Thermometers, a hot new category? OUTFORM launches a new fast device

OUTFORM, a Miami-based product design company,is launching a pivotal new device that will help cities re-open safely after the COVID-19 mandated shutdowns. The iDISPLAY Thermometer from OUTFORM alerts users if they have a fever by sounding an alarm. This possibly opens up the market for some new hot devices – very performant thermometers. The No-Contact Device That Takes Your Temperature In Two […]

Shopify merchants can now push their products to 350+ million users of Pinterest

Shopify Pinterest

Shopify merchants in the U.S. and Canada are now able to share their products to about 350 million Pinterest users, the companies announced Thursday. The partnership gives Shopify merchants a way to “upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products into shoppable Product Pins,” according to a statement from Pinterest. Satish Kanwar, Shopify’s general manager and vice president […]

Google Shopping is going free! Concerns of the Shopify community

Laptop woman Google

In a surprise move this April, Google dropped the mike and announced that Google Shopping is going free. Again (remember Froogle?). Google Shopping can be a powerful tool for online retailers to get their products in front of millions of users on the web, but it’s always come with a fee. Google has announced that it […]