Best (Shoppable) Social Media Feeds Shopify Apps (Free and Paid)

Why be present on so many social media platforms, work your way up in terms of followers, likes and shares, if you can't convert those fans into buyers? And what's the easiest way to do so? Why, thanks for asking - buying straight from (Some) of these pages and also building social proof for your Shopify Store, tagging products in your feed and displaying the gallery in your gorgeous store.

This is why we've hand picked the best of the best Social Media, Instagram and Facebook Feeds apps for Shopify, just for you.

  • With these great apps you'll be able to share all your Social Media Feeds like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more, and also get visitors buzzing about new products and sales. On your feed;
  • You can share customer photos and testimonials by following any public Facebook feed, Pinterest feed, or other Social Media feeds. Great social proof and extra trust in and for your awesome Shopify Store;
  • All the new Instagram content you post on Zuckerberg's social network gets pulled into your Shopify store.

It's easy to customise, easy to install. You just need to take your pick out of these best Social Proof, shoppable Social Media Feed apps for Shopify.

Table of Contents

  1. Facebook channel by Shopify
  2. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  3. Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed by Mintt Studio
  4. Google Shopping, Facebook Shop by Socialhead
  5. Instagram Feed & Slider Pro by Raptor
  6. Instagram Feed + Stories by eShopCRM
  7. Bold Subscriptions
  8. Instagram Feed Pro ‑ Instapics by Expert Village Media Technologies
  9. Shoppable Instagram Gallery by AllFetch
  10. Flexify: Facebook Product Feed by Flexify AG
  11. Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery by Space Squirrel Ltd.
  12. Shop Instagram Feed & UGC by Growave
  13. Instagram shop by SNPT by Snapppt
  14. Piña Instagram Feed by Piña Tropical, LLC
  15. Shoppable Instagram Feed by
  16. DataFeedWatch Shopping Feed
  17. CS InstaPhoto Feed by Cirkle Studio Pvt Ltd
  18. Instagallery by Parkhya Solutions

Facebook channel by Shopify

  4.6 (1965 reviews)

The 2.5 stars Facebook Channel Shopify App allows you to bring the products from your store to Facebook and Instagram. It is quite easy to set up, one-time connection for your Facebook account. Your product details will automatically sync to Facebook so you can promote any product, preety fast. Promote your products for free with Instagram and Facebook posts or create Facebook ads in minutes directly from Shopify.

Facebook audience building ads will allow you to showcase up to five products to the interested buyers and followers of your page. Dynamic retargeting ads further enhance your ad strategy by allowing you to retarget shoppers that visited your store, getting you closer to making a sale. Your product images and information will be pulled directly from your Shopify store and so you save time.

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

The awesome Shoppable Instagram Feed application from VITALS supports you in linking your thriving Instagram account to your store. This app allows you to really engage with your customers on social media, and not only through the "so traditional" links or buttons that lead to Instagram, but with a whole section created JUST for Instagram posts.

This REALLY catches the eyes of your clients, their attention, and even allows them to PURCHASE, straight away the promoted products from your Shopify Store. Can't beat it.

This also builds your social proof, while being something different than most of the clients are used to from other Shopify Stores that have implemented Instagram or Facebook apps and feeds.

We recommend using this app especially if you've already created an Instagram account, and do it as early as possible, so as not to miss opportunities. It vastly helps that VITALS - Shoppable Instagram Feed for Shopify app is responsive, so it looks gorgeous on mobile, tablet and desktop, as well.

Main Features

  • Instagram Posts Gallery
  • Link Products to Posts
  • Social Proof & Wow Effect
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fully Customizable.

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed by Mintt Studio

  4.8 (780 reviews)

Instafeed - Instagram Feed app for Shopify does a few things, but does them well. The app allows you to show your Instagram content on your store to create social proof. This helps in converting your store visitors into customers. You can also expand the reach of your Instagram to your store visitors thus getting more followers and likes.

Instafeed became in June 2020 an official Instagram app. You can display custom shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify store with Instafeed.

Instafeed Shopify app lets you create what's called "social proof", letting the visitors know the number of followers that just adore your brand on Instagram.

The app is fully customizable - you can choose feed title, number of rows and columns, space between posts.

Google Shopping, Facebook Shop by Socialhead

  4.5 (60 reviews)

The Google Shopping, Facebook Feed Shopify app Syncs and optimizes product feed for Google Shopping & Facebook. It’s a set it & forget it tool. The app will list, sync, modify the product feed to Google Shopping and Facebook Catalog, as the stores owner wants it, in 1 click. Customizes the product data to create a highly converting feed. This can increase your revenue from Google Shopping Ads & Facebook Dynamics Ads.

