Real and happy customers;
  • Multiple Themes & Layouts to choose from. Design it as you like;
  • Increase Visitors Trust, increase sales, increase your days of holiday 🙂 ;
  • Fully Customizable.

Email Marketing + Sales Pop Up by AfterShip \u0026 Automizely

  4.8 (2147 reviews)

Email, Sales Pop & 20+ Apps, also known as Automizely Shopify App, is an all-in-one email marketing and conversion optimisation apps suite with 20+ sales apps that may boost sales and reduce page load time. Automizely’s seamless integration with Shopify lets you set up your account in minutes.

As the name suggests, the app has about 20 mini-apps under one umbrella. Included are Sales Pop Campaigns, Exit intent pop-up, welcome emails, abandoned cart email, newsletters, announcement bar, Social Proof/FOMO popups, countdown timers or instant search bars.

Reach out to the right prospects & customers with the right messaging by using robust targeting based on website traffic analysis, device type, cart value and more. You can also track in real-time how close you are to meeting your goals.

Sales Pop up ‑ Conversion Pro by Care Cart

  4.7 (2676 reviews)

Sales Pop ups create urgency and allows you to show your visitors what items have been bought recently in order to build the trust and creating social proof that your store needs among new visitors and potential clients.

Sales Pop up ‑ Social Proof Shopify app displays recent order notifications to show what others are buying. It is the one of the ways to convince them to purchase from your store. This recent sales notification app is one of the best methods to convert your visitors to buyers and boost your sales.

Top Benefits of Sales Pop ups | Social Proof

  1. Show off live sales popup
  2. Creating social proof by displaying sales activity
  3. Create urgency among buyers with Countdown Timer and Stock Countdown
  4. Boost engagement & conversion
  5. Reduce bounce rate


Sales Notification | Sales Pop by MakeProSimp

  4.9 (1176 reviews)

Sales Notification | Sales Pop Shopify app allows you to automatically display recent sales and cart popups in order to boost your sales on your online store as social proof. It lets you build trust and credibility using Social Proof by displaying recent purchases, add to carts and that makes your customer experience better.

There are unlimited popups, which increase successful transactions and conversion rate between customers and brands with recent sales pop & social proof.

Sales Notification/Sales Pop Shopify App mimes that there is activity on the site and that people are actively buying, even if there aren't any orders happening.

Sales Notification | Sales Pop design is fully responsive(desktop and mobile-ready/friendly).

Sales Pop ‑ Social Proof Popup by CartKit

  4.7 (6725 reviews)

Sales Pop - Social Proof Popup app for Shopify stores allows you to create trust & urgency for your products. Sales Pop let visitors know your product is in demand, building fear of missing out (FOMO) and a general sense of urgency.

If you have a new non-brand store, without an established brand, buyers might hesitate purchasing for the first time, thus leading to cart abandonment. Sales Pop Shopify app kickstarts your sales by showing your new customers that real people are making real purchases and eases the customers' minds. Even if those purchases aren't real.

You can also select which pages, and where on the page to display your Pops on. The app also allows for customisation in accordance to your store. Add your styles, colors, and CSS to complete your look. However, there is no coding required to install and/or use Sales Pop - Social Proof Popup.

The app has a dashboard where you can see data about clients, clicks and paths they took in the store.

Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown by Autoketing

  4.7 (5396 reviews)

Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown is a Shopify app that allows you to automatically display recent sales notifications to boost customer's order decision on your online store as social proof sales pop ups.

Sales Pop Master lets you promote customer's trust and urgency by automatic social proof sales pop ups. Thence, you can capture conversion and build sales strategies. The app has unlimited popups that help you increase successful transactions and conversion rate between customers and brands with recent sales pop and social proof.

Sales Pop Master app for Shopify allows your store to show products that added to cart: This type is suitable for new stores, and NO orders yet. Sales Pop Master has a countdown timer: If any orders or products added to cart are discounted, countdown time will display on the popup.

ONE+ Sales Pop Ups, SMS, Wheel by Proof Factor One

  5.0 (318 reviews)

Sales Pop Ups & Email Popups is a Shopify application that enables your store to have extra social proof. Social Proof genuinely captures customer attention & establishes brand trustworthiness. Show real sales popups to build urgency & Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). The app also lets you build e-mail marketing w/ Mail Chimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Constant Contact, Zoho, Aweber, Drip, Active Campaign Monitor. Beeketing Better Coupon Box. Use Exit Intent, Gamification & Promo / Coupon Codes to Email Capture.

Recent sales pop ups create a social buzz & FOMO on your Shopify storefront, skyrocketing customer confidence while incentivizing to purchase.

Bundle social proof with an automatic discount / coupon / email popup or disguise subscribe popup as a fun game of chance (i.e. Spin to Win Wheel) on exit intent to drive sales, recover abandoned carts, grow email marketing list.


  5.0 (220 reviews)

The Shopify App Nextsale Social Proof, Urgency allows you to show previous orders on your store (like Amazon or eBAY) and boost sales. Display recent sales notifications as Social Proof and Sales Pop ups. The app collects data and generates warm leads. You can promote customer's shopping needs by automatic testimonials Social Proof and Sales Pop ups.

