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Upselling is how retailers persuade customers to spend more money on products or services that complement the primary product the customer is already buying. To make upselling simpler and more effective, there are many Shopify upsell apps that can help personalize recommendations and display them throughout your store. This article covers the best Upselling Apps from Shopify.

Examples of upselling and cross-selling

When you buy a laptop online, and the online store suggests decals for that model, a cover and a mouse, that’s cross-selling. Upselling is persuading the customer to upgrade their product, say why not more RAM on the same configuration, or buy a more expensive version of it. Starbucks needs the latest MacBook Pro model on the table, you know…

In a nutshell, upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while crossselling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. Though often used interchangeably, both offer distinct benefits and can be effective in tandem.

So what are the best upsell Shopify products, what’s the pricing on them, how many installs do they have and what ratings?

Best Shopify Upsell Apps to increase sales

1. Discounted Upsells – Cross Sales

Key Facts about “Discounted Upsells – Cross Sales” Shopify App

Upsell and Cross Sell Examples:

Who is this app for?

If you have customers ordering from your store we 100% recommended installing the app – the vast majority of Shopify stores see real results within their free trial.

We DO NOT recommend installing the app unless you have a few orders and visitors to your store. If you’re just setting up your Shopify store, the app won’t really be for you.

There is no coding needed in order to use this app.

Pricing plans:
7 days free trial

Basic – $19.99/month
Professional – $29.99/month
Advanced – $44.99/month

Rating and position in Shopify App Store

Discounted Upsells – Cross Sales currently stands on position 156 out of 4436 apps. Acording to Sasi, the best category for Discounted Upsells- Cross Sales is in Sales and conversion -> Upselling and cross-selling category, occupying the 6th position.

You can check the app in action here.

2. VITALS 40+ Apps in One

Key Facts about VITALS 40+ Apps in One Shopify app
As its name suggests, VITALS offers 40+ apps for the price of one; it ranks high on several categories.

According to, VITALS has been installed on more than 10.000 stores with a wooping rating of 5.0 out of almost 800 reviews at this date .

Pricing plan:
30 days free trial
$29.99/month afterwards

Rating and position in Shopify App Store

VITALS currently ranks at number 15 out of 4436 Shopify apps. Acording to Sasi, the best category for VITALS is in Sales and conversion -> Product bundling; the app is currently number 1 in this category and it ranks high in other categories as well.

You can check the VITALS app in action here.

Check out the stores that are actively using VITALS on The best rating one is

3. Candy Rack – One Click Upsell

Key Facts about Candy Rack – One Click Upsell in Shopify App Store

Candy Rack allows you to upsell & cross sell your customers by offering extra services, free gifts and/or related product bundles (frequently bought together) via the modern one click upsell popup window which looks great even on mobile devices.

Auto upselling based on smart recommendations

Fully automatic upsells based on the product recommendations API. Related upsell products are selected automatically by AI algorithm.

Upsell custom services or related product bundles

You can offer any service or related product bundle (frequently bought together) you can think of using the Custom Offer type. This will allow you to tailor services to your products and customers.

Slick and responsive one click upsell popup

One click upsells, cross sells, product upsells and related product bundles (frequently bought together) are shown via the responsive modal popup window, which is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

One click and the related product, free gift or service is added to the customer’s cart.

Pricing plans

14 days free trialand afterwards

Basic Shopify – $29.99/month
Standard Shopify – $49.99/month
Advanced Shopify – $99.99/month
Shopify Plus – $199.99/month

Rating and position in Shopify App Store

Average rating stands at 5.0 out of 132 reviews at this point.

Candy Rack currently stands on position 256 out of 4436 apps in Shopify at this time. Acording to Sasi, the best category for Candy Rack is Sales and conversion -> Gifts, currently ranking number 2 out of 21 apps.

4. Frequently Bought Together

Key Facts about Frequently Bought Together app on Shopify

Frequently Bought Together analyses the previous purchases in your store database through data mining algorithms and produces a memory graph with the recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart.

How are the recommendations displayed?

When a customer visits a product page, a bundle comprised of related products is displayed.

One click upsell

With a single click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button, the featured products are added to the shopping cart. Easier for your customer means more sales for you.

Pricing Plans

The app has a 30 day free trial and then a fixed price of $7.99/month.

Rating and Position in Shopify App Store

Frequently Bought Together Shopify App has a lite version and a PRO one. According to Sasi, the lite version ranks at a good 52 out of 4436 apps, the best performance being on Sales and conversion -> Upselling and cross-selling – #3 out of 223 apps in the category. The app has 1.517 reviews and over 26.500 installs, according to

The PRO version is a newer one, with no reviews yet and only a rank of 2971 out of all the total number of apps.

5. Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers

Key Facts about Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers app on Shopify

The benefits of upsell are as follow:

Pricing Plans

The app has 14 days of trial, and then the pricing is as follows
Basic  – $19.49/month
Professional – $29.49/month
Advanced – $42.49/month
Plus – $58.49/month

Rating and Position in Shopify App Store

According to, the Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers app was installed over 1.600 times and has a rating of 4.8 out of 200 reviews.

The current general position of the app is 531 out of all 4.436 Shopify Apps. The best performing category for Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers is in Sales and conversion -> Upselling and cross-selling – position 35 out of 223 apps.

6. Magic Upsell – Post Purchase

Key Facts about Magic Upsell – Post Purchase app on Shopify

Once a customer has finished placing their order, Magic Upsell automatic presents a pop-up. This pop-up offers them a recommended product that will compliment their recent purchase. Magic Upsell allows you to choose between having dynamically or manually recommended products.

The customer can simply click “Add To Cart” and the product will instantly appear on a new checkout page, This helps to increase the average order value of your products. Magic Upsell also allows you to change the design of the pop-ups by color, discount offer, etc. Make it fit what’s best for your store. Likewise, the Shopify store owner can view the sales data from the app by specific date and time. The analytics can be used to help determine what the top selling products are.

Magic Upsell is mobile friendly and can be used for any Shopify website.

Pricing Plans

The app has a 14 day free trial and then a unique plan of $9.95/month.

Rating and Position in Shopify App Store

According to Sasi, the overall position of the app is 537 out of 4436. The best performing category for it is in Marketing -> Sales and discounts – position 32 out of 185 apps.

According to Storeleads, the app has 91 reviews, being created on 20th of February 2020.