Facebook Feedback Score

We all want cheaper Facebook Ads, a great targeting to more valuable customers, and, of course, a much lower probability of being altogether banned. In order to get all these (and more), you need to have a great Customer Feedback Score on Facebook. How and why to increase your Facebook Feedback Score?

In order to check your Feedback Score on your Facebook Ads, you need to go to this page and select your Facebook Page.

Facebook uses a large variety of info gathered mostly from clients, in order to give you a score ranging from 0 to 5. This information includes surveys from the clients who bought from Facebook, but also Instagram and Facebook Audience Networks ads. Why? Facebook tries to make sure that the ads accurately represent the product, service provided and delivery times promised.


It then uses this information to give each e-business a score from 0, minimum, to 5, the best experience and store possible. Obviously, these scores are updated constantly, as reviews and feedback come. The higher the score, the higher your benefits.

Facebook judges pages on their age, as well

Pages More than a Year Old:

Pages Less than a Year Old:

If an advertiser receives a significant amount of negative feedback, Facebook may consider all ads from this advertiser as lower quality. That means ads may experience ad delivery penalties and your ads will receive lower reach for the same budget or, in cases where customer feedback indicates an advertiser isn’t complying with the Misleading Claims policy, a Page will lose its ability to advertise. Learn more about your ad’s quality and performance.

(Video on how to increase your Facebook Feedback Score)

Negative feedback can lead to a seller being in violation of the Commerce Eligibility Requirements. If you receive a significant amount of negative feedback, you may even lose access to commerce on Facebook Products. If this happens, you won’t be able to process any new orders or tag products, but active orders will remain unaffected, states Facebook.

How can you increase your Facebook Feedback Score

There are several easy to follow and honest ways to improve your Facebook Feedback Score.

A little warning here: after a year or so of successfully selling the same product and receiving great reviews, the provider sent a bad batch to over 100 customers. It was enough to suddenly receive dozens of bad reviews which lowered the score of the seller to below 2. This alone sent his business into vertigo and had to appeal to Facebook which, after a while, put the account into probation mode.

Set clear delivery expectations

How can you ask for positive feedback in order to improve your Facebook Feedback Score

Don’t hesitate to ask your happy customers for reviews, in order to improve your Facebook Score. You just need to ask them openly after they receive the delivery – tell them it means a lot to you, as a small business, to have great reviews if you deserve it, and that it really keeps you motivated to provide even better services in the future.

You may offer them even a small discount for future orders, to incentivize them further to leave reviews.

Another solution would be to set up an email that will be sent after several days from delivery (depending on how long it’ll take for the client to be truly satisfied with the purchase) and paste the link of your review page in that email.

Another method would be to target those customers that leave reviews in your store – via the Reviews app from VITALS, for example, and ask them to leave a nice review on Facebook as well – facebook.com/ads/activity. Give them a nice 10% discount as well, to make it worthwhile and to keep them coming back to your store, as well.

How do you keep your Facebook Feedback Score as high as possible? How do you persuade your customers to leave positive reviews? Let us know in the comment section below.