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The reality is this: no matter how awesome your ad and your products are, you WILL receive bad comments that inadvertently pushes people back and makes them second guess your legitimacy or quality of your goods. So what should you do when you are being bashed in the comment section of your ads? Here are some good industry advices.

I’ve seen this question posed plenty of time on social media, even recently a dropshipper asking it.

This question is asked a lot on social media

The most appreciated response was “Can you please forward your order number as we can’t seem to find your name in our register?” That gets rid of those persons that haven’t actually ordered anything”.

While it’s true that some of the comments are from persons that have never ordered from you, or even from competition, there may be some from genuinely upset clients.

And, as we’ve advised here, NEVER piss of even a single client as it can single handedly ruin your reputation. Remember – the Internet is open to everyone, plenty of forums and pages where your unhappy client can bash you over and over again.

Instead of hiding the comments or even erasing the bad ones, as some suggest, you should attend to her/his needs, ask for a more in depth feedback on eMail/instant messenger or even phone, probe the customer and try to SOLVE the issue, not hide it.

What if the negative comment is left by a stranger that never bought from you?

If, as some suggest, the bad comment was left by a person that never bought from you or is mistaken your business to another ones, point out the fact that you can’t find her in your order history, as you would love to make it up. Ask if she is maybe confusing you with someone else.

And do it publicly! Every public criticism is a chance to show to all that you DO care for your customers and their satisfaction. Even the ones that are wrong.

It goes without saying that you should do it with patience and in a very professional and still warm tone of voice. So not like this guy here.

Not answering to negative comments is unadvisable too, as  86% of consumers today frequently read customer reviews for a business (including 95% of millennials and generation Z; people aged 18-34). On average, 40% of consumers value reviews written in the past two weeks, and 91% of these consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

From the statistics, it’s clear customer reviews matter, and it’s essential to create and maintain a model that encourages your customers to leave feedback while answering to the bad comments – even on Facebook ads.

How do you react to negative comments? Let us know in the comment section below.