Best Wheel Of Fortune Shopify apps (Free and Paid)

Humans have always been attracted to some form of gambling or luck games, since the early ages of man kind. Why not implement a luck game in your Shopify store, as well? The main purposes - to retain clients, to give them a chance for some juicy bonuses and, of course, to gain sales and hard earned cash!

Here comes the top, the BEST Wheel of Fortune Shopify Apps, hand picked and tested by our team of maniac Shopify users! You can 100% manage how the wheels of fortune look on your Shopify Stores, what are the prizes and, of course, like any good roulette, the actual chances of the clients to win!

With these top Wheel of Fortune Shopify Apps the clients can win discounts like 5% or 15% off, even free prizes or a VERY big prize of your choosing. Of course, you can set the wheel of fortune apps to give a 0.0001% chance to win $10.000, but that's something else...

So what do these top Wheel of Fortune Shopify Apps actually do for your Shopify business?

  • These awesome luck apps help you capture more leads and offer discount codes to boost conversion rate. Being interactive apps, your visitors will feel compelled to actually press the "I feel Lucky" button 😉 ;
  • These are great tools to gather mails from your clients. You won 15% off your next order? Just need your eMail and you can claim your prize! Congratulations;
  • Most of these top Spin the Wheel Shopify Apps are fully customizable, be them colors, shapes, sizes and, of course, the moment when they pop-up into your Shopify Store;
  • The best Wheel of Fortune Apps for Shopify Stores lead to a higher conversion rate, an organic growth of eMail signups and, of course, add an extra layer of value to your Shopify store.

Go for it, then! Take your pick from these great Shopify Apps that can increase sales! Put a little gamification and extra colour in your Shopify store and start earning, while also having fun. Good LUCK 😉

Table of Contents

  1. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  2. Email Popup Wheel Game Pop ups by Smartflowlabs
  3. Omnisend Email Marketing
  4. Spin Wheel Pop ups Email Popup by WooHoo
  5. SALES ROCKET ‑ ALL IN 1 APP by Codeinero
  6. Spin To Win by Secomapp
  7. EVM Spin Wheel ‑ Spin‑a‑Sale by Expert Village Media Technologies
  8. Spin‑a‑Sale by Spin-a-Sale
  9. MTL ‑ Lead Generation Pop‑ups by Era Of Ecom
  10. BuzzSubs: Spin Wheel Popup by TK Digital
  11. Neowauk ‑ Email & Survey Popup

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

Wheel of Fortune from VITALS is yet another best Shopify Apps when it comes to capture your visitor's attention and sell more in your online store. With this flashy Wheel of Fortune app, you can offer visitors (soon to be full pledged shoppers) incentives such as discounts or even FREE products, in order to increase conversion rates and create recurrent customers.

In doing so, you're also getting the eMails of your customers, using them for newsletters in the future and thus improving your bottom line even more.

The Wheel of Fortune is a FUN Shopify App, gamification style, an interactive way to engage with your visitors and offer them a great incentive to make their first purchase. And afterwards, sky is the limit. So start selling more in your Shopify Store!

Main Features

  • Capture Visitor Emails. And their hearts!
  • Offer Discount Codes, sell more;
  • Bot Filter (CAPTCHA). We don't like those bots;
  • Multiple Layouts & Themes that match and capture your store look & feel;
  • Adjustable Trigger Mechanisms
  • Fully Customizable as per most of VITALS Shopify 40+ Apps.

Email Popup Wheel Game Pop ups by Smartflowlabs

  5.0 (237 reviews)

Email Popup Wheel Game Pop ups Shopify Application increases conversion rates and subscribers with 100% customizable email popups: exit popups, sales popups, personalized popups, and trigger popups.

The app creates and executes effective email signup popups and gamified popups to boost subscribers and conversions. Customize, automate, and boost conversions in minutes, without requiring technical knowledge. The popups are gamified, fun, and generally engaging. Create exit intent popups, trigger popups, email popups, full screen popups, spin to win popups, free gift popups, sales popups, personalized popups and more.

Omnisend Email Marketing

  4.7 (3782 reviews)

Omnisend eMail Marketing Shopify app helps you recover abandoned carts, reactivate lost customers and engage them throughout their lifecycle and journey using email, SMS, push, and more. This Shopify App allows you to skip the sometimes tedious work with the single-click Shopify integration, email templates & automatic product import. Easy migration from Mailchimp, also included.

Marketing automation is all about sending anticipated and relevant messages at the right time. This app tries to take it a step further - add SMS messages into your automated workflows. You can then follow up by syncing your subscribers segments to Google and Facebook ads.

Eliminate the guesswork with the flexible customer segmentation including segments based on shopping and email campaign behavior. Put your data to work and send highly targeted messages that meet your customers' buying intent and expectations and thus drive more sales and retention rates.

Spin Wheel Pop ups Email Popup by WooHoo

  4.9 (547 reviews)

Spin Wheel Popup Sales Pop ups is a Shopify App (with a rather long name) which may be able to boost your emails subscribers with WooHoo spin to win popups, WooHoo exit intent, spin to win popups games and "email capture" that helps, you guessed it, get emails from your clients. WooHoo integrates with OptinMonster, Seguno, Justuno, Privy , Optimonk, Better Coupon Box, Gifts, Loyalty programs, Newsletters & Forms. The app's exit intent spin wheel integrates with Klaviyo, MailChimp ,Recart & OmniSend.

