How to start a Shopify Store from scratch: A step by step guide

The first time you’ll want to set up your Shopify store you’ll feel at least a little bit overwhelmed. You can start selling with Shopify in no time though, and even make your first sale on the first day of setting up your store! I’m here to offer you a comprehensive and in-depth guide on […]

ProMoV Shopify app by Zermelo Technologies

ProMoV Shopify App allows you to show products most viewed by shop users and then up-sell products, in order to gain more. It basically provides the list of products that are most viewed by the shop end-users / customers enabling a way to upsell products. Product view count can also be provided to the users (if needed). The admins of your Shopify Store get view counts to understand the demand and take actions accordingly.

Basically, using this App, the Most Viewed products in your Shopify Store can be displayed anywhere throughout your store in a Shopify Collection or via a custom code by theme developers and supports in maintaining the same UI as of the rest of the store.

Hindsight Shopify app by Eastside Co

Hindsight Shopify "heatmap" App allows you to Learn where people spend time on your site and how you can improve their experience in your lovely store. Video recordings of user visits help you see problem areas and improve your site accordingly and by improving your customer experience you can make it easier for them to buy.

With this Shopify App you are able to explore a set of heat maps of every page in your store to gain a range of useful insights into your users’ journeys and understand how to improve them. You will also be able to toggle between mapping clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, or an aggregate of the three. Understand both what your users get to see and the elements to which they are most drawn.

Poppy ‑ Free Exit Intent Popup Shopify app by Ventures & Adventures

Poppy · Smart Popups is an useful Shopify app that helps you fix that issue by displaying the right offer at the right time to maximize conversion.

When visitors reach your store for the very first time, Poppy makes sure they have more chances to complete their purchase. Poppy will display a beautifully designed popup to let visitors know that they have a coupon that they can use to get a discount on their order. Poppy gives the right incentive to visitors who are interested in your product. You can customize the popup and also choose the value of the coupon you would like to give customers.

To help decrease cart abandonment and convert more customers, this pop-up tool will display sales pop with a discount at the very moment the customer is about to abandon their cart. The popup will get the customer's attention and will increase the chance they complete their purchase.

Blogify Shopify app by Women's Best GmbH

Logify is a new Shopify App that clients' activity in your super Store, while creating a heat map you could use in order to enhance the experience of your clients. Thus, you will gain more clients, more sales and more holidays for you and your loved ones!

This particular Shopify app records your shop's activities related to cart, checkout, order, refund, fulfilment, inventory, product, customer and many more. Basically, the logs have been categorised into several types:

  1. Admin Logs – Includes activities related to cart, checkout, order, refund, fulfilment, inventory, product, customer etc.
  2. Assets and Theme Logs – These logs are related to assets and files in your themes
  3. Important Event Logs – Some important events happening across your store
  4. Staff Logs – Records your staff's activities related to products, customers, inventories, orders, themes etc. Logs include author's name making it easier to know which employee doing what in your store.

Email Pirate Shopify app by Sticky Apps

Are you capturing all your customers? Email Pirate Shopify App is one of the quickest and easiest ways to grow your email list.

The professionally designed opt-in forms make it easy to collect your site visitor's contact information. You can also increase emails collected by targeting specific user behavior.

How does Email Pirate Shopify App work? This app allows you to create and implement a fully customizable opt-in window. By using the features included with the application, you can make the window match the distinctive look of your Shopify store. The opt-in window will ask for the contact info of visitors.

Smart Builder Feature – Email Pirate allows you to create visually captivating opt-in forms from our professionally-designed templates. You can customize the opt-in forms extensively to have it match the look and feel of your Shopify store. The exit popup feature captures emails of users trying to leave with targeted exit popup campaigns.

Shopcam Shopify app by Cohub, Inc.

Shopcam is a useful Shopify App that lets you record, then replay and if you wish so, share how your customers browse your awesome store. This helps you know what’s working and what’s not on your Shopify Store. Identify what customers are engaging with, what they're ignoring or even avoiding, what's useful or useless and where they get stuck. This helps you take smart measures, repair what's not working and enhancing the overall usability of your Shopify Store.

This Shopify Record App allows you to filter recorded browsing sessions based on product/collection pages viewed, browser, operating system, geographic location and more, so that you find, quite fast, what you're looking for. Afterwards, share any of your recordings with your team or whoever you want using a secure link and password. Show your concerns to your theme designers to help improve conversions! He'll definitely appreciate it!

InstaBadge ‑ labels & badges Shopify app by InstaBadges

Choose from hundreds (and growing!) of beautiful designs guaranteed to suit your exact needs with this Shopify App. The simple yet powerful rules based system automatically applies badges to your items.

No need for any program or design knowledge (no Liquid either!). What you see is what you get! Instant preview and simple one-click to install. Get all this and much more with zero increase in load time is the promise of the developer

You could set your own brand's logo, or indicators like 'More Colors' to let your customers know.  Each badge type has its own set of unique smart rules.