Reactflow Recordings & Heatmap

  3.8 (2 reviews)
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Reactflow Recordings & Heatmap is a starter Shopify App with only one reviews at the time of this writing, that may help you in understanding why your potential customers are exiting your gorgeous store without buying. Just like a Surveilance Camera in a physical shop, you can record and playback your visitor's activity in your website. Mouse movements, Clicks and Scrolls, they're all recorded.

When a visitor comes to your Shopify website, they will be bombarded with a lot of buttons, menus, and links to click and you want them to click on purchase links more than all other links.

Reactflow Shopify heatmap App records your visitors' activity and plays them to you like a movie. So you can know exactly where and what to change and enhance UI/UX.

Main Features

  • Reactflow extracts Heatmap analytics for clicks, scrolls, and mouse hovers from the recordings;
  • Bug analysis will look for any Javascript, network or 404 errors that your visitors might face when they are using the website;
  • Funnel analytics allows you to set steps required for a visitor to perform the desired action on the website such as from the Product page to Thank you page;
  • Feedback widgets allow your website visitors to take a screenshot of issues they see on your Shopify Store and report them to you.