Best Trust Seals and Badges apps for Shopify (free and paid)

"Trust" is THE most important factor when you're looking to buy something from a new store. You have only a few seconds to gain the trust of your visitor(s), so you need to be very persuasive and prove to your future clients they have all the reasons to buy from you.

One of the way to gain the trust of your clients is to have the best Trust Seals and Badges Shopify Apps installed in your store. Lucky you! We've hand picked the top and the best Trust Seals and Badges Apps for Shopify, so that you will take your pick. These badges increase trust and conversion rate with premium, professionally-designed badges that match your store's look and feel, highly customisable ones, appropriate for all types of stores.

Most of these Trust Badges Apps for Shopify can be inserted wherever you'd like in your Website, providing your clients with a boost in trust.

  • Most of these Shopify Apps have tens of different trust badges, for different pages of your store. Just take your pick, insert them, and you're good to go;
  • Highly customisable - you can customise these best Trust Badges Shopify Apps just the way you want them - change colours, position, fonts etc;
  • The most important factor for all of these Trust Seals and Badges for Shopify apps is that they are encouraging customers to remain in your store by winning their trust in seconds;
  • There is no development skill needed, just install any of these top Trust Seals & Badges Shopify Apps and you're good to go!

Winning the trust of your clients is a VERY important factor for you, if you want to sell more in your Shopify store. Fortunately, there are countless (easy) ways to win the trust of your clients, so don't hesitate - install and try these great Shopify Apps and pick one.

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Table of Contents

  1. Product Reviews
  2. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  3. Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear
  4. Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb
  5. Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges by Giraffly
  6. Free Trust Badge Master by
  7. TRUST by Varinode, Inc.
  8. Mega Menu by Globo
  9. Product Label, Badges, Sticker by ModeMagic
  10. Ultimate Product Icons by ShopClimb
  11. Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges FREE by Booster Apps
  12. TrustedSite Certification
  13. Flair Product Badges & Banners by Burst Commerce
  14. Smart Badge ‑ Product Label by App Developer Group
  15. Urgency Pack Ultimate by KILATECH
  16. Coupo Free Trust Badge
  17. FREE Ultimate Trust Badges Pro by Crucial Commerce Apps
  18. InstaBadge ‑ labels & badges by InstaBadges Product Reviews

  5.0 (3422 reviews) Product Reviews Shopify App is a helpful tool for every eCommerce store administrator which allows you to increase the store’s sales, attract organic traffic and buyer engagement by leveraging user-generated content.

Using Shopify App, buyers are reminded to review the products directly in forms of text and picture in exchange for discoun coupons. In addition, buyers’ reviews of your store will appear in search engines such as Google Search (rich snippets), Google Shopping, Facebook, Twitter and more social media platforms, which in turn helps in gaining more customer trust and attention from customers. users are able to install the review widgets and customize them to look how they want and how they need. The price of is affordable: forever-free or fixed-price plan for $15 per month.

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

Trust Seals and Badges, or another great Shopify App from VITALS, the application that offers 40+ benefits under eone roof, helps you further gain the trust of your clients. This particular Shopify App not only increases trust on your beautiful store, but also is an eye catcher!

Using the Trust Seals & Badges app you will be able to display lots of high-quality badges and seals on your store, which will help elevate your Shopify store to the next level! There are plenty of badges and seals to choose from, highly customisable and easy to implement, even if you're still a rookie in eCommerce or/and Shopify.

The resolution of all the badges is high, without compromising on your Shopify Store's speed. There are seven different layout options to choose from, giving you a well deserved diversity in customisation.

Main Features

  • High-Quality Large-Resolution;
  • Wide Collection of Badge Types;
  • 7 different Layout Options ;
  • Increase Visitors Trust, increase Sales!
  • Easy Positioning on Pages;
  • Fully Customizable.

Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear

  5.0 (793 reviews)

Ultimate Trust Badges Free Shopify app lets you use +100 free badges that match your store's design. Customize your message, colors, alignment, size and more with this app.

Customers make purchase decisions in seconds, and they are quick to dismiss a store they don’t trust. This app allows you to enhance the store with trust badges, reassuring potential customers that your store is secure and reliable. You can place your badges on any page in any section with 1 click copy paste, while offering hundreds of trust badges in a variety of segments: Credit Card Providers, Banks, Currencies and plenty more.