The application has a new A/B Test module - Create two games or more, run them simultaneously, and analyze each one’s conversion rates. Based on these statistics, you will easily find the winning combination of texts, colors, and images.

SALES ROCKET ‑ ALL IN 1 APP by Codeinero

  4.9 (412 reviews)

Wheel of Fortune (Spin To Win) with sticky Discount Bar Sales Rocket Shopify App is one of the many applications included in Sales Rocket. The app copies VITALS, offering more apps for one price. Wheel of Fortune is an easy to install and to use app that retains customers, offers them incentives and bonuses, in order to enhance sales.

As most of the other "Spin the Wheel" apps, the Sales Rocket one is customisable and you can give the clients the chance to win discounts or even free items, in exchange of their eMail.

Spin To Win by Secomapp

  4.5 (1214 reviews)

The Shopify Spin To Win by Secomapp app has "a proved magic effect" (or so say the creators) to collect your customer emails in an easy and gamified way, giving your site a favourite halo effect. Unlike other popups, this “Spin to Win” app, combined with your (I'm sure) brilliant offers will perfect the Call to customer’s action once they enter your site, which will definitely increase your sales.

Basically, the Spin to Win Shopify app allows you to create and customize 10 wheel "slices" with different Coupon Codes, very quickly and easily.

At the frontend, to enable the wheel, your customers are required to enter their email address. Afterwards they can click to spin the wheel and win a Coupon Code at random. Your customers are prone to prefer the Just-Their-Luck coupon code rather than receive it in other usual ways.

This app provides you with two main benefits: Grow your email list for future marketing activities and Increase your sales by encouraging customers to apply their given discount to shop right away.

EVM Spin Wheel ‑ Spin‑a‑Sale by Expert Village Media Technologies

  4.9 (44 reviews)

EVM Spin Wheel ‑ Email Pop Ups is a Gamified spin wheel app for your Shopify store. It lets you setup the app for your Spin to Win wheel on frontend so customers can enter their emaild id to win prizes or offer Free Gifts too. EVM Wheel has a very convenient way to save all your subscribers emails in Mailchimp & Klaviyo email lists. This Shopify App automatically creates discount codes for you. You can create campaigns and setup prizes for subscribers in admin of app.

EVM Spin Wheel has been trusted by some of the leading brands at Shopify including Foxleigh Watches, Vapor Shop Direct, RococoDoll, Klaiyi Hair, SKOON skin, Danielle, Frylinck Design,, AriesJewelry and many more such brands. You can enable MailChimp in the app and connect your MailChimp account to sync all emails to your MailChimp account easily. Same way you can also connect your Klaviyo account to collect emails in app.

Spin‑a‑Sale by Spin-a-Sale

  4.8 (1103 reviews)

Spin‑a‑Sale Shopify application adds the power of gamification to your store to dramatically increase visitor engagement and customer loyalty. The app promises a noticeably increase in your eMail signup rate. Your visitors won't want to resist providing their email address for a chance to win a prize - in theory, of course.

The Spin-a-Sale overlay displays a special prize wheel for visitors that you can fully configure. When visitors enter their email address, the prize wheel spins and they win a random discount. Spin-a-Sale can be fully customized so you can specify the exact discounts you'd like to provide customers and how often each discount is provided.

MTL ‑ Lead Generation Pop‑ups by Era Of Ecom

  4.8 (34 reviews)

MTL ‑ Lead Generation Pop‑ups is a Shopify application that lets you use highly engaging games in your store to capture leads and reward them with special discounts. With this Shopify app you can basically incorporate game elements on your store to significantly increase your revenue and conversion rate by engaging your website traffic and rewarding them with discount codes or products of your choice.

Milk the Leads Shopify application has lots of beautiful pre-made pop-up templates that you can just pick and publish. You can choose from different categories including abstract, business, pop, modern, and special holiday themed ones. Building a beautiful pop-up has never been easier!

BuzzSubs: Spin Wheel Popup by TK Digital

  4.6 (668 reviews)

This Great Shopify "Spin Wheel Pop‑up" app is a fully customizable mobile friendly Spin and Jackpot popup design that will help you collect emails and increase sales in a fun, gamified way.

The Pop-Up Shopify app is perfect for:

  • Collecting emails,
  • Promoting sales and limited-time offers,
  • Advertising new arrivals,
  • Distributing promo codes, and more.

Neowauk ‑ Email & Survey Popup

  4.9 (26 reviews)

Pop up‑Survey, Email & Wheel is a Shopify App that helps you have your customers subscribe to your emails. Add Spin and Wins, Timers and more in order to increase the subscription rate to your eMails. Offer coupons for subscribing and also notify your customers about the offers using the stylish notification pop ups. Select from a wide variety of templates.

The POPUP store is refreshed frequently with a wide variety of templates and you can easily customize and configure these pop ups using WYSIWYG editor. Neowauk, the creator of this Shopify App, also gives you the settings to configure the criteria of showing the pop ups.

Quick Pop up App also creates discount codes also for you. You do not have to go into shopify to create discount codes.