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The Coronavirus lockdown has seen screentime rocket, yet the content we have been consuming has been evolving. Now, digital content studio TheSoul Publishing, independent digital studio, has released the viewing trends they have noticed over the course of the lockdown. The studio owns over 100 YouTube channels, with more than 480M total subscribers across 18 different languages. 

Fortunately for the company, 80% of its employees work remotely, limiting disruption to production when lockdown hit. It has meant the company was in a unique position and able to meet the demands of audiences in a way few other studios were.  With viewing habits evolving at a speed not seen before thanks to the lockdown, TheSoul Publishing has seen the following trends. You could get inspiration from these trends in order to better target your store/clients and better understand their needs.

Bathroom Hacks 

Given the global attention around toilet paper, one may not be surprised to learn of viewer’s continued interest in content relating to the bathroom. This has been particularly apparent on Instagram, where shorter videos are very popular:
Trending on Instagram, the post “Genius bathroom hacks you need to try” has quickly reached more than 2 million likes.

DIY beauty hacks

TheSoul Publishing also saw an enormous appetite of viewers for content related to looking and feeling good. Whether connecting with friends on a video chat or with colleagues on Zoom, everyone has become a ‘digital video star’ overnight and increased interest in beauty-focused content.

Over these confined times, viewers are focusing on self-care and DIY beauty hacks. In the last week of April alone 23 million tuned into the video “Nail and Manicure ideas” (5-Minute Crafts, Facebook page).

Though a bit harder to go to the salon these days, viewers flocked to 5-Minute Crafts on Instagram to relive the hairstyling experience with “Super Cool Hair Transformations”  — generating over 10 million views it became our #1 video on the social platform. 


Known as autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR for short, this term refers to a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. This effect has a calming nature for many people. 

Frankenfood, one of the channels in TheSoul Publishing’s portfolio, has seen strong growth of its ASMR content since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.  Views on the Frankenfood YouTube channel grew +83% between February and March, with its video “Sushi from insects” generating over 100 million views – 30 million of which came in April alone.


5-Minute Crafts, already the companies most popular channel with over 66 million subscribers on YouTube alone, also saw engagement increases across Facebook and Pinterest. 

How to make anything with a 3D pen” was the most viewed 5-Minute Crafts video in May, collecting an impressive 71 Million Minutes viewed.

French audiences gravitated toward sewing projects on Pinterest. The French Pinterest page of 5-Minute Crafts grew +167% in impressions from the beginning of May vs same April period. This was led by a sewing focused pin “Des conseils de couture super faciles pour les débutants”.

Among their most popular recent ‘pins’ was “Cultiva tus proprias plantas” which reached 19 million impressions on a single Saturday in late April alone by highlighting fun indoor gardening tips.