Shopcam by Cohub, Inc.

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Shopcam is a useful Shopify App that lets you record, then replay and if you wish so, share how your customers browse your awesome store. This helps you know what’s working and what’s not on your Shopify Store. Identify what customers are engaging with, what they're ignoring or even avoiding, what's useful or useless and where they get stuck. This helps you take smart measures, repair what's not working and enhancing the overall usability of your Shopify Store.

This Shopify Record App allows you to filter recorded browsing sessions based on product/collection pages viewed, browser, operating system, geographic location and more, so that you find, quite fast, what you're looking for. Afterwards, share any of your recordings with your team or whoever you want using a secure link and password. Show your concerns to your theme designers to help improve conversions! He'll definitely appreciate it!

Main Features

  • Shopcam Shopify App offers powerful search and filtering capabilities. See how shoppers respond to site changes by viewing recordings of your new new product and collection pages;
  • Find a recording that you want your designer or another person see? All recorded sessions are shareable through a secure link and password;
  • Recordings are automatically deleted after 30 days unless you choose to "Keep" the recording by checking the "Keep" checkbox on the Edit Recording screen.