Best Shopify apps to Animate the Add to Cart Button (free and paid)

We are all drawn to something that really stand out from the crowd, drawn to movement, colors and uniqueness. It is true in eCommerce as well as almost everything else in life, and the best Animated Add to Cart Shopify Apps try (and succeed) to make your store stand out from the crowd by adding a subtle and yet powerful animation every few seconds.

It is a neat little trick that plays quite well on the eyes of your clients and this leads to increase in sales and fewer abandoned carts.

The Add to Cart Shopify button is considered to be THE most important element in your store and so it's crucial to make it stand out, appeal to your great clients. We've hand picked the BEST Animated Add to Cart apps for Shopify, made a top of them, so that you can test all of them and choose the best one.

How can these apps help you?

  • By using (subtle but) beautiful animations on your Add to Cart button you can increase your sales and also appeal to your clients, increasing the odds they will return for more purchases;
  • Plenty of these best converting Shopify apps can be personalised to your liking, so that the new Add to Cart button matches your store style, industry and theme;
  • The animations will amuse your clients and they will feel even more compelled to buy from you.

Why hesitate? Try this neat little trick, pick your favourite app and may you convert like crazy. Good luck!

Table of Contents

  1. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  2. Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO by Codeinero
  3. Fast Checkout In One Click by Sweet Ecom
  4. Slide Cart Drawer‑ Cart Upsell by Heysenior
  5. CartShaker: Shake Cart Button by COMCODE
  6. Sticky Cart&Sticky Add to Cart by Giraffly
  7. Cart Animator by Apps On Demand
  8. CTA buttons by Omega
  9. BuDance ‑ Animate Everything by App Developer Group
  10. Skip Cart w/Sticky Add To Cart by Simplify Apps

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

The great Shopify Animated Add to Cart by VITALS it's a fun and usefull app that has a huge potential to increase sales, through a simple (so human) trick. The Animated Add to Cart application emphasises your so important Add to Cart button by adding a subtle animation when your eager client moves the mouse over the button.

As usual with the awesome VITALS apps, the animation is highly customisable so that it fits your style and your store. This app is integrated with the Product Bundles and Sticky Add To Cart apps.

Basically, by using (subtle but) catchy animations on your Add to Cart button you can increase your sales and also appeal to your clients, increasing the odds they will return for more purchases.

Main Features

  • Your "Add to cart" button becomes alive and it's thrilled when touched by the pointer of the Shopify client;
  • Increase sales and keep your clients engaged and having fun. While spending the hard earned cash;
  • Customisable animation, so that you can optimise the add to cart animations to your liking;
  • The app is integrated with another awesome VITALS applications - product bundles and Sticky Add to cart ones.

Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO by Codeinero

  4.8 (1179 reviews)

Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO is a Shopify Application which makes it as easy for your customers to make a purchase with Sticky Add To Cart and Checkout buttons. Basically, you will have the cart always visible, so that the client can checkout at any time, thus increasing the conversion rates. It also allows your customers to buy directly from product listings (whether they are on homepage, collection page, widget etc...)!

The sticky bar contains the Buy Now button, so your customers can quickly add a product to the cart without going back up to the original Add To Cart button. You can also enable the Skip Cart (1-click checkout) feature and send customers directly to checkout! Furthermore, the bar will match your branding automagically so you're all set in seconds.

Fast Checkout In One Click by Sweet Ecom

  4.7 (381 reviews)

Fast Checkout In One Click is a Shopify App that, as the name suggests, directs your customers straight to checkout after they found a product they like will increase your conversions, and this is exactly what Fast Checkout does. By skipping the cart page, you’ll reduce the likelihood of your clients abandoning their carts.

Animation on the button draws buyers’ attention and helps them make a decision faster. Choose from the most effective animation styles. The app is fully compatible with the theme of your store, but at the same time customizable if needed.

