Pre-orders (Best Shopify Apps to increase Sales) - free and paid

You know those Shopify / Woocommerce stores who display "Out of Stock" on several products and then, the second day, you see them "In stock"? Those are, probably, just items who aren't YET in the Shopify Store BUT they can be preordered.

This is a "by the book" way to MISS huge sales - artificially blocking the access to your clients to items you are, in the near future, going to bring into your store. Why not implement a pre order system into your Shopify business? It's easy, brings up joy to the customers as they will be looking forward to that GREAT preordered book, and gets you a pocket full of extra income you can spend happily on further perfecting your business (or alcohol to relieve you from stress, ahem).

But the best of the best Preorder Shopify Apps do not do only this little "gimmick"! They offer lots of functionality that will most definitely drive new (and healthier) sales to your Shopify Store. So, in a flash, here is what you can expect from this Top list of the Best Shopify Pre-order apps:

  • Sets pre-order status when items are out of stock and you're waiting for new shipments OR when you're listing new items and you desire to take preorders;
  • Manages your Preorders much better with features like badges, emails, tagging, mixed cart alerts, discounts applied to preorders and more features that will make your Shopify store look even better;
  • Apply automatic discounts to your Preorders on your Shopify Store, so that the clients REALLY have an incentive to buy when you don't even have the products yet;
  • Most of these Best and Top Preorders Shopify Apps are able to set pre-orders in bulk, based on your requirements. They also are very easy to install in your Shopify Store - usually one click, and you're done.

If you want extra sales, if you have products who are not yet into your store, if you want to avoid the dreaded "Out of Stock" notifications that drive clients away, you may want to take your pick on some of these Best Preorder Shopify Apps! Thank us later đŸ™‚

Table of Contents

  1. VITALS | 40+ apps in one
  2. Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts by Appikon Software Pvt Ltd
  3. Back In Stock: Customer Alerts by SureSwift Capital
  4. Pre‑order Now ‑ PreOrder by Website On-Demand
  5. Globo Pre‑Order ‑ Preorder NOW
  6. Back in Stock Product Alerts by Swym Corporation
  7. Pre‑Order Manager 2.0 PreOrder by Amai
  8. PO (Pre‑Order Manager) by TenGrowth
  9. Order Deadline ‑ Delivery Date by Evil Egg Software Limited
  10. Coming Soon Products Preorders by Gravity Software
  11. KAD Pre‑order — PreOrder NOW by KAD::Systems
  12. Advanced PreOrder(Partial Pay) by Shine Dezign Infonet
  13. NEON: Display inventory count by Stock Sync
  14. STOCK LEVEL inventory quantity by Gravity Software
  15. Fast Pre‑Order & Draft Order by Apps On Demand

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

  5.0 (1556 reviews)

VITALS is a must have Shopify app that, as the title suggests, gives you access to over 40 great applications that offer your store all you need in order to sell more and better, while offering a great experience to your happy shoppers. VITALS offers over 40 apps at the low price of $29.99/month, with 30 days free trial. Based on the 1,000+ reviews and the crystal-clear 5.0 overall rating, the support team is stellar, answering most of the time in MINUTES rather than days, and solving a large variety of problems the store managers may face. 

The Preorders App from VITALS is a must have application if you want to get more sales even PRIOR to having the product in your store. Do not leave your products with the "out of stock" notice, that's not sexy at all! Give your Shopify customers the preorder possibility and watch your sales skyrocket.

This VITALS Shopify App allows you to basically increase the revenue by allowing visitors to pre-order the products that are either on their way, or are still out of stock. In doing so, you keep a steady flow of income in your pockets, regardless of the availability of your displayed products. Your customers will not see the dreaded "out of stock" notice and they will be happy to know that your Shopify Store is always there to serve their needs and desires.

Main Features

  • Your clients are able to order out of stock or not yet available products;
  • Custom ATC Button & Message visually stunning;
  • Pre-Orders Displayed in App;
  • Tag Pre-Orders in Shopify;
  • Pre-Order Note in Cart so that your clients know what to expect;
  • Very usefull individual Product Information.

