Hindsight by Eastside Co

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Hindsight Shopify "heatmap" App allows you to Learn where people spend time on your site and how you can improve their experience in your lovely store. Video recordings of user visits help you see problem areas and improve your site accordingly and by improving your customer experience you can make it easier for them to buy.

With this Shopify App you are able to explore a set of heat maps of every page in your store to gain a range of useful insights into your users’ journeys and understand how to improve them. You will also be able to toggle between mapping clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, or an aggregate of the three. Understand both what your users get to see and the elements to which they are most drawn.

Main Features

  • Record and evaluate every visitor’s journey through your site so you can improve their experience and increase sales.
  • Analyse user experience on a macro level by heat-mapping clicks, movements, hovers and scrolls.
  • No liquid installation: get up and running in minutes.

Video Presentation for Hindsight


Recent reviews


Incredible app. Very straightforward and easy to use, yet powerful insights that make a huge difference. This gives the data needed to know what changes to make to increase conversion. We've used it to determine what people were most interested in and have found that some of the things we gave prime real estate on the website and home page were not as important to conversion than other pieces which we'd left mostly out of the picture. Not to mention it's incredibly insightful to watch someone going through the website. It gives you a new perspective and you come away with notes on what could be improved.


Incredibly useful for seeing how visitors use our site, what information is confusing. This is critical for improving conversions and ensuring our visitors have the best experience possible on our site.


Just installed it. And I'm amazed. It give so much information about problems on navigating the site, And the users actions to your site structure, the only downfall Is the pricing, price too high for a tiny shop just starting its way with 0 sales :<


Works very well. Along with shopify and the theme management you can quickly see what your customers use (or not) and where they focus and how they move about. You can the adjust, review and adjust again. So that your site works in a way that your customers want to use it - as opposed to how you think they should use it - or how you would use it! Suggestion: I uninstalled it as I had made good gains and changes. I don't want or need a monthly subscription. Would much prefer to be able to buy credits as needed and run it as needed. Please stop with the subscription nonsense - adopt a PAYG or JIT approach like most app developers now please. Then I can resume using your app and giving you money.