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Translate&Currency ‑ LangShop Shopify app's main purpose is to try and boost your sales and conversion, by adding new languages to your store to get new clients. Increase your global sales, reaching new customers. There is no coding required and no barriers. Combine automatic & human translation for top-quality content; Your store is indexed and your content is searchable in the multiple languages.

To translate the content into multiple languages, you need to select language and run Auto-translate. All the content of your Shopify store will be translated into new languages in minutes! The app translates ALL types of content. Choose one or more languages and start translating the content of collections, products, pages, blogs and articles and more.

Main Features

  • The app has no limits for translated characters no matter what language you choose
  • PRO-translate feature allows getting multi-language content of the highest quality
  • LangShop Translate app integrates currency conversion technology for your Shopify business.

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Dayana Nezhura was very helpful!! i was finding it a little complicated when i asked for her assistance she never hesitated to assist me straight away. she was a star and placed what i needed on my website exactly where i needed it and how i wanted it. brilliant customer service.


A Very Solid Translation App. Even Using A Third-Party Theme was no Issue for this App (Using Fastor from RoarThemes). Excellent Work! It may seem expensive, but I have tried too many other apps and can confirm that there is value here regardless of cost. This is the greatest translation app available for Shopify. Very Solidly built and very well thought out. If you are looking for a SERIOUS translation app with excellent and competent support, look no further.. LangShop is the one! Thank You Very Much! 🙂


App does what it's meant to. The auto translation does not compare to a native speaker, we cannot use it for any of our native languages. Which is alright because the translation is faily straightforward. Support and customer service are the reason for the 5 stars. They will make sure to help you through any issues.

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