Beauty Products Dropshipping

With literally hundreds of thousands of health and beauty products listed on Aliexpress, plus the need for people to look great and staying healthy when they are just beginning to “venture forth into this brave new post quarantine world”, dropshipping beauty products may be a very lucrative niche. If you’re doing it the smart way, that is, as the competition is fierce on this segment, similar to the fitness products.  So how to dropship health and beauty products the smart way?

If you’re looking to start dropshipping in the health & beauty niche, it’s important to consider that there are different types of products that fall under this general category. In other words, there are multiple sub-niches within the larger category of health and fitness one. The prices of the products are starting for as low as $ 0,06 but they can reach up to $ 8,500 for specialized beauty machines.

If you ever decide do dropship these expensive high end items, first check our comprehensive guide on how to do it the smart (and safer) way.

The beauty market is booming and dropshipping beauty products is one of THE ways of making money

The makeup and beauty product industry is booming and in the US alone, the industry is worth up to $84 billion, and it is still growing. And this, despite the COVID-19 pandemy. This provides enough motivation to start your own beauty and makeup eCommerce business.

Makeup has been a very important part of women’s dress up since ancient times, and nowadays, with all the cameras and Social media websites, it has earned a place in every woman’s room like never before. The social media influencers have pushed the beauty products market farther then ever before – and you are here to take advantage of this.

For would-be sellers entering the beauty space, the saturation may be the biggest challenge. The online cosmetics industry continues to grow every day. However, the traditional points of views of women and men have changed with regard to cosmetics application. Now the trend is that the women who live in the urban areas spend a lot of money on luxury beauty products, so it is clear that there is still demand the cosmetic product.

What cosmetics and beauty items to dropship?

This would be one of your very first questions. From hundreds of thousands of products, what should you dropship?

We won’t give you winning dropship cosmetics and beauty items, but you can check this video for tips on this and more.

As stated before, there are plenty of categories to dropship from. Will you dropship Makeup? Or will you choose to dropship Skin Care products, or perhaps Personal Care products? The categories and products may be overwhelming at first. What you should do is check the trends in the Health and Beauty world.

As stated in a very recent research from September 2020:

We’re witnessing growing demand for anti-aging products

Check your competition, read on trends

Read the entire study, check the products carefully and see if there is any huge competition on your selected products, prior to starting the business.

If, for example, you choose to dropship skincare products, take into account that this is a broad niche with high competition from other dropshippers and big-name brands.

Consider differentiating yourself by choosing a smaller sub-niche to operate in. A sub-niche has less competition and a potentially higher profit margin. Consider selling men’s organic skincare, all-natural skincare, or luxury skincare. All packed in eco-friendly packaging designs, of course, with your own branding.

Product Bundling and Cross-selling beauty and health products

Bundling products and cross-selling are some of the greatest ways to increase sales by encouraging customers to purchase more items per transaction.

Most people use multiple products as part of their skin care regimen. This gives you the opportunity to bundle products that can be used together, like an anti-aging bundle that includes a special serum, cleanser, and an anti-wrinkle cream. Cross-sell by recommending complementary products such as a moisturizer when a consumer purchases a cleanser.

White labeling your products

Cosmetics white label (or the private label) refers to generically manufactured products, which may or may not be customized slightly with color or fragrance, and is packaged and sold under your own brand. Many brands may use the same formulation made by the same facility, but with subtle variations and different packaging.

White Label Beauty Product

White A white label is an ideal option for brands selling a novelty item or unique concept versus a unique product. For instance, when you want to launch a themed cosmetic store, then you may build your private label lipstick with the relevant packaging and some attractive fantasy inspired names. In this case, actually, the lipstick itself is not much important. And the foremost thing is, the brand or the concept. White labeling a great way to move quickly from idea to finished product, especially if you are jumping in on a hot trend.

Build brand awareness for your beauty and health products

Did you know that more than 80 percent of consumers seek for a referral before deciding to purchase a specific product? Opinion of other means a lot, specifically when it comes to beauty products, compared to other niches.

