How to start a Shopify Store from scratch: A step by step guide

The first time you’ll want to set up your Shopify store you’ll feel at least a little bit overwhelmed. You can start selling with Shopify in no time though, and even make your first sale on the first day of setting up your store! I’m here to offer you a comprehensive and in-depth guide on […]

US & UK retail ecommerce will grow 30% during the pandemic

Coronavirus ecommerce

From midnight on March 23 to June 15, the UK government enforced the closure of nonessential retail stores as part of strict lockdown measures. During the intervening 12 weeks, UK consumers who wanted to purchase anything other than groceries or medications could not do so in-store. COVID-19 forced UK consumers as well as US consumers […]

How to increase retention rates on different industries

Increase customer retention rate ecommerce

If I were to bump into myself 10 years ago, when I started one of my first ecommerce projects, I’d give myself one single piece of advice – concentrate much more on the retention rate of the clients, rather than on attracting new ones! And also buy Bitcoin – but this is another fantasy I […]

Amazon can do it, so can you! How did the giant grow during Coronavirus outbreak

Amazon‘s (NASDAQ:AMZN) eCommerce sales are skyrocketing, but they are still being held back by fulfillment constraints. As the company ramps up capacity, it’s likely to report a further acceleration in eCommerce growth. The stage was set starting from March 2020, when COVID-19 really struck in the U.S. Amazon’s eCommerce business continued to steadily grow along in […]

Thermometers, a hot new category? OUTFORM launches a new fast device

OUTFORM, a Miami-based product design company,is launching a pivotal new device that will help cities re-open safely after the COVID-19 mandated shutdowns. The iDISPLAY Thermometer from OUTFORM alerts users if they have a fever by sounding an alarm. This possibly opens up the market for some new hot devices – very performant thermometers. The No-Contact Device That Takes Your Temperature In Two […]