Best Recently Viewed Shopify Apps (free and paid)

If someone glances at something for a longer period of time there is a good chance that he may be interested in that particular item. In online shopping, this means a great opportunity and it's a pity to miss on it. So here come the best Recently Viewed Shopify Apps.

With these top Recently Viewed Apps for Shopify you are able to cross-sell efficiently by displaying, both on product pages and in the cart, the products your visitors have recently viewed. Just help them click on the buy button. They know they want to. You're just kind (and smart) enough to gently push those items, once more, close to them.

So what should you expect from the best Recently Viewed Shopify Apps?

  • Reduces the chances that your great clients can't find THAT item they've seen in your Shopify Store only several seconds ago;
  • Upsell and cross-sell by showing your customer the products they recently viewed. Dramatically increases the sales and chances to press "Buy Now";
  • These best Recently Viewd Shopify Apps increase engagement time of the customers and hence the conversion ratio in your Shopify business.

These are neat little tricks that, combined with awesome Upsell and Cross-sell Shopify Apps, can dramatically improve your bottom line. So what are you waiting for? Give these apps a try! 😉

Table of Contents

  1. Fera Product Reviews App by Fera Commerce Inc
  2. Upsell by Recommended Products by Expert Village Media Technologies
  3. AiTrillion Email + Loyalty by AAAeCommerce Inc
  4. Cross Sell PRO by Zero Carbon SRL (Buddha Apps)
  5. Upsell & Cross Sell Toolbox by Upsell More 🔥
  6. Sticky Tools | 20 apps in one by Constantine Software
  7. Fomo Social Proof
  8. Recently Viewed Items by QeRetail
  9. Simple Recently Viewed Product by Tech Dignity
  10. ProMoV by Zermelo Technologies

Fera Product Reviews App by Fera Commerce Inc

  4.9 (2650 reviews)

Fera Social Proof is a Shopify App that helps you to use social proof to convert more of your existing traffic by displaying testimonials, reviews, recent viewers and customer purchases. Improve your store's credibility by displaying social proof like customer testimonials and reviews that help visitors trust your brand.

Social Proof is when people assume that your product is great based on the actions of other people. People value the opinions of others, and you can leverage this to build trust and make more sales online. You can use social proof in your store today to get more sales with your existing traffic.

Fera Social Proof comes with brand trust building features like 'As-Featured-In' and 'As-Seen-On' Logo banners in addition to trust badges you can add to checkout to help customers trust you and feel safe buying.

Upsell by Recommended Products by Expert Village Media Technologies

  4.9 (303 reviews)

Personalized Recommendations is a Shopify App that allows the stores to recommend products to customers by widgets like trending products, recently viewed, handpicked recommendations and more. One can show Related Products & add conditions like related by collections, tags or type. Upsell & Cross sell with ease with Wiser's related products. The Frequently Bought Together or Also Bought system automatically shows the products which were bought together by old customers of your store.

Show products related to those that a visitor is currently browsing. Related products are determined based on similar collections, tags, product type & product tags. One click upsell app. See how your Shopify store sales are growing with Wiser. The enhanced analytics dashboard helps you track the sales made by using each of Wiser’s widgets.

AiTrillion Email + Loyalty by AAAeCommerce Inc

  4.7 (352 reviews)

AITrillion Marketing is an App for Shopify that allows you to launch automated email and push notification campaigns to engage customers year-round, improving CTRs by 8x and driving above-average retention rates. It can send behavior-based messages with loyalty points incentives to increase your sales conversion and also increase engagement with eMails and push notifications.

Increase repeat purchase from 16% -24% with automated win-back series powered with a loyalty reward program. Create exclusive workflow automation with emails and web push like welcome series, abandoned cart series, Loyalty rewards point, Recently viewed product, win back losing customer, Browse abandoned and more.

Cross Sell PRO by Zero Carbon SRL (Buddha Apps)

  4.9 (227 reviews)

Cross Sell PRO is a Shopify app that adds the most successful Amazon Recommendations to your store. Up to 35% of their sales come from them. Why not do this for your store also? Add the Recommendations with the ON/OFF button and there is no coding or setup required.

With just one click, each one sets in motion a different algorithm and recommends automatically relevant products depending on the page the customer is and his buying behaviour.

Upsell & Cross Sell Toolbox by Upsell More 🔥

  5.0 (29 reviews)

Upsell and Cross Sell Toolbox is a nice Shopify application that allow your shoppers to quickly look back at their recently viewed products. Less clicking, more shopping for them and for you! Some of the tools in the toolbox include a recently viewed product slide out, a cart bump upsell function, product recommendations, and a welcome card popup.

As your shoppers view all your products, having options for them to see their recently viewed items in the slide-out allows for increased reconsideration and upsell of the abandoned products. This eliminates the need to use the back button which would break their shopping flow. It also allows them to compare the items they have recently looked at, with the existing item they are viewing.

Sticky Tools | 20 apps in one by Constantine Software

  4.8 (37 reviews)

Sticky Tools | 11 apps in one is a Shopify "11 in one" app, a bundle of 11 different widgets that can be turned on or off independently one from the other. It includes Sales Pop, a tool to increase your sales. It shows your new customers that real people are making real purchases in your Shopify store.

Customers can easily subscribe to price drop alerts. When prices drop, they receive a customized email, inviting them back to product page. There is no user account needed. Friendly listing for viewed products, favorites, sticky cart. Sales pop notifications, free shipping, chat support.

Fomo Social Proof

  4.7 (203 reviews)

Fomo Social Proof is a good Shopify app that increases Conversions with Social Proof Notifications. Fomo displays recent orders, product reviews, and any other customer behaviors on your storefront. It creates the online equivalent of a busy restaurant, showing prospective shoppers that other people trust your business.

Fomo Shopify app integrates with dozens of apps including Zapier, Mailchimp, and Instagram to display newsletter signups, product reviews, live visitors, and more.

Recently Viewed Items by QeRetail

  4.5 (14 reviews)

Recently Viewed Items Shopify App provides your customers with a personalized user experience by displaying recently viewed products, which acts a reminder and prompts them to make a purchase.

It comes with an easy-to-install extension and is easier to use on your eStore with many customization features. The app is mobile-friendly (responsive) and can easily adapt to different displays. Above all, No coding skills are required for integrating this in your awesome Shopify store.

This Shopify App also has several great free features, as well as paid ones, for those who want more in depth solutions which can help you greatly improve your conversion rates.

Simple Recently Viewed Product by Tech Dignity

  5.0 (46 reviews)

Simple Recently Viewed Product is a Shopify app that will help you show the Recently Viewed Products easily on your product page, cart page and anywhere you want to show in your Shopify store.

This app will help the customers to decrease the time for search products which they viewed. Customers will become annoyed if they can't simply notice an item which they recently viewed on your website. Thus having a ‘Recently Viewed Products’ section on cart and product page of your website increases the conversion rate and decreases the potential frustration from your customers. Show Recently Viewed Products with variants selection options so the customers can add variations items into the cart.

ProMoV by Zermelo Technologies

ProMoV Shopify App allows you to show products most viewed by shop users and then up-sell products, in order to gain more. It basically provides the list of products that are most viewed by the shop end-users / customers enabling a way to upsell products. Product view count can also be provided to the users (if needed). The admins of your Shopify Store get view counts to understand the demand and take actions accordingly.

Basically, using this App, the Most Viewed products in your Shopify Store can be displayed anywhere throughout your store in a Shopify Collection or via a custom code by theme developers and supports in maintaining the same UI as of the rest of the store.