Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay by Lucky Orange LLC

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Lucky Orange Heatmap & Replays lets you see why you don't convert as you should. Spend less time guessing with this real-time Dynamic Heatmaps & Recordings; it’s like a DVR for your Shopify store. The resulting insights are easy to use - know the right changes to make to stop visitor abandonment - no PhD in analytics required. User-friendly Polls and Chat let you connect with visitors to turn them into happy customers.

Digitally watch over the shoulders of your visitors and customers as they navigate through your Shopify store. See exactly what they are seeing; watch as they click and move through the checkout process with the User Recordings and Dynamic Heatmaps.

Main Features

  • Dynamic Heatmaps
  • User Recordings
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Conversion funnels included in the app
  • Daily Email Reports.

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Recent reviews


This app is really great. It gives proper recordings of how leads navigate to your website and you can use this valuable information to recover customers and improve your website. I highly recommend this app! I am using it with Shopify


Lucky Orange has been an absolute blessing for my startup ecommerce website. Originally, my facebook ads were getting a lot of interactions yet nobody was actually purchasing anything, I couldn't figure out why. Lucky Orange literally showed me click by click what any potential customer is doing on my website which allowed me to figure out why they didn't make a purchase (description might be to little, interactives might not be good enough, etc..). I highly recommend downloading this app, they offer a free trial which is it what I took in the beginning and now I'm in love. Thank you for providing such a great tracking app for such a low price, as a small ecommerce business my partner and I really appreciate it/


When we started initially some of the user behavior was not very clear for us. The conversion rates were not what we wanted. After installing Lucky Orange, we were able to understand/intercept some of the user behavior and did some quick changes to our site. It really helped us gain customer traction and increased the conversion rate as well. Customer support was great, as a newbie they were able to help us with our questions quickly. Thanks Team.


Excellent app that actually shows exactly where the customer is browsing & where they stopped on the page. Great for improving store design and troubleshooting potential issues that prevented customers from making that purchase. Highly recommended! A "Must-Have" app especially if you are new to Shopify!