Best Upsell apps for Shopify (free and paid)

Why sell less, when you can (quite easily) sell more? Why limit your store's potential, when you can reach for the skies (in terms of sales, at least)? Obviously, these are all rhetorical questions, but they give you a glimpse on what you could achieve by installing the Best Upsell Shopify apps in your (already great) store.

A great store manager like yourself tries to sell your customers products which have a higher profit margins, so instead of serving them with lower priced products, gives them the option to UPGRADE those products with several better (and more expensive) ones.

For example, instead of buying a Laptop with only 16 Gb of RAM, why not opt in for one with 32 Gb and a powerful SSD drive?

Upselling can increase your sales by up to 30% AND, not only this, it's much easier to sell more and better to an existing client of your Shopify store rather than attracting new ones.

And here come these awesome Upsell Shopify apps who can definitely help you achieve these. What do they do?

  • Using the much coveted power of the AI, several of these Best Upsell Shopify Apps serve your clients with personalised recommendations. These are, of course, the best for you, also!
  • Create Upsell Funnels who show your clients similar (but usually more expensive/better) products in your great Shopify Store. This way the client may drop the less expensive item in the favour of the new one;
  • Reorder something better and add something to another cart! This includes cross-selling but also upselling in your Shopify Store, by using the (much untapped) power of the "Thank You" page. Personalise your "Thank you" page in order to sell more;
  • Most of these Best Shopify Apps for Upselling feature customised designs; you will be able to spread upselling tactics over different pages of your Shopify Store, and also personalise them with your store's color, design, fonts etc.
  • Smart search can give your Shopify Store's customers suggestions they didn't even think about when they started writing down.

So, I repeat: why not sell MORE and BETTER products in your dream Shopify store? Start now, with these hand picked Top and Best Shopify Upsell Apps!

Table of Contents

  1. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  2. ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell by StilyoApps
  3. Frequently Bought Together by Code Black Belt
  4. Honeycomb Upsell Funnels by Conversion Bear
  5. Zoorix ‑ Upsell & Cross Sell
  6. Quantity Breaks & Discounts by SpurIT
  7. In Cart Upsell by InCart Upsell
  8. Upsell by Recommended Products by Expert Village Media Technologies
  9. Candy Rack — One Click Upsell by Digismoothie
  10. Bulk Discounts Now by Website On-Demand
  11. Volume & Tiered Discounts by
  12. Upsell Recommendations ‑ Free by Innonic
  13. LimeSpot Personalizer
  14. Bold Product Options
  15. Also Bought • Cross Sell by Code Black Belt
  16. SELLY ‑ Promotion & Pricing by Treedify
  17. Bold Upsell ‑ True upsells!
  18. Justuno Pop Ups & Conversion
  19. Discounted Upsell & Cross Sell by Propel Commerce
  20. Upsell & Cross Sell Toolbox by Upsell More 🔥
  21. Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers by Revy Apps
  22. Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell by Skup
  23. Discounted Upsell by KAD::Systems
  24. ‑ Upsell & Cross‑sell by Exto
  25. CARTROIDS ‑ 3 IN 1 UPSELL APP by Era Of Ecom
  26. Instant Upsell by Eggflow
  27. Cross Sell Related Products
  28. Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool by Autoketing
  29. Magic Upsell ‑ Post Purchase by Smart Ecom Tech
  30. Upsell Popup ‑ Sales Pop up by SpurIT
  31. Simile | Smart Bundles

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you over 40 great applications that offers your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. 

One of the greatest things about VITALS Shopify app is that all the apps under its umbrella work great together and never slow down your site. Au contraire, VITALS speeds up your Shopify Store, while offering a seamless integration on all the apps. 

Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face.

Included in VITALS there are apps that boost revenue (Volume Discounts, Product Bundles, Pre-orders), helps you convert more from your Shopify Store (Sticky Add to Cart, Countdown Timer, Facebook Pixels, Stock Scarcity etc.), Build Trust in your shop (Recent sales notifications, Trust seals and Badges, Logos or Product Reviews etc.) and also plenty of apps that Reduce Cart Abandonment, Fine Tune your store or Improves the overall experience of your awesome clients.  

With 30 free days of trial and 40+ apps for the price of one, one of the best written codes in Shopify, 1,000+ stellar reviews and an excellent support team you just can't go wrong with VITALS. So what are you waiting for? Give these guys a try! 

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell by StilyoApps

  5.0 (1980 reviews)

ReConvert Upsell and Cross Sell app for Shopify does what it's name tells you - it is a simple but powerful app that at allows you to personalise your thank you page easily with a drag & drop interface.

