How to deal with unhappy clients and win them back

How can you handle unhappy clients who are sick of waiting for their products?

Designing a free great Shopify store logo: I’ll build one from scratch

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How can you create a great logo for your Shopify store and why is it important?

Shopify dropshipping: How much should you spend on Facebook ads?

Facebook ads spending

What percentage of your total profit should go in Facebook advertising?

How much does a Shopify store cost? Guidelines for building your eCommerce business

Shopify Payment price

Pricing consideration is just one factor out of many, and I’d argue that this factor should not be the most important one.

Learn from my mistakes: 11 eCommerce things that can go bad

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“Do not be afraid to make mistakes” and “go global, no local” were my first two advices I received back in 2005.

What to dropship AFTER coronavirus is over – here are 20+ ideas

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What should you dropship AFTER the coronavirus pandemy will be over? Here are some ideas for you.

General or niche store? What to choose for your dropshipping store

What’s more profitable and easier to run? A general eCommerce store, or a niche one?

Coronavirus: is it a good time to start a Shopify dropshipping business?

If handled right you can turn the challenges into opportunities.

eCommerce AFTER coronavirus outbreak: Niches to explore and prepare for

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People will have had enough of board games, yoga mats, yeast and lying in front of the TV zapping Netflix.