Add powerful testimonials, notify visitors about website traffic and encourage new visitors in purchases by showing them previous orders. Let visitors know how many days, hours and minutes are left until the end of promotions.

ProveSource Social Proof

  4.9 (193 reviews)

Sales Pop Up & Social Proof Shopify App allows the stores owners to build trust and urgency with social proof sales pop notifications that highlight recent orders and show product demand to create urgency. Turn your shop into a busy and cool place that compels buyer action. Recent sales pop up will make your store look busy and increase orders by showing off the recent sales notification or how many visitors are into your online Shopify store.

Create social proof to show page visitors, recent sales orders and total counts of orders to create FOMO and urgency and also show live real time sales pop-up notifications, authentic sales only. Boost sales and increase conversions by making the notification fully clickable to take users to the advertised product.

Also Bought • Cross Sell by Code Black Belt

  4.9 (606 reviews)

Also Bought • Cross Sell Shopify App brings the proven Amazon 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' recommended products to your Shopify store. Also Bought AI has been trained with 500+ million orders, 40+ million products and has been used by 25,000+ Shopify stores. The application can be installed in your store with just one click, no coding or template modification is required. Once installed, it checks your store manually to ensure that everything works smoothly and you can make the most of the app features.

Also Bought relies on strong data mining algorithms to produce recommendations, making it much more efficient than selecting products manually or through other imprecise criteria: customers are more likely to purchase products that other customers bought together in the same situation.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 by SpurIT

  4.0 (412 reviews)

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 creates urgency with Countdown Sales Timers: Scheduled and fixed-length. It can be shown in any location you'd want in your Shopify store: header bar, button countdown bar or a widget. With this Shopify app you can add sales notifications for collection, homepage or product countdown timers. Set up auto restarts or individual timer clock to boost sales; each user has a different countdown timer, if you so wish.

Wide range of settings for sales notifications and time counters for a sale or special offers in your online Shopify shop.

Popify ‑ Social Sales Pop ups by importify

  4.8 (24 reviews)

Popify Sales Pop Notifications is a neat Shopify app that creates scarcity and Urgency By showing a quick notification of suggested products and converts your visitor into customers. Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your audience, they can help you send real-time updates and reminders that get your audience to regularly engage with your brand.

Popify allows you to keep in touch with your users by providing timely messages, a preview of suggested products, special offers, and customer reviews.

Nudgify Social Proof & FOMO by Convertize

  4.6 (34 reviews)

Social Proof & Sales Pop Nudge Shopify app gives you four apps in one: (1) Social Proof Nudges (“sales pop”) (2) FOMO Notifications (3) Free Delivery Nudges (4) Custom Nudges on any page. Boost sales and cut cart abandonment with small, powerful Nudges. Increase your conversion rate NOW by building trust and creating urgency

Because Nudges show your customers REAL data from your store, they create irresistible Social Proof, FOMO and Urgency. It's all automatic, and you can see how each Nudge is boosting your sales with built-in analytics. You simply choose from the Nudge Library and place your Nudges on any page. Nudgify shows live data, so customers can see how busy your store is or how much of a product is left in stock. This increases your sales automatically.

Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer by NexusMedia OÜ

  4.8 (180 reviews)

Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer is a Shopify app that lets you setup Sales Pop Up easily and show recent sales notifications to site visitors. It is a scarcity & urgency app with which you can display your recently purchased products in real-time to visitors to show how fast-selling they are with Sales Pop. Use these sales notifications as social proof and to create a sense of urgency around products a shopper is interested in.

More than 90% of online shoppers trust recommendations from other consumers like them. Displaying live sales notifications helps them see what others are buying, creating a positive experience and motivating them to make the purchase.

Fomo Social Proof

  4.7 (203 reviews)

Fomo Social Proof is a good Shopify app that increases Conversions with Social Proof Notifications. Fomo displays recent orders, product reviews, and any other customer behaviors on your storefront. It creates the online equivalent of a busy restaurant, showing prospective shoppers that other people trust your business.

Fomo Shopify app integrates with dozens of apps including Zapier, Mailchimp, and Instagram to display newsletter signups, product reviews, live visitors, and more.

Upsell Popup ‑ Sales Pop up by SpurIT

  3.7 (136 reviews)

Did you know pop ups are one of the most effective ways to get customers' attention on-the-go? Keep in mind that about 98% of visitors leave stores without making a purchase. With Upsell Popup app you will never give that a chance. A pop up displayed when a customer is about to close the tab is a good option to offer a discount or promote an upsell.

Also, welcome newsletters make future communication seamless and easy. How does it work? When users come to your store for the first time, they can get a very special offer in a product upsell pop up window. Another option is when they're about to leave - an exit-intent popup window can help quickly get their attention again. In both examples, you can offer a coupon, free shipping, or a special discount for a product. Or maybe you could try offering a gift or invite to a newsletter subscription?

The app is easy to configure and it comes with an easy-to-use editor, so that you can make a nice-looking exit pop up that will perfectly match your Shopify store design. You can also choose the best time for a pop up - show a special pop up offer accurately & precisely to your new customers.