Try to make a name for your products by promoting them through social media pages, either by yourself or other by influencers. Try offering discounts or samples to anyone wanting to promote or positively review your product. Positive atmosphere is crucial in order to distinguish your products from others, which can honestly be often quite similar to yours.

Know all restrictions and regulations prior to dropshipping beauty products

As beauty and health products may contain chemicals, there may be several restrictions and/or regulations regarding these kind of products.

Certain countries and regions have differing or conflicting rules regarding the selling and marketing of skincare products. Depending on where you sell, you will need to stay up-to-date on all the various regulations of that region. Here are a few examples:

Higher focus on customer retention

Compared to many other dropshipping niches, like entertainment or fitness products, the health and beauty segment should see you focusing much more on maintaining a very high retention rate.

Skincare products are frequently repurchased which means your customer has a high lifetime value. Customer retention should be a big focus in your marketing strategy. There are plenty of opportunities to strengthen a customer’s loyalty to your brand.

Create an email newsletter to remind them to get more product, develop a customer loyalty program, and run social media giveaways. Engage with customers as much as possible to ensure they are loyal to your brand.

Several (other) suppliers of health and beauty products

Besides the obvious Aliexpress, here are more potential suppliers of health and beauty products you may check and use.


GoTen has been offering its services since 2012 and earned itself a place among one of the best dropshipping beauty suppliers in the world. The company has helped thousands of merchants to launch and boost their online businesses. GotTen provides the best quality dropshipping products of 20,000+ profitable SKUs and that too at unbeatable delivery time of 2 days from local warehouse.

 However, if you want to sell products from Goten, you will need to follow some instructions. First of all, you will have to import products from Goten to your website/online store. Once you get an order, you will have to sync that order to Goten, and Goten will handle the responsibility of delivering the order to your customer. The delivery times are fast and range from 2 – 7 days.

 The packages are shipped via FedEx, USPS, UPS for US and by Roymail and Hermes for UK customers. Once you place your order, you will be given a tracking number within 24 hours so that you can know the location of your package at all times. GoTen qualified support team is 24/7 ready to offer professional sales consultancy and after sale-service.

Chinabrands – beauty dropshipping website with API 

Chinabrands it is an established and leading global dropshipping platform servicing in more than 200 countries.

A wide variety of products provides a unique opportunity to meet yours and your customers’ exact needs.

Chinabrands has established a full network of manufacturers and agencies, which ensures you the largest possible discounts and maximizes your potential profit.


Beautyjoint is one of the most popular and biggest dropshipping beauty suppliers online. The platform will offer you a wide range of beauty and cosmetic products, including makeup, nail polish, lip, hair, and skincare items. The supplier is located in the USA, but the best part is that they offer worldwide shipping, which is very good news if you do not live in the US.

If you want to order products, you can simply visit their website, and you will find no difficulty in finding the products you are looking for, thanks to the user-friendly interface of their website. The supplier stocks high-quality makeup products from world-renowned brands like Jordana Cosmetics, L’OREAL, Milani cosmetics, etc.

DHgate – leading health and beauty websites wholesale website 

It is the world’s leading online wholesale marketplace for goods made in China. It connects international buyers with Chinese wholesale sellers who offer the same quality products for lower price. DHgate offers over 30 million products in a wide range of categories including Health & Beauty.

In fact, DHgate specifically specializes in providing a wide health and beauty products. They offer a complete line of quality health and beauty products at low, wholesale prices. No wonder that almost 120,000 items can be therefore found in the category of Beauty & Health alone.


AULOLA has a massive collection of beauty products in its inventory ready to be shipped, and if you are in search of an authentic beauty dropshipping supplier, don’t forget to take a look at them. The prices at AULOLA are very affordable, and browsing through their website to find products is straightforward. With a clear return policy, you will have no trouble sending the defected pieces back to them.

Are you ready for those beauty products (and money)? Than what are you waiting for! Start your health & beauty dropshipping business – now!