Best SEO & Image SEO Optimiser apps for Shopify (paid and free)

You may have heard of Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) once in a may be the very backbone of your awesome Shopify Store, driving troves of visitors, clients, sales and hard earned cash. And there are plenty of Best Shopify SEO Apps to help you achieve it!

We've hand picked a top and best Shopify SEO Apps for you to choose from and use them in order to rank higher in search engines like Google, the undisputed king among search engines. A great ranking Shopify Store is a huge advantage over ALL competition out there, as you will not rely on paid advertising - you can just lean back and collect the fruits of your labour.

Without further ado, here is a hand picked list of the Best SEO Apps for Shopify stores and what they can do for you:

  • All of these apps automatically implement SEO algorithms in order for your Shopify Store to rank higher in Google searches. The way they do it slightly differs, but the main result is similar;
  • Enhance SEO of your photos, a great way to attract "long tail" customers who are looking at photos on Google;
  • These Best SEO Apps for Shopify edit the titles, descriptions of your products, keyword fields, correct your SEO errors automatically ;
  • These best Shopify SEO apps constantly monitor and scan your Store(s) for broken link, 404 errors, broken redirects and so on, enhancing your SEO rankings.

Even if you're into spending money for Facebook or Google Ads, or sponsoring Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube or Facebook Influencers, you may want to install one of these Best SEO Shopify Apps described below. In time, even faster than you can imagine, you may start attracting organic traffic and, juicy, organic sales. Good luck!

Table of Contents

  1. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  2. SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing by Secomapp
  3. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer by TinySEO
  4. Free Trust Badge Master by
  5. Plug in SEO by SureSwift Capital
  6. Smart SEO by Sherpas Design
  7. Image Optimizer + Compression by Space Squirrel Ltd.
  8. Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO by Hextom
  9. SEO Image Optimizer Pro ‑ FREE by Crucial Commerce Apps
  10. Image Gallery + Video ‑ EA by EnormApps
  11. Image Optimizer
  12. SEO, JSON‑LD, Schema by Webrex Studio
  13. SEO Products Optimizer by Axel Hardy
  14. SEO Master ‑ Auto SEO Booster by Giraffly
  15. Product Description Writing by HotShp
  16. SEO Manager by venntov
  17. Page Speed Optimizer Pro ‑ SEO by Crucial Commerce Apps
  18. SEO Onpage ‑ Increase Traffic by Fastify Apps
  19. AMP by Ampify Me
  20. Advanced Product Descriptions by AppHQ
  21. AI SEO ‑ Image SEO by Squirai
  22. Minifier SEO Image Optimizer by Aheadworks
  23. Easy Image by Bolt

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

The SEO Alt Tags app from Shopify improves the SEO of your store. While not an easy task, the app automatically takes care of the optimisation of your site and a better index in Google and the other search engines. There are always ways to help improve your Store's SEO ranking, and adding the VITALS SEO Alt-Tags to your images is an awesome (and easy) way to do it.

With the SEO Alt-Tags app you will be able to automatically add alt-tags to all of your product images, with useful tags like your store's name, plus the product's title or vendor, so that it contains the most relevant information and helps get the images indexed easier.

Adding alt-tags for stores with more than 3000 products is unavailable, as the algorithm behind the app adds the custom alt-tags to every photo of every product, and it will not be able to successfully do so for more than 3000 products.

Main Features

  • Drastically improves the SEO of your Shopify Store;
  • Automatically add alt-tags to all your photos of the products. They contain the most relevant information so that the images are indexed easier and faster by the Google bots;
  • Very easy to install and it automatically does the job for your. Just sit back and let it work behind the scenes of your Shopify Store.

SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing by Secomapp

  4.7 (1796 reviews)

SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing Shopify App auto checks and fixes SEO in order to make sure your Website is friendly with Google & Bing search engines, thus driving more organic traffic to your store. The apps purpose is to improve your search engine rankings - make your site more visible to potential customers worldwide.

The SEO App is emphasising on the ease of use - no coding required, even children can install and use it. Find out your SEO score, SEO checklist of any website, budget savings and especially your pagerank from reliable sources. Drive traffic to your store by updating trending keywords from your selected geographical areas.

TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer by TinySEO

  4.9 (624 reviews)

Tiny Image SEO Optimizer app for Shopify enhances your Shopify Store’s images as well as automatically generating alt tags and image titles in order to improve SEO on your store. This application compresses website images without reducing their quality, helping you increase your page load speed and SEO. Image Optimizer reduces image sizes and enhances your SEO structure to help increase organic traffic, in time, to your online store.

Why is it necessary to optimize your images? Slow-loading websites lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversions and a lower ranking in search engines. Not to mention a poor experience for your online visitors. Image Optimizer automatically optimizes images and uploads the optimized version to your Shopify store. You can restore your images to their original state at any time, and you can also optimize images manually too.

Free Trust Badge Master by

  4.7 (260 reviews)

Free Trust Badge Master is a Shopify App helps you gain the trust of your clients by displaying Trust Badges that help you make your customers shop with peace of mind. Vastly reduced bounce rates so your customers stay longer, and keep coming back and it's also an effective way to increase your conversions, with the least amount of effort.

With FREE Badge Master app by HulkApps, you can show visual cues that reassure consumers that the particular store is deemed legitimate, secure, and trustworthy. Customize your store design with eye-catching and functional payment badges and trust icons to make your store stand out. HulkApps icons work instantly for any themes with easy common symbols to choose from Worldwide Shipping, Best Prices Guarantee, 24/7 Customer Support. Our icons work instantly with 90% of the top 50 best selling themes. If you use a custom theme, we will adapt it in 24 hours and for free.

Plug in SEO by SureSwift Capital

  4.7 (2258 reviews)

Plug in SEO application for Shopify helps you increase rankings in Google and other search engines, covering JSON-LD rich snippets, bulk edit SEO, blog optimization, fix meta titles and descriptions, 404 broken links and more. Super easy to set up and use, it will help you with everything you need to improve your Google ranking, drive organic traffic to your shop and manage SEO optimization.

The Shopify app allows you to Bulk Edit SEO Data, Fix Headings, Image ALT tags, Filenames, Fix 404 Broken Links while being SEO For Special Pages Including Collection, Search, Filters, Tags. Unique templating allows you to bulk edit SEO data including meta titles and meta descriptions of 10s, 100s or 1000s of products/collections/pages/blogs/posts in minutes. Edit SEO for special pages including tag filtered collections and search. Like Yoast variables.

Smart SEO by Sherpas Design

  4.9 (611 reviews)

Smart SEO Shopify App helps you in automatically generating meta tags, alt tags, fix broken links and managing your sitemap. Drive more organic traffic to your store, provide structured data to Google in JSON-LD format to let search engines know your store in details and rank it higher in search results. Smart SEO supports the new Shopify Store Languages (mutli-language) feature. Increase the ranking for each language in your store.

Smart SEO is the only app for Shopify to generate meta tags instantly. With other apps, you might need to wait in queue for hours, even days, for your meta tags to be generated. Smart SEO is powerful enough to generate your tags in a matter of seconds. Unique to Smart SEO - multi-language support for meta tags (meta titles and meta descriptions) and JSON-LD structured data. Running a store in multiple languages? Not a problem with Smart SEO. Now you can create meta tags for each language in your store.

Image Optimizer + Compression by Space Squirrel Ltd.

  4.8 (782 reviews)

Image Optimizer + Compression lets you speed up your store’s load time with easy to use automated image compression. Smaller image sizes generally equals quicker page load times. Help search engines discover and understand your product images using intuitive image renaming wizard. Choose your compression and renaming settings once and let Shopify App work away in the background compressing and renaming as you go.

By removing unneeded data the images look almost identical to their original but take less time to download. Google loves fast websites and so will your customers. Shopify App Image Optimizer offers intuitive ways to optimize your images for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By renaming your images and ALT tags to describe the product they represent, you’ll help search engines categorize your images more effectively.

Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO by Hextom

  4.8 (1897 reviews)

Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO Shopify app allows you to omprove SEO by optimizing image sizes, alt-text and file names. Better site load speed and SEO results in higher rankings, more traffic and subsequently more sales, in the end. The app allows the shop owner to do bulk square, resize, or crop images to fit any social media or sales channel listing. This translates to a professional looking listing, and it generates more sale for your Shopify store.