With Google Shopping Facebook Feed Shopify App you will be able to add custom labels for hundreds of products very fast for better management such as: body_html -> description, variant_title -> color...etc. You can also filter a product collection you want to update. Choose to update a specific collection or all product to Google Merchant and Facebook Catalog Manager.

Instagram Feed & Slider Pro by Raptor

  5.0 (342 reviews)

The Shopify Instagram Feed & Slider Pro application lets you show your great Instagram pictures and content on your store in an awesome gallery style. Engage your customers to check your Instagram posts. You can choose between slider and grid layouts. The responsive slider layout can reduce the page loadout times and, at the same time, show large number of images by rotating.

You can create section for your theme editor with this Shopify app and drag and drop Instagram feed widget to place it at your desired location. Now you can show your likes and comments on your Instagram image hover. This will work only if you choose Facebook login option in app. Direct link option added for Instagram post, so you can avoid popup and go directly to Instagram post.

Instagram Feed + Stories by eShopCRM

  4.9 (267 reviews)

The Shopify Application Instagram Feed + Stories allows you to use stories to show your product videos, reviews and more directly on the pages of the social media companies. The application pulls the latest Instagram Feed and shows up above Footer and you can contact customer support to customize the placement of this Feed. Using this Shopify app you can prompt your store visitors to tag your account and share a story in exchange of discount coupons.

The app is free to use for 1000 store visitors per month and then you can choose wether to upgrade or not to a paid plan. You can use Instagram Stories and Highlights to show your User Reviews on Instagram, actual product videos, various clothes Try-On, top selling products and accessories or just tell your brand's story and more. Instagram Stories.

Bold Subscriptions

  4.7 (1804 reviews)

Bold Subscriptions allows your Shopify store to seamlessly integrate recurring payments with your Shopify store, products, cart, checkout, customer accounts and order flow. It also includes recurring billing designed with Shopify Plus & Enterprise in mind. Limitless subscription potential that scales with your business. Bold Subscriptions app for Shopify retains eMail subscribers; Reduce churn by giving subscribers flexibility and control they'll love, including the power to edit, pause, skip, and manage orders.

The application offers customers build-a-box, monthly clubs, memberships, and more, or create your own unique subscription that recharges at whatever interval you choose. It helps you reduce unsubscribes with custom cancellation flows that offer incentives or alternatives when people go to cancel. The Shopify Store owner can add 'Buy' buttons anywhere online, like social media or blogs, taking customers directly to your checkout.

Instagram Feed Pro ‑ Instapics by Expert Village Media Technologies

  4.8 (473 reviews)

InstaPics for Instagram Feed is a Shopify app that lets you add your Instagram Feed on home page, product pages and even on blog posts in minutes with an easy setup. It basically helps you turn online shoppers and visitors into Instagram followers and customers. Choose from multiple preset templates to showcase your Instagram feed photos on the home page, product page and more. See your pictures stand out and grab shopper attention.

With an Instagram feed, you get to keep your followers engaged and establish a connection with new visitors exploring your brand and store.

Shoppable Instagram Gallery by AllFetch

  4.8 (51 reviews)

Shoppable Instagram Gallery is a Shopify app that makes it easy to create a great Instagram gallery in your store. Keep your content fresh without having to do any extra work with the automatic synchronisation feature. Showing the customers how other people are using your product is the fastest way to increase conversion rate.

With this Shopify app you can also choose where to place your Instagram photo sliders: On the front page or on each product page. Show customers how your product performs right where they are visiting! You can create up to 3 galleries for each purpose of your brand.

Flexify: Facebook Product Feed by Flexify AG

  4.1 (215 reviews)

Flexify: Facebook Product Feed app for Shopify lets you sync your products with Facebook Product Catalog to create Dynamic Product Ads so that you can get in front of millions of people on Facebook & Instagram. Follow them across all their devices.

Flexify keeps your Product Feed always up-to-date, no matter how many products & variants your have. Automatically put highly targeted ads in front of people on all major platforms, like Facebook, Instagram or Google. Promote all your products with unique creative without having to configure each individual ad - so the manual work is mostly out of the way with this Shopify app.

Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery by Space Squirrel Ltd.

