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This is one of the common mistakes beginner dropshippers make. When you import products from AliExpress suppliers, you may see different warehouse locations the product can be shipped from (“Ships From” variant). How and WHY to get rid of “ship from China” variant in Shopify? it’s important to know how to manage the “Ships From” variant.

Even if most of the products we buy today are “made in China”, this well known fact doesn’t help you – at all. Au contraire, mentioning that your product ships all the way from China would deter your clients.

According to Oberlo, there are two options:

1. Leave only one “Ships From” option to target customers from a specific country the product is shipped from.

You can go to your Shopify Products and then select this case. Scroll down to below the description and images to the variants and press edit options. Then you can press the little x to remove this option that says Ships from China.

This way, if you receive an order from the customer located in the United States, then when you place an order the Oberlo Chrome Extension selects the United States option automatically.

Note: If you receive an order outside the United States, then you will not be able to place it. In such a case, you need to restore the removed “Ships From” option by overriding the product.  

2. Rename ”Ships From” Variant and Its Options

If you want to target worldwide customers and do not want them to see where the products are shipped from, then you need to keep and rename the “Ships From” variant options:

This way your customers select the product variant depending on their location and when you place an order the Oberlo Chrome Extension selects the correct “Ships From” option.

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