You can also add watermark to your product and theme images in bulk, thus protecting your images from being used by your competitors through copy-paste or right click.

The faster your page loads, the higher your E-commerce store ranks in Google. The higher the rank, the more traffic you will get and the more money you will make. It is that simple. However, many new E-commerce entrepreneurs still don’t know this important rule.

Bulk Image Edit can DRAMATICALLY reduce the image file sizes by a single click without loosing any visible image quality - up to 51% in some instances. This is a must-do even before the launch of your store.

SEO Image Optimizer Pro ‑ FREE by Crucial Commerce Apps

  4.6 (384 reviews)

SEO Image Optimizer Pro is a free Shopify App that automatically increases your stores organic traffic using a tried and true method. The app will automatically add alt-text which tells Google what keywords your images should rank for in their search results.

When people search for your products on google images, our alt text optimizes your images so that they show up in the search results thus providing you with more organic traffic.

Image Gallery + Video ‑ EA by EnormApps

  4.9 (356 reviews)

Image Gallery + Video ‑ EA Shopify App allows the store managers to create images or videos gallery with or without popups. Add links,titles and alt tags for images. Four gallery layouts are available in this application. You can make fully customizable video gallery using your Youtube or Vimeo videos. Add videos in any page by one click. Create a main/parent layout and link child galleries to the main . Let customers navigate b/w multiple galleries in organised way.

You can create Unlimited image or video galleries for your store and give your customers a fantastic experience. Let your customers know all the fine details when they open the image in a full screen pop up.

Image Optimizer

  4.9 (729 reviews)

Image Optimizer Shopify App allows you to compress the images and reduce images sizes while preserving image quality. Automatically optimize image ALT text with customizable templates. It scans for new images and automatically compress, add ALT text to them. Safely backup original images - you can Restore anytime the original images. Image Optimizer lets the store managers to easily add watermarks to protect your product photos from image thieves. Customize the watermark anyway you wanted. No coding required, as most of the Shopify apps.

Compression type - Lossless: reduce image size by 15%, preserve image quality by 100% and also Lossy: reduce more image size by 30%. You can define your own settings, thus minimize the image weight even more. With proper optimization of images, the app can save a huge website weight, thus naturally make the site load much faster.

SEO, JSON‑LD, Schema by Webrex Studio

  4.9 (113 reviews)

SEO by Google Rich Snippets makes, you guessed it, SEO for your Shopify Store. Google Search engines loves schema. Improve your rankings on google with rich snippets, get more visitors and increase your Click-through rate by showing specific rich data in search listings.

Rich Snippets for SEO is an app that enables Rich Snippets for your store, products, product reviews, blog articles, and social media profiles. It allows search engines to add snippets of information to its search results which will make your store stand out from the rest. Not only do Rich Snippets significantly improve clickthrough rates, but the traffic you’ll be driving will also be more qualified. These users are ones who are making an educated decision - they know your pricing, your product’s availability, and your track record.

SEO Products Optimizer by Axel Hardy

  5.0 (52 reviews)

SEO Products Optimizer Shopify app helps you get the SEO score of your products instantly and improve it with a user-friendly interface. Generate structured data (JSON-LD) in one single "magic click" to skyrocket your products in the search results.

Generate SEO Tags - The app uses a Google AI to generate tags automatically based on your product's photos. With the SEO image optimizer, you will be able to quickly add ALT text to all of your product images in a few clicks.

SEO Master ‑ Auto SEO Booster by Giraffly

  4.7 (32 reviews)

SEO Master ‑ Auto SEO Booster is a Shopify app that, you've guessed it already, does SEO - automatically. It helps you retain ranking in Google and also traffic by utomatically tracking your website's 404 Not Found Page. This Shopify app fixes them by doing a 301 Redirect for a Greater User Experience and Better Google SEO.

JSON-LD Structured Data helps your page to stand out in the Search results. Enhanced your Search results and Raise the Click-Through Rate.

The SEO Master Shopify App allows you to manually edit Alt Text, Title Tag and Meta Description within one page for either product pages, collection pages, blog pages or special pages. Therefore, you are able to bulk edit all those SEO factors above in one place in a much clearer and effective way.