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts by Appikon Software Pvt Ltd

  4.9 (342 reviews)

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts is an app for Shopify stores that lets you automatically notify your customers by email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or push notification when their favorite product is restocked. Set up takes less than 2 minutes. Back In Stock automatically inserts a sign-up button on out of stock product variants. No coding is required for this app, as for the better part of Shopify Apps.

Signup form and notifications are 100% customizable. Integrates with other popular apps. Compatible with all themes. Works in any language.

Back In Stock basically inserts a button on your out of stock products for customers to sign up to be notified the minute you restock products.

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts by SureSwift Capital

  4.9 (331 reviews)

The Shopify App Back In Stock: Customer Alerts sends Automated Email & SMS Alerts to your customers who, in return, can sign up to receive an email or SMS Text Message the moment a product is back in stock.

Back in Stock makes it easy for customers to sign up for a Back in Stock alert (Email or SMS Text Message). When you restock products the waiting customers are alerted instantly to bring them back to your store and complete the purchase. Back in Stock is simple to setup and runs automatically.

Back in Stock works on the product variant level: customers are notified when the specific size or color they want is restocked. This gives you impressive rates of engagement and conversion.

Back in Stock Shopify App brings customers back to your store and helps you convert those sales you otherwise miss with in stock notifications.

Pre‑order Now ‑ PreOrder by Website On-Demand

  4.6 (531 reviews)

Pre‑order Now ‑ PreOrder Shopify app allows your shop to take preorders from your clients. Sell more coming soon products or sell backorder products when they’re out of stock. Boost your revenues and beat your competitors by doing so. Automatically swap Add to Cart with Pre-order buttons for out-of-stock items. Or just display a Pre-order button for coming-soon products. You can access powerful features other apps lack. Pre-order badges, mixed cart alerts, send emails, tag products, discounts on pre-orders and more.

The application works out-of-the-box—no complicated theme installation or coding required. Pre-order Now makes it easy to automatically replace the dreadful ‘Out of Stock’ button with an inviting ‘Pre-order Now’ button so shoppers can buy your products even when they’re out of stock.

Globo Pre‑Order ‑ Preorder NOW

  4.6 (268 reviews)

The Shopify Globo Pre‑Order app allows your customers to pre-order products and increase sales this way. The app automatically updates stock when the preorder products become available and displays count down timer.

The default "Add to cart" button will be replaced with a "Pre-Order" button on pre-order product pages. When your customers click on "Pre-Order" button, they will be redirected to a regular order page. You can sell the product even when it is out of stock. The Shopify app also allows you to set the date and time your products will be in stock with a countdown timer. Your stock will become automatically updated when the countdown timer on your product’s details page expires.

Back in Stock Product Alerts by Swym Corporation

  4.7 (469 reviews)

Back in Stock Product Alerts allow the shoppers on the Shopify Stores to sign up for alerts when out of stock and pre order items are back in stock. You can integrate the app with your Email Service Provider (ESP) and shoppers can subscribe to out of stock products at the variant level (size, color, etc.). The app will automatically let shoppers know when a product comes back in stock. You don't have to do anything.

Ensure shoppers are not notified for just a product return by defining the minimum threshold stock value as a whole or on individual products. Back in stock alerts get sent when the stock is replenished over the defined value ensuring higher conversion.

Pre‑Order Manager 2.0 PreOrder by Amai

  4.4 (869 reviews)

The Shopify Pre‑Order Manager 2.0 PreOrder app does what it tells you from its name - automatically changes the "Add to cart" button to "Pre-Order" for out-of-stock products. Use default or individual pre-order settings for certain products, variants, or collections or for store-wide items.

Set pre-order status automatically as you run out of stock and also apply discounts on all pre-ordered items. Bulk operations to set pre-order for a list of products or the whole store. The app has multiple features to manage pre-orders professionally.

Your customer clicks the Pre-Order button and goes through the regular order procedure to buy an item. You can set the same option to sell "Coming Soon" products, manage pre-sale and hide the "Sold Out" button.

