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Shopify merchants in the U.S. and Canada are now able to share their products to about 350 million Pinterest users, the companies announced Thursday. The partnership gives Shopify merchants a way to “upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products into shoppable Product Pins,” according to a statement from Pinterest.

Satish Kanwar, Shopify’s general manager and vice president of channels product, also highlighted the move in a tweet.

Why it matters: Earlier this week Pinterest reported increased usage during the pandemic, making it an opportune moment for retailers to get their products in front of Pinners. In addition, Pinterest says the number of users who have engaged with shoppable Product Pins has increased 44 percent year over year.

The details: The app links an individual store to Pinterest and offers merchants a variety of shopping features including tag installation, catalog ingestion, automatic daily updating of products and ads buying interface.

The app will make it so Pinners can discover, save and buy directly from a retailer’s website as upon installation, the app lets the business add a tag on their website. A shop tab will also appear on the profiles of businesses that sign-up.

Shopify merchants in the US and Canada can install the tag starting today. In the coming weeks, Pinterest will roll out the app in countries where Pinterest ads are available including Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

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