Best Translate apps for Shopify (free and paid)

The best translate Shopify Apps will definitely help you translate every element in your store in a few minutes and talk to shoppers with their native languages to reach international markets.

These apps help you auto-detect and translate new content you've just added into multiple languages. Save your time and money from translating the whole store again. Exclusive features help you add images for every translated version, and translate front-end app content fast & easily. 

Several of these top translating apps also offer multilingual SEO. It lets you translate your shop using human and automatic translations and thus it cuts huge costs. All these will definitely lead to an increase in conversion rates, as people do prefer to address them in their own language. 

Table of Contents

  1. Translation Lab ‑ AI Translate by Sherpas Design
  2. Translate your shop GTranslate
  3. Translate My Store by Hextom
  4. Translate Your Store ‑ Weglot
  5. Transcy ‑ Translate & Currency by FireBox
  6. Translate & Currency LangShop
  7. Language Translate ‑ETranslate by UpperCommerce
  8. Uplinkly Language Translate
  9. Panda Language Translate by Panda Apps
  10. Language Translate: ConveyThis by ConveyThis LLC
  11. Easy Language Translate by JoboApps
  12. Tantum Translate by Lovely Apps

Translation Lab ‑ AI Translate by Sherpas Design

  4.9 (257 reviews)

Translation Lab ‑ AI Translate Shopify App lets you choose a native translation app for your store. Translation Lab works seamlessly with Shopify’s new multi-language feature. The interface is simple enough with one-click setup – start translating instantly with Translation Lab! No coding skills needed.

Translation Lab works natively with Shopify's new multi-language feature. That means that no additional code is added to your theme, and there is no external backend that can crash or slow down your store.

You will have full control over the translation of each resource in your store - products, collections, theme, checkout, blogs, pages, emails & SMS, meta fields, shops, shop policy, payment gateway, links, product variants.

Translate your shop GTranslate

  4.8 (1180 reviews)

GTranslate's app "Translate your shop" app for Shopify allows you to translate your shop in minutes and reach international markets. Multilingual SEO are also available in this application. It lets you translate your shop using human and automatic translations and cut huge costs.

GTranslate plugin uses Google Translate automatic translation service to translate Shopify shop with Google power and make it multilingual. With 103 available languages your site will be available globally upon installation for FREE.

The app translates your site on the fly and it can leat to an increase conversion rate by talking to your customer in their language. You will have sub-domain ( for each language.


Translate My Store by Hextom

  4.8 (287 reviews)

Using Shopify's new SEO-friendly native translation feature from the Translate my Store app, it offers a seamless multilingual experience without slowed page loading. This application for translating pages offers both Manual and Automatic AI Translation right in the App, with the option to revert/undo any changes. There are also options to export translatable text into CSV/Excel files, send to professional translators, and you can import back once the translation is completed.

With this new approach, Shopify will store and host all the translations within your Shopify account database. Your online store can offer the most seamless multi-language experience without slowed page loading time or 3rd party translation overlay. The search engines will rank your store higher not only because of the faster page loading time but also because different languages of your store are separately recognized by locale-aware URLs. You will have a TRUE multi-language store!

Translate Your Store ‑ Weglot

  4.7 (974 reviews)

With almost 1.000 reviews, Weglot Shopify Translation app lets you add new languages to your store to get new clients. Increase your global sales, reaching new customers. There is no coding required. You are able to combine automatic & human translation for top-quality content and also to invite team members to collaborate and order professional translations. Weglot is following Google multilingual SEO best practices and so your store is indexed in the translated languages.

Weglot Translate detects and translates all your content in any language and provides a unique dashboard to easily edit translations or order professional translations.

Transcy ‑ Translate & Currency by FireBox

  4.6 (108 reviews)

Transcy Shopify App allows you to translate your online store's content into multiple languages and convert currency into customers' local currency. This will help your store looks more friendly to international customers, reach the global market, and increase sales.

