Spy competitors

You may be wondering “what’s new” on Aliexpress, so that you can update your store with a fresh line-up of your niche. We’re showing you a brief tutorial on how you can select only newly added products on Aliexpress, as well as finding out if they are, indeed, unique items.

Let’s say you’re a proud owner of a store that sells watches and you want to add some new ones to your already impressive stock.

All you have to do is type in “Men Watches” in Aliexpress and filter them by newest added.

Sort by “newest added” on Aliexpress

As you might expect, most of these are not new at all, but you can make sure you don’t have too much competition, at least. A very easy method to find out is search for similar images in Google. To do that, scroll down to the multiple photos of the watch, right click on one of them and select “search Google for image”. More often then not, you will find dozens of pages/dropshippers selling the same exact item with an identical Aliexpress photo.

Search Google for Images – check on your competitors

This is one of the reasons you should definitely take your own photos for the products you are selling. This way your competition will not be able to spy on your offerings, price and generally be inspired by you and steal some of your business.

The more competition, the less sales

Usually the more competition you have on a sole product, the less sales you’re going to make. So this is a very quick tip on how to figure out if selling one item may be worth it, or not.

After only several minutes of browsing around I’ve easily found a watch with much less competition at the first glance, so maybe it’s worth to take a better look at it and see if you have a winner.

A product without much competition? Worth “a watch”! 😉

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