How to start a Shopify Store from scratch: A step by step guide

The first time you’ll want to set up your Shopify store you’ll feel at least a little bit overwhelmed. You can start selling with Shopify in no time though, and even make your first sale on the first day of setting up your store! I’m here to offer you a comprehensive and in-depth guide on […]

Best SEO & Image SEO Optimiser apps for Shopify (paid and free)

You may have heard of Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) once in a while…it may be the very backbone of your awesome Shopify Store, driving troves of visitors, clients, sales and hard earned cash. And there are plenty of Best Shopify SEO Apps to help you achieve it!

Best Currency Converter apps for Shopify (free and paid)

Your great Shopify Store serves clients all over the world – be it USA, Canada, UK, France, Tunis, India or Germany. All these countries "think in different currencies", so your Shopify Store should be able to serve them – convert your prices in American Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds or Euros. This way, you will not only increase sales considerably, but your Shopify Store will be more trustful and closer to the hearts of your (future) clients. There are a lot of great (and severa BEST) Shopify Currency Converter apps to chose from, and we've hand picked the best of the best. Just for you and your Shopify Store. So, what are the Best Shopify Currency Converter apps and what do they do?

Beset Product Bundles (Shopify Apps to increase Sales) (free and paid)

Besides cross-selling and upselling, making product bundles is one of the best way to sell more in your Shopify Store – and it also rhymes! By making product bundles, you will be able to increase the revenue of your business and also average order value by cross-selling and allowing your visitors to purchase product bundles.

Best Recently Viewed Shopify Apps (free and paid)

If someone glances at something for a longer period of time there is a good chance that he may be interested in that particular item. In online shopping, this means a great opportunity and it's a pity to miss on it. So here come the best Recently Viewed Shopify Apps.

Best Pop-up apps for Shopify (free and paid)

Not to be mistaken with Pop-corn, which DOES pop, but not necessarily into your gorgeous Shopify Store. These best pop-up Shopify Apps can (really) do magic into your store, if you configure them properly.

Best Abandoned Cart apps for Shopify (free and paid)

The (best) abandoned cart apps for Shopify are crucial for your store. A wooping 75% of your potential customers are prone to leaving products unchecked out, in your cart, missing out huge opportunities. There are PLENTY of different apps in the Shopify store that tackle the abandoned cart problems – some are more complex, some focuse on only one or two features but do them the best.