Health Yoga Facebook Ad

Advertising health-related products on Facebook can be a pain in the ankle (pun intended), as the social network has special rules on this market segment and can easily reject your ad. So how should you advertise a health-related product on Facebook, without showing the area for what the product is for and get your ad rejected?

There are literally thousands of different products on Aliexpress that promise to ease the back pains, alleviate the pain in the feet, and even a great bottom for the ladies and for the gentlemen.

Most, if not all the products, are advertised through images that highlight exactly the body part that it’s being treated by the item, as you can see in the screenshot.

Health products ad not
Health products – capture Aliexpress

Facebook has clear rules regarding these types of photos. The social network states that “ Ads can’t focus on a person’s body or body part, or show unrealistic before-and-after results”.

If you’re using “before and after” photos, there are very high chances that Facebook will reject your hard-worked ad.

What can you do to build a healthy Facebook ad?

You have to make sure that you show the entire body in the Facebook ad. If the thumbnail is directed at only one part of the body, then the image and the entire ad will be rejected. It will happen

You should also make sure you take your own photos of the products you are going to sell. Stock photos are a big no. Aliexpres’s photos are, also, a (very) big no for your Shopify store. You NEED to personalize your ecommerce shop, as 44% of Americans impulse buy and a photograph is often worth more than a thousand words.

By taking your own photographs you are also making sure that you comply with Facebook’s rules and regulations regarding selling health-related products.

Back up your products with science

Whenever possible, your Facebook health ads should point out the fact that the products they’re advertising are backed by and driven by real scientifically-valid claims.

Still, one of the most low-effort, high-value ways to create Facebook ads is to turn content into creative.

If you can get an outlet to blog about you, or a news source to write about you, you essentially get a free piece of collateral to run in your Facebook ads. If members of your target audience respect the publication, they are likely to view the ad as proof of quality.

The same goes for hiring an influencer to write about your product. Tik-Tok is on fire right now and still cheaper than Instagram or YouTube, so take it into consideration. Check out these tips on hiring a Tik-tok influencer.

Check out this live presentation video of how to promote a Health & Beauty brand on Facebook – it’s really hands-on.