  4.7 (347 reviews)

Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery allows the Shopify store owners to automate Instagram to create an Instagram Feed page or upload your own photos to showcase your seasonal look book. Through this Shopify app a store owner can invite the customers to upload their own photos. Run photo contests, offer discounts for sharing and create a community around your brand.

Keep visitor's attention constant. Let them buy right inside the aspirational gallery that attracted them. Cut the time from want to buy, and bypass the redirect to Product Page. The Buy Button will show product variants (if applicable) and make the sale instant. Product-specific galleries are automatically generated when you tag products and you can also embed them on the Product Page template and show your products in some authentic, real-life action.

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC by Growave

  4.9 (295 reviews)

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC is a Shopify application that lets stores pull images from @account and #hashtags to showcase them in shoppable Instagram feed on your homepage, instagram shop page, or product page. Tag products on Instagram photos and make them shoppable anywhere on your site. The app permits one click buy - Convert instantly with a one click add to cart option right from the gallery.

You can inspire your visitors using a Homepage carousel or on a separate Shop Instagram page. It lets you embed beautiful shoppable galleries on any existing or new page. 4 Layouts are available to display Instagram feed. Just choose your favorite design.

Instagram shop by SNPT by Snapppt

  4.6 (840 reviews)

Instagram shop by SNPT Shopify app lets you link your Instagram images and videos with your products from your store. Inspire your customer shopping experience with Shop the Look Cards linking multiple products together. Embed in your blogs and collections.

Embed shoppable Instagram galleries & user generated content into your store, product pages, blog and more; you can make your Instagram feed become your next visual customer acquisition funnel, sales pipeline, making it easy for your followers and prospects coming from other channels buy the product they see in your Instagram posts.

Piña Instagram Feed by Piña Tropical, LLC

  4.9 (48 reviews)

Piña Instagram Feed Shopify app creates Instagram galleries by configuring your Instagram Feed to display on your Home Page with ease and control of the layout. Customize your gallery to show any combination of rows and columns. Choose how many images and videos to display and also select which timelines to showcase - only your posts, tagged posts, or both.

You can completely configure the layout for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Simple options give you full control with of how your shoppers will see your Instagram feed across different device sized screens.

Shoppable Instagram Feed by

  4.6 (228 reviews)

Instagram Feed | Social Media Shopify app lets you share all your Social Media Feeds like Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Get visitors buzzing about new products and sales, share customer photos & testimonials by following any public Facebook feed, Pinterest feed, or other Social Media feeds. It is a good social proof for your Shopify store.

Spend time concentrating on your social media strategy rather than copying Insta content to your website. Instagram Feed is the easy way to engage with your customers and create brand awareness. Get instant access to 50+ POWr apps, such as Social Media Feeds, Instagram Feeds, Pop Ups, Contact Form Builder, Countdown Timers, FAQ Accordion, Gallery, Slideshows, Lookbook, and more for stellar landing page conversion and customer service.

DataFeedWatch Shopping Feed

  4.6 (133 reviews)

DataFeedWatch Shopping Feed is a neat Shopify app that lets you connect your Shopify Store to 1000+ shopping channels like Google Shopping, Instagram (Instafeed), Facebook Dynamic Ads, Amazon, Bing or eBay. By optimizing data feeds, you make your products visible on the biggest advertising and shopping channels – Google Network, social media, marketplaces.

DataFeedWatch built-in analytics enables you to track your campaign results and stay ahead of your competitors. Check the clicks, conversion rates and revenue for every product you’re offering. Exclude unprofitable products from your data feed and optimize sales campaign with just a few clicks.

CS InstaPhoto Feed by Cirkle Studio Pvt Ltd

  5.0 (17 reviews)

CS InstaPhoto Feed is a Shopify app that helps you, by using Instagram feed, turn your online shoppers and visitors into Instagram followers and customers. Nowadays, Instagram feed is very important to grab shoppers’ attention and keep followers engaged. With this app you are able to inspire customers with relevant Instagram photos on the product details page. You can not only just display products with CS InstaPhoto, but let your customers to directly add products to the cart.

Control your fonts, colors, gallery grid layout, or slider based on your requirement. You can apply your own CSS as well.

Instagallery by Parkhya Solutions

  2.8 (13 reviews)

Instagallery is a Shoppable Instagram Gallery Shopify app. You can tag products on the photos and your customers can directly Shop from your gallery; it means each post will be Shoppable, so more money for you.

You can display the gallery in two styles - either Slider or Grid. This app is created with Mobile first design approach. As most of the traffic comes from phone devices these days, so a best user experience on PC, phone, tablet is very important.