ProMoV by Zermelo Technologies

Free plan available

ProMoV Shopify App allows you to show products most viewed by shop users and then up-sell products, in order to gain more. It basically provides the list of products that are most viewed by the shop end-users / customers enabling a way to upsell products. Product view count can also be provided to the users (if needed). The admins of your Shopify Store get view counts to understand the demand and take actions accordingly.

Basically, using this App, the Most Viewed products in your Shopify Store can be displayed anywhere throughout your store in a Shopify Collection or via a custom code by theme developers and supports in maintaining the same UI as of the rest of the store.

Main Features

  • Once the app is installed and configured, whenever store users visit any of the product detail page in your store the transaction is recorded in the database and then can be presented to the users;
  • The Shopify shop owner can get the attention of customers towards products that are most viewed in the store;
  • This Shopify app has a single click installation and it's easy to configure;
  • Show products most viewed for last ‘n’ days – Show products most viewed within ‘n’ number of days (Minimum 1 day is mandatory and Maximum 90 days is acceptable).