PO (Pre‑Order Manager) by TenGrowth

  4.8 (22 reviews)

PO (Pre‑Order Manager) is a Shopify app that allows you to sell the products not available yet with the app that changes the Add to cart button into the Pre-Order Now option. With this pre-order manager, you’ll be able to sell items that are not yet available or are out of stock. Your customers will have the opportunity to buy a certain product or order something from the collection that is coming soon, following the same steps as they usually do to check out.

Let customers order Coming Soon products to convert visitors into shoppers even before you have certain products in stock.

Order Deadline ‑ Delivery Date by Evil Egg Software Limited

  4.9 (122 reviews)

Order Deadline is a Shopify App that answers your customers' two of the biggest barriers to ordering: 1. When will I get it? 2. How long do I have left to place my order? This app basically displays your next dispatch date and/or next delivery date with a countdown timer to your order deadline. For example: Want it tomorrow? Order within 2 hours, 59 minutes. In addition provides back in stock and pre-order message functionality.

As a consequence, you'll really receive fewer calls & emails or chat pop-ups from customers wanting to know when they'll get it. Countdown to accurate shipping/delivery times local to customers

Coming Soon Products Preorders by Gravity Software

  4.9 (46 reviews)

Coming Soon Products Preorders Shopify app helps you replace "Add to cart" button with "PreOrder now". Add "Available from: MM/DD/YYYY" label and thus you can allow customers to buy before the release date, increasing sales. Make a product unavailable for purchasing until selected date. Add availability note and automate product publication. Each text applied by the application can be customised for your needs and you can also optionally add badges to collection pages.

KAD Pre‑order — PreOrder NOW by KAD::Systems

  4.5 (141 reviews)

KAD Pre‑order is a one-stop Shopify stores solution to manage, track, and monitor pre-orders in an effective and easy way. It allows you to maximise revenue by never missing out on a potential customer and therefore boosting sales.

Easy management and tracking with the dashboard allows you to flawlessly work with the KAD Shopify app Pre-order and Shopify. It gives you the freedom to limit the number of orders and available products. As a result, pre-ordering gives you more control over the supply chain.

Advanced PreOrder(Partial Pay) by Shine Dezign Infonet

  4.5 (124 reviews)

Advanced PreOrder (Partial Pay) si a Shopify app that changes the Add to Cart button to the Pre-order button when an item is out of stock, making your products available for users to buy/order. The installation process is very simple and user-friendly. Just click on the install button approve the agreement and submit.

Preorder: After the installation of this Shopify app, you can see products in the products tab. You can enable/disable Pre-order for each product and its variants. After enabling, open the same product page on frontend then you can see "Pre-Order" Button (if your product is out of stock) instead of Add to Cart button. In-app admin, under general settings, you can change the button text, custom message, and color scheme according to your theme.

NEON: Display inventory count by Stock Sync

  4.9 (32 reviews)

NEON: Display inventory count is a Shopify app with which you will be able to show the product availability by displaying the stock count of the products and the sold count on the product page. By looking at the number sold, customer confidence will increase to purchase that product.

Create urgency by displaying out of stock, low stock or even pre order products with your own words. You can set how the NEON tag will look like - Choose your own colour and style to fit your theme.

STOCK LEVEL inventory quantity by Gravity Software

  4.9 (15 reviews)

STOCK LEVEL inventory quantity Shopify App allows you to show the quantity of products left in stock. You can enable it for all products, per product or for the low stock products (Only 1 left!), for example.

The stock level message on the product page works with the product options (variants). When the customer selects the product option the stock level information displayed on the product page updates to show the actual value for the selected variant. You can also choose to enable additional badges that display stock level information on your collection pages.

The app is fully customizable. You can change the colors, font sizes as well as the text. If your store uses another language you can easily translate the content displayed by our app.

Fast Pre‑Order & Draft Order by Apps On Demand

  4.6 (11 reviews)

Fast Pre‑Order & Draft Order Shopify App does what it tells you straight from its title - enables your Store to implement preorders for products that are yet to come, thus getting you more sales.

This Shopify application basically lets you change the "out of stock" button, or the "sold out" one, that give you zero sales, to a "Preorder" button which, in theory, can increase sales. You can also opt for a "Coming Soon" button, if you want to create further excitement for your great clients. With this Shopify app you can also limit the number of preorders one can make on your site.