ReConvert Upsell and Cross Sell app boosts your store revenue with smart upsells on your thank you pages - collect customer birthdays, surveys, checkout upsell, cross sell & order tracking. You can get important info using surveys & consequently get customers birthdays. Grow your store's lists & subscribers, post purchase upsell system & cross sell.

This Shopify app integrates with a number of the most effective apps at the platform, so you can get the best of all worlds - use reconvert’s built-in widgets in order to create a great personalised "thank you" page.

By optimizing your thank you page & adding upsells or cross sell to it, you will get the chance to re-engage customers who just completed a purchase with your store and catch them when they are most likely to buy or to comply with other requests.

Frequently Bought Together by Code Black Belt

  4.9 (1621 reviews)

Frequently Bought Together app for Shopify allows you to increase the conversion rate of your store. As smart recommendations are displayed as product bundles on your product page, customers are likely to buy more items, thus boosting revenue in your pocket. Frequently Bought Together's AI has been trained with 1+ billion orders and 80+ million products to produce the best product recommendations

The Frequently Bought Together app brings this smart upsell feature into Shopify in a convenient way: you can have it ready in your store within seconds and with zero configuration.

Frequently Bought Together Shopify App analyses the previous purchases in your store database through data mining algorithms and then produces a memory graph with the recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart. So, in order for the application to work, you need to have had several orders already in your store.

If your store is just starting and you have no sales, you can bundle the products together manually.

Honeycomb Upsell Funnels by Conversion Bear

  5.0 (272 reviews)

Honeycomb Upsell Funnels is a Shopify application which promises to help you increase revenue by providing cart and post-purchase offers and discounts when customer loyalty is at its peak. Honeycomb Upsell allows you to make more money from the same traffic with non-intrusive upsell offers.

Improve your sales by promoting one upsell offer by another. Display up to 3 targeted offers to increase the chances of your buyer accepting. The Honeycomb Upsell Funnels offers responsive upsell and cross-sell layout that is stunning on any mobile device, in any resolution. Fully customizable to match your store design and language.

Zoorix ‑ Upsell & Cross Sell

  5.0 (195 reviews)

The Shopify Application Zoorix ‑ Upsell & Cross Sell may be able to boost your revenue by offering product page and cart upsell, using frequently bought together sets, bundle discounts and more. Zoorix offers smart upsells on products and cart pages based on personalized recommendations and frequently bought together logic. Increase AOV by upselling personalized products, bundles, accessories and addons frequently bought together.

The app offers automatic recommendations based on the activity on your store. The customisations are vast and the app tries to mimic the look of your store.

Quantity Breaks & Discounts by SpurIT

  4.6 (437 reviews)

Quantity Breaks & Discounts is a Shopify application with which you can apply multiple discount offers to any product or collection and sell up to two times more products in your store. Boost your sales with bulk pricing, motivate your customers to buy more products with tiered discount offers: buy one get one (BOGO), buy X get Y, etc. Increase your AOV. Choose your own quantity discounts strategy for your store. Offer the best prices on your site, and be one step ahead of your rivals.

Choose whether a customer can buy multiple product variants with a discount or only their similar variants. You can also display the amount of money your customers could save while buying several products at a time on the cart page.

In Cart Upsell by InCart Upsell

  4.8 (382 reviews)

In Cart Upsell for Shopify app helps you target clients with accuracy and offers the most relevant products at the perfect time in the order process. No popups means no interruptions for your customers. No interruptions means more orders get completed - it's that simple, claims the application. With NO ANNOYING POPUPS, it gently helps your customers buy more, increasing your average order value.

The AUTOPILOT system can automatically recommend the exact product your shopper is most likely to buy next. Works with Shopify's new and improved discount code system to AUTOMATICALLY apply a discount of your choice when shoppers accept an offer. You can now target offers based on the shopper's LOCATION and the QUANTITY of an item in the cart. Use our brand new improved offer builder to create Buy 2 / Get 1 Free, Buy 3 / Get A Bonus and more.

Upsell by Recommended Products by Expert Village Media Technologies

  4.9 (303 reviews)

Personalized Recommendations is a Shopify App that allows the stores to recommend products to customers by widgets like trending products, recently viewed, handpicked recommendations and more. One can show Related Products & add conditions like related by collections, tags or type. Upsell & Cross sell with ease with Wiser's related products. The Frequently Bought Together or Also Bought system automatically shows the products which were bought together by old customers of your store.

