Aiva ‑ Sales and Email Pop Ups by Aiva Labs Inc

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Aiva ‑ Sales and Email Pop Ups Shopify Application offers your store Free designs to grow your email list. Unlock upsell bundles, cross sell pop ups, dynamic coupons and add-to-cart triggers in pro. The store owners can target (and retarget) visitors with personalized pop ups based on pages they visit, devices they use, country, cookies, cart value and more. Drive sales with on-brand email pop ups and you can publish your pop up in minutes with the help of an easy setup.

You can design branded popup experiences that look & feel like your store to drive sales. The app is customizable and mobile-friendly and you can use it also for seasonal upsell, cross sell, bundle pop ups to boost conversion rate.

Main Features

  • Get a snapshot of your pop up performance with a real-time dashboard & analytics
  • Integrated with Mailchimp, Zapier & Klaviyo
  • Advanced design interface to add interactive buttons, input fields, countdown clocks, emojis, icons, shapes
  • Add single use or bulk coupon codes in your popups

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Recent reviews


I used this app prior to launching my website. i must say it is the BEST app ive used for a quick pop up for lead generation and collecting emails. The step by step makes it SUPER easy to understand and create a quick campaign, the templates are very stylish. Wish you had more templates!


Easiest to use app for targeting very define customer segments (defined by yourself). It is great, and it has a lot of options to choose. Other apps only give you a few free options, Aiva gives you a lot so you can decide for yourself if it is worth using it. After creating our first exit popup, could not be happier. Go to bricks and minifigs slc dot com and try to exit from any page and you will see what I am talking about.


I added the app to create effective pop ups. I just spend about 15-20 mins, and honestly that quick, set it free on my site. I'm excited to see some results as it's only just been activated. Great tool / App !!!


Very quick to setup and get popups made with their templates, but I highly recommend checking out their "builder". It has a bunch of customization tools and it's pretty easy to pick up. Check out my site at

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