Slide Cart Drawer‑ Cart Upsell by Heysenior

  4.8 (119 reviews)

Sticky Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer is another great Shopify App that lets you play around with your Add to Cart button/icon, increasing sales and reducing cart abandonment. You can also Upsell additional items directly to your cart, while motivating your customers to unlock different types of rewards. Add an ad directly to the cart and motivate all your customers to buy more products to get rewards when they reach the minimum amount assigned.

This Shopify App shows a button Add to Cart 'sticky' in a prominent way that is always visible in your store. It appears clearly as they browse your store, your visitors will always have the opportunity to buy. The Quick Buy Button is added to the list of products. Allow all your customers to buy with just one click; the button will be visible in any list of products for example on the home page, recommended products, collection page and more.

CartShaker: Shake Cart Button by COMCODE

  4.8 (29 reviews)

CartShaker: Shake Cart Button is a cute/fun little Shopify app that tries to boost the conversion by...shaking the shopping basket in your store. CartShaker gets the most important element of your store more noticeable. By harnessing the basic facts of human brain functionality, CartShaker will become your most important money-making widget - or so say the developers.

Visual cues are the elements for drawing attention subtly to the areas of importance. These attention grabbers help your website visitors interact with your website and perform actions you desire.

Sticky Cart&Sticky Add to Cart by Giraffly

  4.8 (27 reviews)

Sticky Cart & Sticky Add to Cart is an application for Shopify which allows customers to quickly add products to cart and reach checkout faster with just one click of a button. Sticky "Add to Cart" makes the purchase easier than before as it constantly shows on every product pages to boost your conversions. The sticky button can skip cart to process checkout, in order to reduce cart abandonment rate and generate sales.

An easily and accessible "Add to Cart" button smooths the buying process for your customers as they can add products to cart much simpler than before. This encourages them to add more products to their cart as it is easy to do so.

Cart Animator by Apps On Demand

  4.9 (95 reviews)

The Shopify Cart Animator app offers your store multiple animations and Gradient for Add to Cart, Buy Now and Checkout buttons. When on the product page, Cart Animator guides the user to focus on the main thing in the site - the magical "Add To Cart" Button. The app totally focuses on providing the user an interactive guide so that he can reach the Add to Cart button and can be focused easily on the product page.

The animations work on all buttons like Add To Cart, Pre-order, Preorder, Shop Now or any custom button and they just... wiggle in an attractive manner.

CTA buttons by Omega

  4.8 (29 reviews)

CTA buttons are the buttons you use on your super store to guide users towards your goal conversion. Using CTA, a Shopify app, properly and knowing optimization will help you increase your pageview and subsequently increase your conversion rate, whether you build a landing page or navigate traffic from a blog.

However, designing buttons can be tricky. There are many design factors to consider when designing buttons – size, color, icons, shape, placement, and text. Thankfully, CTA Buttons’ setting tools make customize easy and uncomplicated.

BuDance ‑ Animate Everything by App Developer Group

  5.0 (30 reviews)

More Animations means More Attention which in turn means More Sales! Bring your buttons, links, images, text to your customer’s attention using advanced beautiful animations with BuDance Shopify app. 

Your customers will love it. Choose from a large collection of animation styles. User interaction is a vital factor of increasing the conversion rates and reducing bounce rates, the goal being to make your website more user interactive. You can increase the user experience of your Shopify Store by letting users to interact with the website much more. By having an animation on the storefront, users get more focused.

The animations work on-site load and on mouse-over/mouse-out of any elements on your storefront. The animations work automatically in customizable time intervals and speed Multiple Different Animations on the same page. 

Skip Cart w/Sticky Add To Cart by Simplify Apps

  4.5 (129 reviews)

Skip Cart w/Sticky Add To Cart is a nice little Shopify app that enables you to prevent your customers from second guessing themselves and so abandoning their cart by skipping the cart page and instead going straight to checkout. You can also use Discounted Upsell with the Skip Cart feature to convert those few extra sales just before going straight to checkout.

Let the add to cart button follow your customers around your product page so they never miss the opportunity to buy your product again - sticky add to cart for Shopify stores.