Show products related to those that a visitor is currently browsing. Related products are determined based on similar collections, tags, product type & product tags. One click upsell app. See how your Shopify store sales are growing with Wiser. The enhanced analytics dashboard helps you track the sales made by using each of Wiser’s widgets.

Candy Rack — One Click Upsell by Digismoothie

  5.0 (192 reviews)

Candy Rack — One Click Upsell Shopify App fully automatic upsells & cross sells based on the product recommendations API. This app allows you to focus on your business and let the app AI do the upselling. Candy Rack Application allows you to upsell & cross sell your customers by offering extra services, free gifts and/or related product bundles (frequently bought together) via the modern one click upsell popup window which looks great even on mobile devices.

Using Candy Rack you can one click upsell related services like gift wrap, premium support, and others, to increase your order value. You are the one who sets the price for each service. You can also upsell related products as a bundle (frequently bought together). For example, upsell batteries which are a related product to any electronic gadget in your Shopify Store.

Bulk Discounts Now by Website On-Demand

  4.7 (369 reviews)

Discounts & Quantity Breaks Shopify App increases your average order values by encouraging your shoppers to spend more to get volume discounts. With Quantity Breaks Now app the store manager can add tiered pricing and quantity breaks to any product or collection in just a few clicks.

The discount application has full support for Shopify's native currency converter feature. The app works out of the box with most themes and AJAX carts and with many types of discount codes.

Volume & Tiered Discounts by

  4.4 (752 reviews)

Volume & Tiered Discounts Shopify app makes customers buy faster with the help of some urgency messages. The Shopify App promises to boost your sales significantly and automatically by incentivizing visitors to add more items to their cart. Start making more money right away with quantity breaks & volume discount offers based on how many products a customer buys on your store.

The app is used to create bulk pricing, quantity breaks, product discount or tiered pricing sale. With Discounted Pricing, you can allow customers to buy in bulk and be incentivized to add more items to their cart.

Upsell Recommendations ‑ Free by Innonic

  4.6 (317 reviews)

Upsell Recommendations is a Shopify App that offers personalised upsell recommendations that are generated automatically, so you don't even have to lift a finger. Its creators emphasise that it's a 100% FREE Shopify App and that it won't slow down your site: keep your store fast, because the widgets load after your pages.

The app is compatible with any Shopify theme & 100% mobile-friendly. Easy to get started: No coding or template modification is required, install in one click. The app has a customizable position: you can decide where you place the widgets on your page.

LimeSpot Personalizer

  4.8 (1437 reviews)

LimeSpot Personalizer Shopify application lets your store deliver real-time 1:1 Product Recommendation, Upsell and Cross-sell at scale across web, mobile, email and ad channels. You can customize the layout, design, content type, and placement of every recommendation box on each page, withouth any technical expertise needed. Run A/b/n tests from Homepage to post-purchase Thank You page and optimize your performance according to your unique customer journeys.

Reduce your time to market by plug & play installation, automatic customization and instant personalization from the first view. See the efficiency and performance of each recommended placement on every page.

Bold Product Options

  4.6 (2146 reviews)

Bold Product Options Shopify App allows you to add any, and as many, product options or custom fields to create a better shopping experience, no matter how customizable your products are. You have plenty of options and custom fields - Swatches, file uploads, text areas, date pickers, conditional logic, radio buttons and more. You can also do cross-sale - product options can be linked to other products, bundling in related items as a proven strategy to increase average order value. Insert tooltips or use custom language and directions. Customers can even edit options once they add items to their cart.

You can charge for product upsells like monograms, engraving, or gift wrapping through your options. Allow customers to choose premium options that increase the base price of an item. Or simply add to the price when any option is selected, even basic Yes/No options.

Also Bought • Cross Sell by Code Black Belt

  4.9 (606 reviews)

Also Bought • Cross Sell Shopify App brings the proven Amazon 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' recommended products to your Shopify store. Also Bought AI has been trained with 500+ million orders, 40+ million products and has been used by 25,000+ Shopify stores. The application can be installed in your store with just one click, no coding or template modification is required. Once installed, it checks your store manually to ensure that everything works smoothly and you can make the most of the app features.

Also Bought relies on strong data mining algorithms to produce recommendations, making it much more efficient than selecting products manually or through other imprecise criteria: customers are more likely to purchase products that other customers bought together in the same situation.

SELLY ‑ Promotion & Pricing by Treedify

  4.9 (99 reviews)

SELLY ‑ Promotion & Pricing Shopify app allows you to display offers to attract customers with flexible discount such as BOGO, free gift, free shipping, 20% off and more. Recommend customers to add more products with this Shopify tool: bundle, up-sell, cross-sell, goal motivator, quantity breaks, to give some examples.

