Best Smart Bar / Announcement Bars apps for Shopify (Free and Paid)

Remember those cryers from the movies, the ones that go "hear heaaarrrr, the King had decreed that...". Well, the times have changed and now we've got fancy Internet, and with Internet we've got fancy Shopify Stores that can replace those market cryers with great looking Announcement Bars.

These Best Announcement Bar Apps for Shopify help you to capture leads, communicate free shipping thresholds or make store-wide announcements with the help of header bars. These top Announcement Bars/Headers Apps for Shopify let you promote discounts, for example, that lead to more sales. They are easily changed, can pe programmed and are highly customisable so that they fit your store.

In a flash, how can these best Announcement Bars Shopify Apps help your business?

  • You'll be able to present your promotions with a fully customised bar on your online store, on different pages you desire;
  • These top Announcement Bars apps can help you offer targeted discounts based on country and IP of your clients, products and a particular collection, a certain time period (like Black Friday or Christmas) and traffic source to optimize your return from promotions;
  • Several of these best apps that increase sales in Shopify have the ability to add a countdown timer to the Announcement Bar so that you can create (even more) urgency and to subsequently increase sales.

So take your pick, install a great looking Shopify App, a nice Announcement Bar and let the sales begin!

Table of Contents

  1. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom
  2. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  3. Email Marketing + Sales Pop Up by AfterShip \u0026 Automizely
  4. Quick Announcement Bar by Hextom
  5. Countdown Timer Bar by Hextom
  6. Multi‑Announcement Bar + Timer by AppHero
  7. Countdown + Announcement Bar by Webrex Studio
  8. AVADA Free Shipping Bar by AVADA Commerce
  9. Add Announcement Bar by Libautech
  10. Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 by SpurIT
  11. Cross sell, Exit & Email Popup by Personizely
  12. Quick View & Color Swatch ++ by qikify
  13. I Agree To Terms ‑ Best Seller by Tech Dignity
  14. Agree Terms and Conditions by Zooomy
  15. Product Description Tabs & FAQ by StarApps Studio
  16. Announcement Bar + Web Push by AAAeCommerce Inc
  17. geolizr by Johannes Hodde

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

  4.9 (9898 reviews)

Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify is one of the higher rated application on the market. With unlimited Free Shipping Bar, including Announcement Bar, Hello Bar and Promotion Bar, this application could help you increase your sales and revenue.

To be more specific, Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify will allow you to change the bonuses based on the total cart value of customers. This feature encourages customers to keep adding to the cart in order to earn different benefits as free shipping for example. This thing can increase your sales.

Free Shipping Bar offer a number of pre-made and ready to use templates for your convenience. The Free Shipping Bar app comes with a large variety of colors in the templates, background images and you can apply these to customizable campaigns, holidays or Black Friday campaigns. Noticeably, all the elements of templates are customizable, which means that you can freely change the templates as you wish

Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify can be beneficial in order to increase the performance of your store promotion bar.

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

The Announcement Bars Shopify App from VITALS 40+ others is yet another example on how to use technology to keep your clients up to date and happier. The Announcement Bar from Shopify can be used in plenty of ways in order to let your customers know of the Coronaviruses updates and how it affects your store, of promotions, sales or just say a heartfelt "HELLO and welcome to the best Shopify Store" on the continent!

This awesome app for Shopify Store helps you capture visitors and keep them engaged, communicate free shipping thresholds or make store-wide important announcements.

Main Features

  • THE perfect way to immediately let your clients know of the important discounts, offers or misc announcements, store wide;
  • Highly customisable announcement bar - position it where and how you want it, so that it matches your store;
  • Capture visitors and keep them engaged; let them know your free shipping offer.

Email Marketing + Sales Pop Up by AfterShip \u0026 Automizely

  4.8 (2147 reviews)

Email, Sales Pop & 20+ Apps, also known as Automizely Shopify App, is an all-in-one email marketing and conversion optimisation apps suite with 20+ sales apps that may boost sales and reduce page load time. Automizely’s seamless integration with Shopify lets you set up your account in minutes.