Ultimate Trust Badges app is mobile ready, enabling store owners to build trust with any customers, be they on tablet, mobile or laptop.

Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb

  4.8 (1412 reviews)

Free Trust Badge App for Shopify allows you to easily customize the location of your payment badges with a handy drag & drop editor. Just hover over an area and click. The app's built in order to quickly build trust when the shoppers are making their purchase. It's one of the easiest way to grow your store's sales.

The Free Trust Badge has over 700 payment badges for you to display and every payment badge has 5 design choices to choose from. You can add these badges to different pages, such as checkout, homepage, product pages - some of these are free, other require premium subscription.

Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges by Giraffly

  4.9 (241 reviews)

Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges is a free Shopify App that offers (limited) trust badges for your store. Inform customers that there are multiple payment methods. Build customer trust in you, and build good relationships. Simply choose your badges, the styles, colors, and sizes you like. No extra buttons and feature pages, no professional action required. Easy to setup, just one-click.

The payment badges for the Shopify Stores are also available on any mobile devices. You are allowed to customise the icon size for them to fit in any resolution. This app will not add any code to your store, so it will not delay the loading of the store. Customers will not have a bad experience when browsing any of your pages, which is very important for (the speed of) traffic.

Free Trust Badge Master by

  4.7 (260 reviews)

Free Trust Badge Master is a Shopify App helps you gain the trust of your clients by displaying Trust Badges that help you make your customers shop with peace of mind. Vastly reduced bounce rates so your customers stay longer, and keep coming back and it's also an effective way to increase your conversions, with the least amount of effort.

With FREE Badge Master app by HulkApps, you can show visual cues that reassure consumers that the particular store is deemed legitimate, secure, and trustworthy. Customize your store design with eye-catching and functional payment badges and trust icons to make your store stand out. HulkApps icons work instantly for any themes with easy common symbols to choose from Worldwide Shipping, Best Prices Guarantee, 24/7 Customer Support. Our icons work instantly with 90% of the top 50 best selling themes. If you use a custom theme, we will adapt it in 24 hours and for free.

TRUST by Varinode, Inc.

  4.9 (1593 reviews)

Varinode's Shopify Trust App's purpose is to decrease your customers’ perceived security and privacy concerns, with the use of seals and social proof. The (soon to be) customers will stay on your store longer, if they know that your store is legitimate, and can be trusted. Trust app will try to convey the key trust elements that will ease customer fears and anxieties, paving the way to increased sales.

Reviews are an effective means to increase consumer trust, and have been shown to have a substantial impact on increasing sales. Consumers rely on reviews in the absence of the ability to 'test' items, prior to purchasing online. Search engines like Google, drive more organic traffic to you, when they recognise your store displaying user generated reviews. With TRUST app, it is quite easy to display and generate reviews on your store.

Mega Menu by Globo

  4.8 (427 reviews)

Mega Menu Shopify App lets you create your Shopify (mega) menu in minutes with Live Edit, drag & drop. You can add multi drop-down menu items at the same time. There are plenty of pre-customized styles for the popular themes. Auto-installation of this app, so no developer skills required. Your menu is fully responsive.

Increase your sales through advertisements embedded in each submenu. Add Badges on your menu to get more conversion. The app is compatible with all Shopify themes which are selling on the Theme Store. The app has multi-level dropdowns: It allows you to create multi-levels of a submenu. The number of submenu levels is unlimited.

Product Label, Badges, Sticker by ModeMagic

  4.9 (168 reviews)

The Shopify app ModeMagic ‑ Product Labels lets the store owners to make and add stickers, badges & labels to product photos in order to increase sales. Make your products eye-catchy with this app. On sale, bestseller, new launch, & 1000+ more product labels. Use the right stickers to skyrocket sales - is the promise of this app. Product labels & badges create FOMO, urgency, highlight bestselling products & nudge your shoppers towards faster conversions.

The reason is simple: emotions play a huge part in buying decisions. By triggering the right emotions at the right time, you can persuade users to convert faster. Showing the right offer with a badge or a product sticker can be the difference between an abandoned cart & a checkout.

