OUTFORM, a Miami-based product design company,is launching a pivotal new device that will help cities re-open safely after the COVID-19 mandated shutdowns. The iDISPLAY Thermometer from OUTFORM alerts users if they have a fever by sounding an alarm. This possibly opens up the market for some new hot devices – very performant thermometers.

The No-Contact Device That Takes Your Temperature In Two Seconds, From Three Feet Away Is One Way To Help Businesses Re-open, Based on the CDC’s New Recommendations, according to Outform.

Designed to instill a sense of safety among both customers and employees across various sectors, from gyms to bars & restaurants, and corporate offices, the Thermometer can be synced with automatic doors, turnstiles, and ticketing systems to restrict access to those with a fever. 

Backed by the world’s leading thermal imaging technology, the touchless thermometer takes temperature in two seconds flat from as far as three feet away, with a face mask on, and even dispenses hand sanitizer. 

Ariel Haroush, CEO of OUTFORM, says, “Once lockdown is lifted the next step will be combating people’s pandemic anxiety if we want them to return to their routines.” Haroush predicts hygiene and social distancing measures will be an ingrained behavior for years to come, and hopes tools like the iDISPLAY Thermometer can serve as an affordable way for companies to get back to business safely. “In our new normal, I can see thermometers becoming as standard as office key cards.”


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