As the name suggests, the app has about 20 mini-apps under one umbrella. Included are Sales Pop Campaigns, Exit intent pop-up, welcome emails, abandoned cart email, newsletters, announcement bar, Social Proof/FOMO popups, countdown timers or instant search bars.

Reach out to the right prospects & customers with the right messaging by using robust targeting based on website traffic analysis, device type, cart value and more. You can also track in real-time how close you are to meeting your goals.

Quick Announcement Bar by Hextom

  4.9 (4935 reviews)

Quick Announcement Bar Shopify application allows you to keep the customers in the loop about your business updates, promotions, and special events, as this is a key element of managing customer relationships. Informing them with a display banner on your website is a simple and effective way to achieve this. Quick Announcement Bar makes that even easier and quicker, is the promise of the Quick Announcement Bar app.

The banner is easy to setup - around 30 seconds; you can create as many bars as you want and schedule them even months in advance. There's also a call to action button on the banner and with a single click, visitors see the page that you want them to see.

Geo targeting lets you set bars to only display to visitors from selected countries, while Display Page targeting allows you to configure bars to only display on certain pages, such as all pages, home page only, collection or product pages, or any pages by giving the URLs.

Countdown Timer Bar by Hextom

  4.7 (663 reviews)

Countdown Timer Bar Shopify App creates urgency and nudges customers to buy fast. It basically adds urgency to your promotions with the countdown timer on a fully customizable banner to encourage customers to BUY NOW instead of later or never. The app includes multiple timer types to fit any type of event, including one-time, auto-recurring, daily and weekly timers. It's quite easy-to-use advanced targeting based on countries, products/collections, promotion periods and social ads to maximize your sales and profits.

Create Urgency In Your Marketing: After you have written your marketing message into your content and built up an emotional connection with the user, it’s time to create a sense of urgency. This connection and the urgency in your message can make the user feel they must act now to avoid missing out on something important.

Multi‑Announcement Bar + Timer by AppHero

  4.8 (244 reviews)

Multi‑Announcement Bar Maker is a Shopify App that lets you easily display announcements, offers and special events to your store visitors, and keep them engaged. The bar is fully customizable to fit your existing theme and it's also a responsive Shopify bar that works perfectly across desktops, phones and tablets.

Call-To-Action button on the bar that will take the user to any page you like with a click. Add a icon to your bar to engage customers even more. Choose from a wide selection of icons.

Countdown + Announcement Bar by Webrex Studio

  4.9 (102 reviews)

The Shopify app Announcement Bar with Slider is a useful tool to share an announcement, discount coupon, short tips & link at your online store. You can display multiple animated announcements, offers and special events to your store visitors and keep them engaged until they hopefully buy.

You have full access to modify animations, Sliding, Fonts, Colors.

AVADA Free Shipping Bar by AVADA Commerce

  4.7 (83 reviews)

AVADA Free Shipping Bar is a shopify app that helps you motivate customers to purchase more in order to unlock free shipping offers. Free shipping bar templates to apply instantly or design all components with your favour. Depending on the cart total of customers, the free shipping offer message will be changed accordingly. Customers will be motivated to put more items in their shopping carts to achieve the free shipping threshold.

The elements of templates are customizable with ease such as font, font size, text color, goal text color, padding, and background color

Add Announcement Bar by Libautech

  5.0 (54 reviews)

Add Announcement Bar is a Shopify app that helps you to show announcements that drive sales. Present your promotions with beautiful theme announcement bars. Convert visitors into paying customers and generate more sales while easily displaying announcements, offers and special events to your store audience.

Announcement Bar app helps you draw the attention of your visitors and engage them to introduce new offers, deals or to educate them about shipping and much more.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 by SpurIT

  4.0 (412 reviews)

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 creates urgency with Countdown Sales Timers: Scheduled and fixed-length. It can be shown in any location you'd want in your Shopify store: header bar, button countdown bar or a widget. With this Shopify app you can add sales notifications for collection, homepage or product countdown timers. Set up auto restarts or individual timer clock to boost sales; each user has a different countdown timer, if you so wish.

