Kitchen dropshipping winning products

There are literally 1 million Kitchen appliances on AliExpress alone, ready to be drop-shipped by you. It’s a very hot niche and it will still be at least in the near future, as the Coronavirus is still keeping people locked up. How should you best dropship kitchen products, where from and what products are trending and hot?

Home and kitchen is one such market that has seen a rise in the number of sellers available online. If you are a business owner in this space, it means good news for you! You can now browse through the catalogs of a virtually endless list of sellers and manufacturers of kitchenware at the click of a few buttons. You can now compare and evaluate your options before you build and expand your kitchenware business.

Let’s begin by reviewing some of the top kitchenware drop-shippers in the dropshipping industry, besides AliExpress.

Chinabrands – huge variety of products

Chinabrands: As previously stated, Chinabrands is one of the leading wholesale platform in the world with a very large number of product categories. These include electronics, office supplies, toys, garden accessories, sports, entertainment, automobiles, watches, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and much more.

The wholesale platform also offers a huge variety of products in their kitchenware subcategory. Here you can browse through and find some of the best-selling kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools, cookware, coffee gadgets, grinder, and many other unique kitchen tools. This dropshipping company produces genuine and quality products at competitive rates.

As always, our advice would be prior to starting the dropshipping process to order for yourself several samples, test them, and take your own unique photos.

Made in China – with love, from China

Made in China:  Based, yet again in China (surprised?), this platform is one of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms. Known for providing high-quality products for global buyers, it is China’s first B2B e-commerce platform which conducts a full review on paid-up suppliers.

The b2b platform has a high variety in categories which include agriculture, food, apparel, arts, bags, boxes, chemicals, electronics like computers, tablets, phones, furniture, medicines, textiles, tools, and many more. Kitchenware is one of the largest categories.

On the website, you will find many suppliers who will provide you with kitchenware made of melamine, ceramic, glass, silicone, bamboo to name some. You can filter out kitchenware according to your requirements.

Dollar Days

Dollar Days: Dollar Days is one of the leading online wholesale platforms providing high-quality products at (very) low rates. They have diverse categories with genuine products which include school accessories, baby accessories, backpacks, clothing, shoes, holidays, party, home, kitchen, personal care, school, offices, toys, and games.

It offers quite attractive combos on kitchenware at low rates. Its kitchenware category includes bar sets, cookware, dining sets, cutlery, kitchen appliances, kitchen tools, kitchen gadgets to name some. The dropshipping company also sends across samples according to availability.

The average delivery time of the product is 7-14 days, in normal times. Nowadays, it can exceed these times so you may want to warn your clients!

Megagoods – Goodies for kitchen, as well

Megagoods: Founded in 2004, Megagoods is known for distributing high-quality products at wholesale prices. This dropshipping company is expanding very quickly in the dropshipping industry.

Their website has many categories which include all type of accessories, electronics such as alarm clocks, Bluetooth products, cameras, tablets and phones, gaming accessories, toys, home decors, gardening tools, and many more. It also delivers genuine and high-quality Kitchenware products such as cookware, dining set, cutlery, kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools, and kitchen appliances to name some.

National Dropshippers – for your international needs

National Dropshippers: Located in Manchester, National Dropshippers is one of the leading companies in the dropshipping industry.  The company has more thousand products on its website made with the best quality material. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality products at the very lowest price possible. The company is known to deliver the best kitchenware products which include apparel, knives, kitchen tools, cookware, and kitchen gadgets.

Hot Kitchen products to dropship in 2020 and 2021

With the lockdown still in place and an unfortunate announced second wave of COVID-19 hitting most of the countries in Europe, part of USA/Canada, and the rest of the world, the small kitchen appliances are flying off the shelves.

People are buying these to improve their indoor lives, so there’s no surprise as to why the kitchen tools are so sought after.

Here are several categories of products you should test in order to see if you’ve found yourself a winner for dropshipping:

(Smart) toasters

Every morning people want to have a healthy breakfast with their families. A good toaster is a must, so check out those smart toasters controlled via mobile phones or at least very easy to use, with only one button.

The toaster must have double-sided baking so you don’t need to put a lot of effort into it.

Fruit and vegetable cutter

A product that solves a problem is something people can see themselves buying. This is why As Seen on TV products have done so well historically, for example. Often times, they have taken problems and made cool gadgets that solve these simple problems that people face at home.

An all in one tool that lets you cut any food with ease while holding the ingredients that you’ve just chopped can be a hot item nowadays (and not only). Just do your own advertisement campaign and you may have a winner!

Stainless Steel Electric Kettles

Electric Kettle is always helpful when your gas goes off, or if you just prefer it faster.

Everyone must have an electric kettle at least for an emergency purpose. The best part of the product is that it is stainless steel that means there will be no issue of rusting even if exposed to humidity.

Check out the capacity of the kettle and how fast it boils the water, plus the guarantees and safety measures. The size of the product is also important and, last but not least, its design.

Electric juicers

Who doesn’t like to have a healthy start to your mornings with a glass of freshly squeezed full of vitamin juice?

Let go of those bulky juicer-grinders and make way for an electric juicer – this is the future! Most of these fruit juicers work on a strong battery and the capacity should be of a minim 250 ml. It should be easy to carry and small enough, with good materials that do not negatively affect your health.

Easy to use knife sharpeners

Every time your cutting knife loses its sharpness, it affects your efficiency in the kitchen and it can really frustrate you.

To avoid those time-consuming trips to local shops to get your knives sharpened, there are innovative products in the market: handheld electric knives chargers.

The sharpers have variable motor speed from high to low and you can adjust the angles to sharpen your knife in any shape you want. Check for the in-built scissor guide which is suitable for sharpening pocket knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, and fish knives, for those more or less lonely trips on the lake.

Other families of products you could dropship with success are easy to use mops, bubble cleaners which help you in cleaning the dishes, faucet boosters for that extra punch of your water flow, cutting boards, silicone food lids that don’t let the food spill, portable blenders or even fancy dishes and wine glasses for those romantic evenings.

Tips to best Dropship Kitchenware

Before you set your own kitchenware business, make sure you are aware of what are you an expert at. It takes a lot of time and money to set your business so it is always better to invest where you are sure you will keep up with your claims and promises because in the end customers will purchase from you only if you provide them good quality and better services.

Ready your stock!

Maintaining a good relationship with vendors will also help in promoting your business. Like for example, if the vendor puts your products forward whenever a customer wants to purchase any kitchenware, it will help in branding your business as well.

We’d love to hear it from you! What is your top advice when dropshipping kitchen products? What are some bestsellers you’d recommend? Let us know in the comment section below.