Ultimate Product Icons by ShopClimb

  4.9 (160 reviews)

Ultimate Product Icons is a Shopify App that helps your store be trustful in the eyes of your visitors/soon to be clients. Link product icons directly to any URL you want to expand on your product guarantees to shoppers. You can also place your product icons nearly anywhere on your page with our simple drag and drop feature. Just hover where you want them and click.

Several of the icons are Money back guarantee (15, 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days), Lifetime warranty, Free shipping, Fast shipping, 100% secure or Handmade premium quality.

Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges FREE by Booster Apps

  4.1 (713 reviews)

TrustedSite Certification

  4.3 (627 reviews)

TrustedSite Shopify App for Shopify makes your store more trustworthy. The TrustedSite trustmarks are tailored to convert more visitors at every stage of the sales funnel and the Shopper Identity Protection covers your customers in the event of identity theft, giving them a reason to come back again.

The Shopify app addresses the concerns that cost you sales by meeting the TrustedSite Certification standard and showing your site is trusted at every stage of the buying funnel. The TrustedSite certification ensures your customers can trust your site and your business. It begins by checking your site for security issues and verifying key contact information so that the Shopify app knows your site is secure and your business is legitimate. Once your store passed the security scan, your site begins displaying the TrustedSite floating trustmark for up to 500 visits per month at no charge.

Flair Product Badges & Banners by Burst Commerce

  5.0 (167 reviews)

Flair Product Badges and Banners is a Shopify app that can help your store increase sales with product labels, badges & banners. You can use Flair banners to make sure your customers know about all the great offers you have running in your shop so they don't miss out. Afterwards you can promote the right products to your customers with Flair product badges so that they stand out.

Scarcity is a powerful product marketing technique because it triggers customers to want to buy before they miss out (aka - FOMO). You can use Flair's Shopify app automatic support for promoting product scarcity with badges / labels based on the amount of remaining inventory available.

Smart Badge ‑ Product Label by App Developer Group

  5.0 (67 reviews)

Smart Badge ‑ Product Label Shopify app tries to help you increase conversions in your store by highlighting your shop’s special offers, new arrivals, sales, deal of the day, best seller and so on.

You can add multiple badges on single product and with a few clicks choose where to add badges on your storefront. Display badges with condition on inventory, sales price, arrival date, products, collection & tags, while getting instant preview in settings. The app installation process is extremely easy and it does not require any manual code changes.

Urgency Pack Ultimate by KILATECH

  4.9 (46 reviews)

The Shopify Urgency Pack Ultimate app has a whole pack of components which are essential for increasing sales by creating urgency and social influence. Works as single Shopify application, although there are four main components. This leads to reduced loading time with full responsive components - so it works great on both desktop and mobile. Easy to maintain consistent design and a fine match among components in terms of functionality and design.

Coupo Free Trust Badge

  4.5 (268 reviews)

Coupo Free Trust Badge is a Shopify App that allows you to implement trust and security badges that are proven to increase your sales and conversion rates. The trust badges allow you to display payment and security badges on your product pages, which give your customers the peace of mind they need when making an online purchase. Boost customer trust, while boosting sales.

Easy to install with the click of a button - no developers needed! Works with Shopify apps - including Spocket and Oberlo.

FREE Ultimate Trust Badges Pro by Crucial Commerce Apps

  4.9 (30 reviews)

Boost sales and conversion rate by increasing trust with this little Shopify app. A recent study showed that a large percentage of abandoned carts were due to concerns over payment security and trust.

Customers make purchase decisions in seconds, and they are quick to leave a store they don’t trust. FREE Colors + dozens of Payment Icons. Choose from dozens of icons, colors, and styles.

Easy 2 Minute Setup No developers needed! 1 Click install and you are all set! Mobile & Tablet Responsive.

InstaBadge ‑ labels & badges by InstaBadges

  4.1 (82 reviews)

Choose from hundreds (and growing!) of beautiful designs guaranteed to suit your exact needs with this Shopify App. The simple yet powerful rules based system automatically applies badges to your items.

No need for any program or design knowledge (no Liquid either!). What you see is what you get! Instant preview and simple one-click to install. Get all this and much more with zero increase in load time is the promise of the developer

You could set your own brand's logo, or indicators like 'More Colors' to let your customers know.  Each badge type has its own set of unique smart rules.