Wide range of settings for sales notifications and time counters for a sale or special offers in your online Shopify shop.

Cross sell, Exit & Email Popup by Personizely

  5.0 (175 reviews)

Cross sell, Exit and Email Popup helps you make the most of every visitor by exit intent, email popup, abandoned cart, limited time offers and turning them into loyal customers. Cross Sell... is basically a Conversion Marketing Toolkit which helps you convert visitors with beautiful email capture, reduce abandoned cart with exit pop ups (exit intent) and boost sales with cross sell, upsell popups, product recommendation, sales motivation bar, announcement bar, smart bar, header bar and other sales popups.

All popups are responsive and so they look good on both desktop and mobile devices. The targeting allows you to segment your visitors very specifically which can drastically improve your conversion rates.

Quick View & Color Swatch ++ by qikify

  4.7 (100 reviews)

Quick View & Color Swatch ++ Shopify app lets you quickly view product details & Add-to-cart in popup. No need to go to product page, product preview is available on ALL pages of your awesome Shopify store. It is designed to be user-friendly so everyone can easily customize their quick view pop-up. No coding skills are required for this app.

Quick View + contains varied options for upselling features, increasing conversion rate effectively. You can easily promote your products through promo bar, sale badges and save amount badges and also show recommendation for similar products right on preview popup - upsells & cross-sells method.

I Agree To Terms ‑ Best Seller by Tech Dignity

  4.9 (237 reviews)

I Agree To Terms ‑ Best Seller is a small Shopify app that lets you show terms and conditions confirmation checkbox to your cart page on just one click. If a customer doesn't check the checkbox before clicking the checkout button, an alert popup will prevent them for continuing. Customers check the company's legal conditions so using terms checkbox it will leave a good impression on our customers.

Agree Terms and Conditions by Zooomy

  4.8 (79 reviews)

Agree Terms and Conditions Shopify App allows you to add a checkbox on cart page to address your Terms and Conditions ( T&C ) or any other choice of terms. Customers must agree to them in order to proceed to checkout. This way you're complying to the laws in effect and you're also credible in the eyes of your beautiful clients.

Whether it be for Terms & Conditions, Age Verification or All Sales Final Confirmation, this app will ensure that your customer accepts the terms of your choice in order to proceed to checkout. Customize your Agree Terms and Conditions to suit your store needs. Add a redirect link or text as per your requirements.

Product Description Tabs & FAQ by StarApps Studio

  4.9 (75 reviews)

Product Description Tabs & FAQ is a Shopify app that lets you arrange long product descriptions in accordions and tabs. Automatically switch tabs to accordions on mobile for an easy accessibility whatever the devices you're using. Customers generally look for information like Technical specifications, Reviews, FAQs, Shipping and return policy, Guarantee and warranty details etc.

Every variant of your product has a unique story to tell. Use this Shopify app to show different product information based on the selected variant, like, size details, care instructions, technical details and so on, for each variant.

Announcement Bar + Web Push by AAAeCommerce Inc

  4.8 (1042 reviews)

Announcement Bar + Web Push is a Shopify app that lets you connect to your customers with the help of some beautiful announcement bars. Create urgency with countdown timers and also Boost sales with Sales Motivator Bar. Web Push Notification is a powerful way to reach your customer's desktop directly. Alert them about product back in stock or new offers. Recover your abandoned cart more efficiently now with web push notification. This Shopify app automatically sends push notifications for cart recovery.

The Sales motivator bar motivates your customers to reach the defined goal of the cart amount and offer them discount automatically. It will help to increase your order value on the store.

geolizr by Johannes Hodde

  4.9 (134 reviews)

geolizr is a neat little Shopify app that allows you to display country specific content by displaying special offers (like free delivery) based on the visitor's location, redirecting visitors to a country specific store (in case you have setup multiple stores or if you're using langify) or displaying all prices in your visitor's local currency (on top of that a highly customizable currency switcher can be included).

Notifications are displayed on top of your store and include text and an optional link. Use these notifications for displaying country specific informations such as free shipping or special offers in order to entice your beautiful clients.