Give coupon on order status page, so customers can use it for the next purchase or share it with friends. Motivate customers to continue shopping to reach cart goal with a progress bar, for example, free shipping for order above $100 or add more items to get free gift.

Bold Upsell ‑ True upsells!

  4.6 (1499 reviews)

Bold Upsell ‑ Upsell Smarter is a Shopify App that really wanted to make it clear from the title. It does upsell. You can create a series of follow-up offers that change based on whether the last one was accepted or declined. Got turned down at first? Try again! The Bold Upsell app lets you display pop-up upsell and cross-sell offers that customers can add with a click! A customer buys a pair of shoes, you cross-sell them laces to go with them. You could also upsell them to a nicer pair of shoes, replacing the pair that they just picked out.

When a customer adds an item to cart (or clicks "checkout"), you offer them an additional item that they can ADD directly from the pop-up. Have a few different products they might like? Show multiple offers and let them scroll through to pick their favourites.

Justuno Pop Ups & Conversion

  4.6 (2265 reviews)

Justuno Pop Ups & CRO Tools Shopify application is an AI-powered visitor conversion platform trusted by Shopify retailers of all size. Using billions of data-points, this Shopify app provides intelligent lead capture, personalized Website messaging and actionable insights that help you turn clicks into conversions. From upsell and cross-sell to exit offers and abandoned cart recovery, messaging banners, and more.

Justuno’s proprietary visitor intelligence technology analyzes billions of data points to create profiles that identify, track, and analyze every website visitor. Target these audiences with refined promotions that capture and convert leads faster. The app offers 100+ rules like visit frequency, geolocation, scroll percentage, cart value, previous engagements, and more. Use multiple rules to create custom targeting.

Discounted Upsell & Cross Sell by Propel Commerce

  4.7 (193 reviews)

Discounted Upsell & Cross Sell Shopify app will help you increase revenues by showing your shoppers customized upsell offers at exactly the moments when they’re most likely to accept: when shoppers are adding items to cart or right before they’re about to enter checkout.

Upsells increase your average cart value without increasing your ad spend: it’s much more profitable to sell more to shoppers that are already on your site then to pay to bring completely new shoppers to your site.

Upsell & Cross Sell Toolbox by Upsell More 🔥

  5.0 (29 reviews)

Upsell and Cross Sell Toolbox is a nice Shopify application that allow your shoppers to quickly look back at their recently viewed products. Less clicking, more shopping for them and for you! Some of the tools in the toolbox include a recently viewed product slide out, a cart bump upsell function, product recommendations, and a welcome card popup.

As your shoppers view all your products, having options for them to see their recently viewed items in the slide-out allows for increased reconsideration and upsell of the abandoned products. This eliminates the need to use the back button which would break their shopping flow. It also allows them to compare the items they have recently looked at, with the existing item they are viewing.

Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers by Revy Apps

  4.8 (217 reviews)

Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers is a Shopify App that lets you promote sales, promotions and holiday sales using the compare-price to highlight discounts. Sale items are featured in our UpSell. UpSell / Cross-Sell Sales Offers encourage customers to add higher-valued items to increase sales from any customers.

Increase revenue without need for more sales or traffic - UpSell is about growing your profit by increasing the average purchase value of sales. Helps you boost the items bought on every order. New products can take time to gain traction. Upselling can help give new products immediate traction.

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell by Skup

  4.8 (508 reviews)

SMART Bundle Upsell is a Shopify app that tracks every single item your user has in cart and which device they're shopping on to create one of the most user-friendly and targeted upsell possible. By providing smart upsells that adapt to your users shopping experience, you'll be able to instantly boost your average order value, is the promise of the team behind this Shopify upsell app.

You can have your first upsell setup and running in 30 seconds

Discounted Upsell by KAD::Systems

  4.7 (189 reviews)

Discounted Upsell is a Shopify app that helps you add customized pop-up banners for up-selling and cross-selling to hopefully generate massive profits without any coding requirements. Simple Upsell allows you to increase revenue with minimum effort, as you can use the intelligent strategies in our app to your benefit. Furthermore, it gives you full control over the sales, as you can activate and deactivate the offers, configure discounts, and customize banners from the seller’s dashboard.