Transcy has several EXCLUSIVE features that will take your business to another level: Auto Update Language Translation - Whenever you add new products or new content to your store, Transcy will automatically detect and translate them in a few minutes. This unique function only translates newly added content, saves you money from translating your whole store content again, and also saves you time.
Front-end App Content Translation - Transcy will translate any content in front-end apps to target languages fast and easily, such as text box, information bar, reviews box, etc.
Photo or Image Translation - Allow you to add a specific image for every translated version of your store's content 

Translate & Currency LangShop

  4.9 (297 reviews)

Translate&Currency ‑ LangShop Shopify app's main purpose is to try and boost your sales and conversion, by adding new languages to your store to get new clients. Increase your global sales, reaching new customers. There is no coding required and no barriers. Combine automatic & human translation for top-quality content; Your store is indexed and your content is searchable in the multiple languages.

To translate the content into multiple languages, you need to select language and run Auto-translate. All the content of your Shopify store will be translated into new languages in minutes! The app translates ALL types of content. Choose one or more languages and start translating the content of collections, products, pages, blogs and articles and more.

Language Translate ‑ETranslate by UpperCommerce

  4.7 (60 reviews)

The ETranslate Shopify app promises to boost conversions by translating your store into multiple languages and thus helping you reach new customers all around the world. It can easily be set up in minutes and no coding skills are required. ETranslate works seamlessly with Shopify's new multi-language feature and Geolocation App.  Start your international business in minutes. You will have locale-aware URLs for different languages of your store. Using the powerful editor to translate every content resource into multiple languages you can handle well-organized content details in your store.

Uplinkly Language Translate

  4.8 (118 reviews)

Increase your sales by making your store available to everyone, no matter the language they speak - this is the promise of Uplinkly, yet another Shopify translation app.  Uplinkly Language Translate lets you instantly translate your store into (almost) any language, and all in just a couple of clicks.

Once installed, just pick which languages you'd like your store to be available in, and we'll handle the rest. By default, the slick-looking popup language selector will allow your visitors from around the world to pick whichever language they speak in just a single click - pretty nifty!

Panda Language Translate by Panda Apps

  4.6 (381 reviews)

Panda Language Translation improves your business Internationally. Every store owners would like to increase sales by acquiring new customers Improve conversion by speaking your visitors' language Many customers might leave your store because they are not redirected to your shop matching their preferred language

This Shopify App allows an option to choose their own preferred language with the Flag option. Translate the gap by allowing easily provide multilingual translate tool using the new powerful technologies today Customize language options (customers can choose their own language manually). 

Very Simple setup: Panda Language Translate has been built by keeping with simplicity in mind. After installing this App you can start translating instantly without having to prepare your themes and different contents for translations. 

Language Translate: ConveyThis by ConveyThis LLC

  4.6 (46 reviews)

ConveyThis Shopify App gives you access to 92 of the most popular languages
The app can be installed very fast - a 2-minutes installation with no coding required. It has to ability to offer your products to customers around the globe.

ConveyThis has an analytics dashboard to track and optimize conversions and a simple interface to edit your translations. You can also communicate with professional translators who are just a click away. This Shopify translation app has the ability to delegate the whole translation process. 

Easy Language Translate by JoboApps

  4.9 (8 reviews)

Easy Language Translate Shopify app is an easy-to-use app that dynamically translates your store content using Google Machine Translate. Your visitors can read your content in their own language by simply selecting from the available options.

Easy Language Translate app is a useful translation tool that allows you to translate texts from more than 100 different languages. It has some useful features like automatic source language recognition. The Easy Language Translate app dynamically adds a customizable google translate widget to the top right of your user screen. This allows visitors to translate your shop content into any language and make your shop.

Tantum Translate by Lovely Apps

  3.8 (23 reviews)

Tantum Translate Shopify app allows you to instantly translate your store into 100+ languages - no coding skills required. Automatically translate your checkout page and reach new customers from all around the world. Tantum Translate uses a mobile-optimized theme for machine translation selection widget.