Product Description Writing by HotShp

  4.9 (130 reviews)

Product Description Writing Shopify App helps you get your products discovered by having unique handwritten product descriptions that are SEO friendly. Makes your products stand out because customers are looking for rich and detailed descriptions. Offload your content writing task to this app, so you can focus on selling more.

The team behind this app writes descriptions for your products based on best practices around maximizing product page conversions and SEO. They look at the product title, current description, images, category and tags to write each description.

SEO Manager by venntov

  4.7 (1690 reviews)

SEO Manager is a Shopify app that, you may be surprised, does SEO for your store. It includes SEO scan, meta content tools, keyword suggestions, Google search console connection, search analytics and more. Simple to use, this app allows merchants to take control of how search engines see their store, and gives them real time feedback about the success (or failure) of their search engine optimization efforts.

This SEO app has over 20 features, 15 of which are unique to SEO Manager, claim its creators.

Page Speed Optimizer Pro ‑ SEO by Crucial Commerce Apps

  4.7 (90 reviews)

Page Speed Optimizer Pro ‑ SEO is a Shopify app that when you turn the app on it will automatically add a file to your website called crucial-commerce-page-speed.js. This app will automatically increase your website's load speed, according to its developers. A faster loading speed means more visitors and potentially more sales and a better SEO.

SEO Onpage ‑ Increase Traffic by Fastify Apps

  4.6 (278 reviews)

SEO Onpage ‑ Increase Traffic application for Shopify says it all in the title - Increase Traffic with better SEO by optimize SEO Onpage. Suggest correct SEO content on Website and also issues scan and suggestions (free).

Daily shows what catches the most interest on the Internet, research the popularity of all-related keywords, bulk edit alt texts to turn all your photos to more SEO friendly words in a single click and, also in the free version of this SEO Shopify App, Optimizes all images by product, collection, asset, article images to make site loading better (auto BACKUP).

AMP by Ampify Me

  4.7 (405 reviews)

AMP by Ampify Me is a Shopify Application that boosts the SEO of your store; AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a Google technology that boosts performance, improves SEO & shows your store at the top of Search Results. With faster loading times, many retailers see higher conversions and higher engagement when using AMP. Also users are more willing to return to an e-commerce site that performs well. Whether you’re a smaller store or a larger marketplace, Ampify Me can help you make the sale.

A site powered by Ampify Me is a truly mobile-friendly experience that enables your customers to stay engaged with your site.

Advanced Product Descriptions by AppHQ

  4.9 (42 reviews)

Advanced Product Descriptions Shopify app increases the SEO of product pages with server rendered content-rich advanced product descriptions. Advanced Product Descriptions allows you to create unlimited sections and display them as tabs, accordions, switchers, swipers and more.

With this Shopify app you can Create as many sections as your product requires. Add sections for materials, size guides, specs, anything you’d like. Sections can differ from product to product and can easily be rearranged or customized.

AI SEO ‑ Image SEO by Squirai

  4.7 (53 reviews)

SEO Image AI is a Shopify app that scans all product images to find out which images are missing alt text. This little app eses AI to generate alt-text for product images and the template to generate alt-text for product images. It shows the process while syncing.

Alt-text is one of the important components to help your website attract traffic. Using alt-text on your images can make the user experience better, but it can also help you with the obvious SEO benefits. Google uses alt-text of the image with computer vision algorithms and the content of the page which contains that image to understand the subject matter of the image. So alt-text is mandatory if you want your images to show up on Google.

Minifier SEO Image Optimizer by Aheadworks

  4.5 (588 reviews)

Minifier SEO Image Optimizer is an app that will optimise images, generate alt-tags and image titles according to SEO recommendations. Minifier compresses images, optimise alt tags and file names so that your store is much lighter, loads faster and is loved by Google and other search engines (much) more.

No code installed on your store. Every optimized image belong to you and uninstalling the app will not revert changes you paid for!

Easy Image by Bolt

  4.8 (447 reviews)

Smart Image Alt is a Shopify app that will improve your Google search results through image searching. The app also helps you push up your products to the top of Google Image Search. You can save a ton of time adding many Alt tags to your images because our Smart Image SEO app will do all the work for you.

Any updates about images added or changed on your Shopify store will be ready within minutes effortlessly.