The app collects valuable data from the discount offers, which enables you to strategize your offers in the future according to the best response. ‑ Upsell & Cross‑sell by Exto

  4.8 (185 reviews) ‑ Upsell & Cross‑sell is an usefull Shopify app that lets you capture new customers with outstanding upsells & cross-sells by creating simple rules or by using powerful AI for better store performance. Driving customers to your online store is one thing, but providing them an unforgettable shopping experience is a different ball game. Recom.AI is one of the effective tools to create custom rules for cross-selling and upselling products to provide relevant alternatives to out-of-stock products, recommend bundles, or items.

Approach every new client like a new relationship and display upsell and cross-sells in static blocks, sliders or popups, using a selection of pre-defined outstanding designs for the most popular themes.


  4.9 (40 reviews)

CARTROIDS ‑ 3 IN 1 UPSELL APP offers a pleiad of functionalities like Upsell Offers, Cross-sell Offers, Bundle Offers, Smart Placements, Automatic Discounts, Cartroids Analytics, Premade Offer Templates. Cartroids Engine makes it easy for you to get the customers tu buy again by allowing you to create highly targeted upsells, cross-sells and bundle offers that you know will work.

Simply pick the placement product where you want the offer to show, offer products that you want to use as upsell, cross-sell, or bundle, tweak your offer to match your brand and that’s it.

Instant Upsell by Eggflow

  4.4 (123 reviews)

Instant Upsell Shopify app lets you create discounted upsells automatically in one-click. The offers appear as banners that customers can click to apply coupons right away. In this way you can encourage your customers to buy more with targeted incentives. When a customer browses a product, the related coupon will pop up.

Instant Upsell helps with in-store discount codes promotion. The app does so by advertised available coupons to site visitors in the form of announcement bars. If there is a time limit, a count-down timer will also be added for a sense of urgency. More than just displaying discount codes, Instant Upsell allows customers to apply the discounts directly and add the product to the cart when they click on the offer.

Cross Sell Related Products

  4.9 (837 reviews)

Cross Sell Recommend Products Shopify app lets you show personalized recommendations or related items alongside each product on your store. Cross sells will encourage customers to add more items to their cart, increasing your AOV (average order value) and profits. Unlike other apps that automate product recommendations, Cross Sell gives you finer control by letting you choose what related items to show because you DO know your customers the best - or you should.

With this upsell and cross-sell Shopify App you can show a storewide set of related products when hand-picked suggestions are not set and also show related items on the cart page based on the last item added.

You also have the option to hide related items if they are out of stock and to prevent related products from displaying if they are already in the cart.

Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool by Autoketing

  4.3 (56 reviews)

Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool allows your awesome Shopify store to automatically show upsell and cross-sell products when your customers click “Add to cart”, in order to boost sales via product upsells. Create discounted upsell and cross-sell products such as buy X get Y, percentage and fixed amount, frequently bought together.

You can also create more opportunities to show upsell, cross-sell, product bundles to your customers to increase the value of orders and make more money.

Magic Upsell ‑ Post Purchase by Smart Ecom Tech

  3.9 (7 reviews)

Magic Upsell ‑ Post Purchase Shopify app uses oost checkout pop-ups that are a super effective way to motivate customers to purchase more from your store in one sitting. After checkout, Upsells, related products, and deals are offered via Magic Upsell’s popup.

Magic Upsell automatically generates a cross-sell or upsell product pop-up AFTER checkout. This means that you can still market and advertise your products to customers while avoiding being too pushy. Since the customer has already purchased from you, the probability of them purchasing again is high. With Magic Upsell, pop-up products will be automatically generated from previous customers’ purchasing behaviour. This way, your new and loyal customers will be recommended products that add real value to them. Magic Upsell makes this process intuitive and easy to use by Shopify store owners.

Upsell Popup ‑ Sales Pop up by SpurIT

  3.7 (136 reviews)

Did you know pop ups are one of the most effective ways to get customers' attention on-the-go? Keep in mind that about 98% of visitors leave stores without making a purchase. With Upsell Popup app you will never give that a chance. A pop up displayed when a customer is about to close the tab is a good option to offer a discount or promote an upsell.

Also, welcome newsletters make future communication seamless and easy. How does it work? When users come to your store for the first time, they can get a very special offer in a product upsell pop up window. Another option is when they're about to leave - an exit-intent popup window can help quickly get their attention again. In both examples, you can offer a coupon, free shipping, or a special discount for a product. Or maybe you could try offering a gift or invite to a newsletter subscription?

The app is easy to configure and it comes with an easy-to-use editor, so that you can make a nice-looking exit pop up that will perfectly match your Shopify store design. You can also choose the best time for a pop up - show a special pop up offer accurately & precisely to your new customers.

Simile | Smart Bundles

  3.4 (5 reviews)